Get Up To $20 in Barnes & Noble Gift Cards for Purchasing Participating Organic Items

Purchase $25 in these participating organic products and you will get a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card via mail-in-rebate:
– Garden of Eatin’ Snacks
– WestSoy non-dairy beverages
– MaraNatha nut butters
– Health Valley cereals and snack bars
– Earth’s Best Sesame Street, Tots, Kidz and Frozen foods
*not valid on Earth’s Best jarred or other infant foods.

You can do this twice to get up to a total of $20 in Barnes & Noble gift cards.  Go HERE for the full details and the redemption form. Offer expires 9/30/09.

Thanks Living Within The Limits and Coupon Geek!

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  1. This rebate was also available last year. Beware! They lost my recipts last year (fortunately I had copies) but I ran into “sorry it has already been denied – there is nothing we can do”. I even called a marketing director with the company who said that the outsourced rebate center would fix the problem and they did not fix it properly. They only sent half the rebate I earned even after I provided them with a faxed photocopy of my receipts. I might try it once this year. But if you are buying these products just for the rebate you might skip this one.

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