New $1/1 Stonyfield Yo Baby Coupon = FREE!

Stonyfield has put out a new $1/1 coupon for their Yo Baby Whole Milk Yogurt.  This would make them free at Walmart and possibly elsewhere. Go HERE to print yours.  Print limit so far seems to be 5, what about for you?

Thanks Common Sense with Money!

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  1. I clicked on “here” and got through everything OK and thought it was going to print and didn’t. Never found the $1 coupon although I got a message in my email thanking me for joining.

  2. yes the coupon worked 5 times for me too, but I had to keep coming back to your site to click the word “here” to link me back to the page. They have a WHOLE LIST of other coupons for Stonyfield and YoBaby, but they will only let you print 1 time as they come off the selection list after you’ve print them. They are $0.50 coups, so if your store, like mine doubles them, they would be a good savings, esp. for the Stonyfield smoothie!

  3. I was able to print it five times as well. It didn’t work for me in Firefox, but it worked just fine using Internet Explorer.

  4. I tried to use these at walmart and they said that they couldn’t accept internet coupons. 🙁

    • Their coupon policy says they do as long as there is an expiry date, it says Manufacturer on and and such. Print it and take it with you. The one time they pulled this on me I just quoted that their policy says they do and kept looking at the cashier, she got the manager and they put it through fine.

  5. Wonderful I will try to use them at walmart the next time I go I hope they don’t tell me I can’t use them otherwise I will have to find it at another store oh well though still a great offer. Thanks! I was able to print it 5 times.

  6. ok. both my walmarts don’t have these. I am on the hunt. Don’t want to waste gas though. I’ve got to try harder to keep my driving down.

  7. I wanted to say thanks for this. There was literally only one on the shelf at Walmart Saturday evening, haha! But I cna go back again. My daughter tried it and liked it. She is into yogurt at the moment, but doesn’t eat very much so I like the real fruit and veggies in it 😀

    Anyone know if there is a way to tell if they are original Qs printed through there, is it Ecentives? They dont’ seem to have a unique code. I was hoping to trade for some online, but I don’t want to risk photocopies 🙁

  8. An update…you can only print one of these out now. I tried both Firefox and IE 8, and I got the same message. Rats! I was hoping to get more…

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