.19 Cent Edy’s Ice Cream at Target

This is just the week for ice cream deals I guess.  It’s been reported that Target has the small 6 oz. size Edy’s ice cream priced at or around $1.19.  Use the $1/1 Target printable HERE and get these for only .19 cents each.  There are no print limits on this coupon.

Thanks Hip 2 Save!

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  1. Crystal, have you reported yet on the ice cream deals at Kroger? When you buy 10 participating DAYTONA event items you get $3 off at checkout. Included are Breyer’s and Klondike ice cream, and there are coupons for both in the Family is it’s own Reward booklet. Using them on this deal makes the Breyer’s ice cream 49 cents each and the Klondike bars 74 cents each.

  2. I live near a target so as soon as I saw this I went over there and bought some. I have to say, I was a little disapointed about the size, it was like half a cup each. Needless to say, I still bought 8 of them for 1.52, which I guess is still not bad. I also bought a really cute shirt for $4, it was 75% off.. I love taret :)

  3. Ida…where do you get the Family reward booklet that you are talking about?

  4. They only gave me a little bit of a hard time and tried to say that they coupon was only good on the larger size, but I pointed out that the coupon didn’t specify a size and they let me use it! 😛

  5. I had no problems using it, which I was amazed at.. so excited!! (My husband is too)

  6. i bought six of them today and spent a total of $1.20 – as much as i would have spent on ONE at regular price! i think i’m going to go back and get a bunch more for our saturday evening bbq. each guest can have their own container, and it will all cost me under $3!! sweet.

  7. I got really hassled about using more than one Q in a transaction and was not allowed to. Kinda bummed me out. I never get out of coupon shoping at Target without something going wrong…

  8. I didn’t see these at Target. I don’t have a super target. Maybe I missed them. Did anyone else not have them at theirs?

  9. My local store I guess is not a Super Target, however they do have a grocery section and carry about 10-15 isles of groceries including fruits and many froaen good and baking items. i was allowed to use the coupon the other day with no problems, but today they told me that because the coupon ays Super Target I couldnt use it, and they also said that it is only for the larger size. I argued a bit and showed the manager that it does not say on the coupon a size restriction. She let me use them but said in the future to be aware of the difference. Does anyone know if the store has the items like ice cream and other groceries, why cant they be used?

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