2000 Flushes: Let’s Go for the Green!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of 2000 Flushes. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey did you guys know that approximately 90 million toilets are flushed during half time of the Superbowl?  All I can say is, that is a lot of water… 2000 Flushes contacted me, asking if I would review their products.  They also sponsored a Super Bowl party in my home.  It was a nice small party with a few guests.  We don’t get crazy over the Super Bowl, but we love watching some of the commercials.

2000 Flushes was very gracious in sending us party decorations, and a gift card for some food.  They also sent me some of their 2000 Flushes products to test out.  They are offering a giveaway of a $10,000 bathroom makeover on their site, so be sure to enter that!

When asked if the product does what it says, in that it keeps me from having to clean the toilet bowl as often, my answer is yes.  However,  I want to take this opportunity to hopefully make a difference with this company by offering some helpful feedback.  The entire time that bleach was sitting in my toilet bowl, I was concerned for the health and safety of not only my dog, but especially for my children.  Bleach is a very toxic chemical that is dangerous not only to the environment, but to animals and people.  I’ll quote the back of the box:


DANGER. Highly Corrosive. May be fatal if swallowed. DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY. Causes eye and skin damage. Irritating to the nose and throat. Avoid breathing dust. Do not get into eyes, on skin or clothing.  Wear rubber gloves when handling and wash thoroughly after handling.

The box then goes on to explain what you should do if the product is ingested or comes in contact with your body.  Aside from the fact that the warning on the box is enough to scare this mother into not using it, the bleach in the product is actually not good for the environment or if you are on a septic system.

Septic systems contain bacteria that are there to break down the waste.  Using harsh chemicals in excess kills this bacteria, which means your septic tank will need to be pumped more often.

While convenience is sometimes nice, I would rather clean my toilet bowl more often with a greener cleaner, than risk my animals and children, not to mention the environment.

2000 Flushes seems like a great company, seeing how generous they were to me, so  I’m hoping that this means they will generously consider my request for a natural and greener option with their toilet bowl tablets.  It’s time we all start standing up and trying to make a difference for our world and the people we love.  Come on 2000 Flushes, what do you say? Should you accept my proposal, and launch a green/natural tablet,  I will be among the first in line! Just tell me where to buy it!  Who’s with me?
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  1. I agree! I just a week or so ago bought a 2000 flushes tablet for the first time and I am sorry to admit I didn’t read the box. Calcium builds up in my tank and causes the water to run, I was just looking for a product that might help that. Since I’ve deposited the 2000 flushes tablet I haven’t had to scrap the calcuim buildup. I’m glad I’ve stopped wasiting water/energy but I’d love a greener alternative!

  2. Whenever I hear the word “convenience” a red flag goes off into my head. Meaning that chemicals are doing the work for us. What happened to just cleaning our toilets with baking soda, vinegar or things like that? Are people that busy that they cannot clean their own toilets?
    I too would like a greener alternative. I have used a few different types of toilet tablets but because they were to toxic I had to stop using them. First because it was toxic and I did not want my children exposed to them(or play in the water lol) and second because my animals thing the toilet is a drinking bowl.
    Somebody has to come up with something soon. I know Green Works has a liquid toilet cleaner but have yet to see a tablet. We need to speak up about this and maybe just maybe someone will make such a thing. Until then, its all elbow grease.
    BTW-good for you telling the truth about it.
    .-= surviving and thriving on pennies´s last blog ..Me in a nutshell =-.

  3. I was so excited when i read this title…thinking that there was actually a “green” product. alas, no. I used one of these in my toilet and the constant fumes gave me a headache whenever i was in the bathroom.

    I have had great luck with 7th gen toilet cleaner. i put it in the bowl at night before i go to bed a few nights a week. haven’t had that gunky buildup. and no odor!
    .-= nicole´s last blog ..Weekly Report 02/05/10 to 02/11/10 =-.

  4. I really appreciate your honesty and completely agree. I try to use all natural cleaners because you never know who or what is going to end up in your toilet when you have toddlers and dogs. :)


  5. I have been looking for a green version of this kind of product for years. I really wish companies would understand that our family’s health and our environment is more important than a cleaner toilet. If there was a green product out there, I would buy it for all 3 toilets in our home right away. I refuse to use any harmful, toxic cleaners in my house. Even if they gave me a free trial of the original stuff, I don’t think I would use it. I just can’t. Nature provides so many amazing natural cleaning agents which do not harm people and the environment.
    Thanks for encouraging companies to think outside of their chemicals. : )
    .-= Amy O.´s last blog ..Girls just wanna have fun…. =-.

  6. Thank you so much for your honesty!! I sometimes feel that frugal blogs are getting so much attention and free stuff that we readers are getting taken advantage of!

    I also want to add that using products like these will invalidate the warranty on some toilets, like Kohler. Also, if you Google for more info you’ll find that a lot of plumbers do not recommend using them.

  7. I used to use this product but I stopped after I have a baby. More green please…

  8. Hi Thrifty Mama, Linda from 2000 Flushes Brand here. Thanks for reviewing our product and providing your candid feedback. We hear you (all of you), and value your input as the foundation for future product development. It looks like it was a fun party, we’re glad you enjoyed it!

  9. I almost fell over when I read your blog. This is whats so great about social marketing and boy someone in the marketing department of WD-40 just got fired for contacting you!
    Thanks for the awesome feedback on 2000 flushes. You are absolutely right about the danger to children and pets. Great POST

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