30 Day Shred – Link-up your progress 10/1

Today was day 16 for me on the 30 Day Shred, and I am feeling absolutely incredible.  I’ve lost inches off my waist, I’ve gained some muscle and my body is toning so well.  I have more energy, and I just feel better when I exercise, don’t you?

Day 16 #30DayShred

Here’s my Day 16 photo, and you can keep up with all the photos on my Flickr page here. I recently hit the 2 week mark, so here are the before and after photos.

Before (2 weeks ago):

Before 30 Day Shred

After (Day 14):

Day 14 #30DayShred

Side View:

2 Weeks on #30DayShred

Just two more weeks to go and I will be shredded! How are you all doing? Leave a comment or a linky to your progress. And be sure to follow all the chatter on twitter with hashtag #30DayShred.

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  1. way to go Crystal! I can see a huge difference! I think I need to get in on this…

  2. You look great. I am not seeing any difference at all and it just about kills me each time.

  3. I’m a new reader, but you can definitely tell a difference in those pictures. Congratulations! I have such admiration for people who set goals, and tackle them! Looks like you’re already doing just that!!


  4. You’ve got me motivated to do this too. I had twin boys and even though I’m lower than my prepregnancy weight, I still have a lot more I want to lose! I already have the dvd workout video, I just haven’t done it…so I’m going to blog about my progress because I feel like it might hold me to it! Thanks for the motivation!

  5. I will be 14 days into it after my workout today. Definitely don’t look as well as you, but I can tell in my work pants that I have definitely toned up a bit. The second level is so much harder than the first – I can’t imagine what level three will be like! Thanks for introducing me to this video – it is definitely nice to be done in about 20 minutes, but I would go for longer because I like the variety. One question for you – did you change your eating habits at the start of the 30 days as well?

  6. Great job, I can so see the difference. I just completed day 10 and I am feeling so much better already, I start level 2 next week, so not looking forward to it! Thanks for doing the linky.

  7. Congratulations on sticking with it! I haven’t done so well. My daughter and I were going to exercise together, but our schedules are so crazy and so different that we’ve only managed to get together twice. Even though its not as much fun, I need to make it a priority to do this by myself on the days my daughter isn’t available.

  8. Just wanted to let you know that your shred blog/pics have inspired me to buy the dvd and start the 30 day shred. I have a 2 month old and am in the process of losing my “baby weight”. Here’s to hoping it works as well for me as it has so far for you 😀

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