$10 Sears Junior Fashions Coupon – Deal Expired


Sears is no longer accepting their legitimate coupon, even though they still have it up on their site.

Go HERE to print a $10 coupon good on Sears Junior Fashions. There is no minimum purchase on this coupon, so I am sure this will result in some nice freebies. The coupon doesn’t expire until 11/14/09, so I recommend printing as many as you think you will use or saving it to your computer.  Coupon is valid both in-store and online.

Thanks More Than Cents!

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  1. I couldn’t use it either online. Say’s that that things in my cart didn’t qualify. Is there something somewhere that says you can’t use it on clearance items?

  2. I agree with store personnel not being helpful or making up there own rules. The managers can be just as bad at Sears and Victoria secret when honoring coupons.

  3. My Sears is having a HUGE clearance in the Jr’s Dept. take 40% off the marked down price. After the coupon, I got 3 tops for less than one dollar! So did my sister. Very Cool!

  4. They wouldnt let me use my coupon on clearence items. I am going to call the manager.

  5. I used it at the start of the week. I got a pair of jeans for .83 cents. I had no problems with the coupon.

    However, they aren’t accepting them anymore. I sent a complaint to them because they still have the coupon up. It’s complete false advertisement, because most people will buy what they have anyway. Who likes to waste time going to the store, finding things they like, and then end up not getting them?
    It was their mistake to post it as a PDF file and not put restrictions on it- and they should take it down and honor the ones still circulating.

    Sometimes companies make me wonder…how long have coupons been around, yet companies still act surprised when something like this happens?

  6. I used the coupon earlier in the week and HAD to purchase over 10. pre-tax before cashier would let me use it. When I showed her on the coupon it said “no minimum purchase” she simply showed me what her screen said and told me I had to buy more. I tried to go today but there are signs posted on most of the clothing racks that they are unable to honor the coupon and “sorry for the inconvenience”. Needless to say, I was pretty bummed about it. Oh well…they said they were only honoring those that came out of the Seventeen magazine.

    • I’m pretty irritated hearing about all of you being told you can’t use the coupon. The coupon is STILL on the Sears website. If it isn’t valid, then they need to remove it. I would suggest all of you contact the Better Business Bureau. They have no right to turn you away when the coupon is legitimate and still on the site. You all spent your time and gas to go to Sears, and they should honor their promotion.

  7. Today my local store told me it was only for online and it didn’t work for me online. Ugh

  8. Sears, Tyrone Mall, St. Pete Fl said Fri. night 18th They stopped taking these and she said she would give me 15% off instead.

  9. My local sears told me same thing, they are not honoring it. Called customer service (it did work online for me just fine but I found it unfair I should have to pay the shipping) and he told me I can go to the computer kiosk in the store and order it from there and that kiosk automatically substracts shipping charges. Will try that later hopefully it work.

  10. jacksovnille, fl regency mall not honoring coupon. Had manager called over and asked her to take $10 off and she did on one item with no problem. She also said they were not taking them over the weekend which means that I don’t think they ever honored the coupon to begin with. Shame on Sears for false advertising.

  11. I called our local stores to see if they would honor the coupon from SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE. They are NOT taking the coupon at all in the stores in our area – either the color one from the actual magazine or the pdf printed one from their site. I called corporate and they said the same thing. Abuse was their reason for not taking it. I emailed the corporate while I was on hold on the phone and they replied that due to abuse they are NOT accepting the coupons AT ALL anywhere now.

    I called the FTC 1-877-382-4357
    and filed a complaint online with our state’s consumer protection agency. I also contacted SEVENTEEN magazine and left a message. This is just unfair to target minors like this.

    If they can stay in business as long as they have, they can certainly figure out wording on a coupon! How many people would not even have walked into their jr dept without that coupon?

    I am just so angry. My teen daughter is furious and asked me to complain about it. So on principle we are taking it further and see what happens.

  12. How can they refuse to take the ones from 17 mag ? How can the one from the mag possibly be abused ?
    They must have AGREED to how many
    17 could print ! And you can tell from the material that the coupon is
    not printed from a home computer!
    This is Horrible advertising for them as I see it and this will keep
    me from giving them any of my business and I have a 15 year old daughter to dress!

  13. I was able to use it after complaining. My daughter has the exact coupon from August Seventeen magazine. The took out a full two page ad! Talk about false advertising! I’ll let you know it they take it.

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