30 Day Shred: The Official “After” Update

I made it through 30 days of Jillian MIchael’s 30 Day Shred. I know you all are on pins and needs to hear the official stats and see the photos.  Well as a reminder, here is the before picture:

Before 30 Day Shred


After 1 #30DayShred

I went shopping today for pants, and I actually fit into a size 8! I was a 10 before I started 30 Day Shred. Can you believe I dropped a whole size with just 20 minutes a day for 30 days? I never thought I would see the day when I would fit into an 8 again. Just 2 years ago I was in a size 14. I’ve worked hard at getting fit, and I feel amazing after the Shred. I have muscle, I’m trimmer, and my energy levels are higher. Have I lost weight? No. Muscle is heavier than fat, and I’ve packed on some good muscle.

Thank you to all of you that kept up with me! I don’t think I would have made it through if not for the accountability of so many awesome people. If you want to see all the photos from the past month, check out my Flickr page here.

Did you make it through the 30 Day Shred with me? I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. WoooHooo! Way to go, Crystal! You look awesome! The 30 Day Shred was a challenge for me, but I made it through as well. It was fun to complete the challenge with support from everyone who participated. I know we all had some rough days, but I can say that I look better and feel better about myself now! Great job, everyone!

  2. What a great job, Crystal – you look terrific! You should be very proud of yourself :)

    Though I wanted to point out that muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat. A pound of muscle weighs one pound, just the same as one pound of fat. But muscle is more compact and looks “leaner” so if you replaced 5 lbs of fat with 5 lbs of muscle you’d weigh the same, but look slimmer, which is what you did :)

    • I think the general idea is that a certain volume of fat would weigh less than the same volume of muscle, obviously a pound of either will weigh the same, as “pound” is a unit of weight. I guess we should say that muscle is more dense than fat, but it’s all semantics, really :)

    • Great job, Crystal! WOOHOO!

      Megan and Leah – you both took the words right out of my mouth. (Or off my keyboard, as it were.) 😉

  3. Way to go! I haven’t made it completely through, I’m around the halfway mark. I haven’t lost any weight, but I do feel more energized and healthier, which is my ultimate goal for this.

  4. Great look you look wonderful. My question for you is what are you doing next?

  5. You look great. I didn’t join you, but now I’m thinking I’ll try it out. Since it worked so well for you! Thanks for sharing.

  6. You look amazing. High five on keeping with it! I broke my foot (I believe on day 11… don’t think it was from the shred though, did not know it was broken at the time and pushed through) and had to quit after day 18. I love love love it and will go back when I get the all clear. I went from a size 8 jeans to being able to pull a size 6 off without unbuttoning them. No pounds lost for me either but definition in my thighs, arms and just an inkling in my ab area. I can not wait to see what happens when I start the 30 days over again!
    By the way, three friends/family have started the shred after seeing me in person! I can’t say it enough, I love the video. Short, and to the point… gets results!

  7. You really look wonderful! I started this video awhile ago. After I started getting a lot of compliments, I quit~thinking I didn’t need it anymore. After seeing your before and after, I think I am going to make time to start again:)

  8. You look amazing! Congrats, I’ve tried the shred 2x and never could get through the 30 days…ahah. BUT… oddly enough hula hooping has done wonders for me!! It totally whittled down my waist and it giving me crazy abs. (??!!!) Youtube it! I’ve started 10 minute solution pilates and I thinks it’s awesome, I checked out the dvd at my library :)

  9. Congratulations! You look fantastic! And best of all you have been an inspiration to all of us. Thank you!!!

  10. Have you heard of her 30 day slimdown workout plan? It includes all of her workouts in a handy dandy calender. If you want to keep at the Shred, it’s a good way to break things up. Listen to me, like I know what I am talking about! I have to get back on track with exercising. I keep saying it, but I have to just DO IT! :) Anyway, here is the link. You can see on the right of your screen where it says download the plan. It’s an adobe file:

  11. I completed my 30 day shred challenge too!! I feel so strong, I just love it. I did lose about 10lbs and my energy level is amazing. I am going to continue shredding just switching up the levels and also adding running to my routine, I definitely need the muscle work!

  12. you look great and glad to hear it toned you and gave you muscle but muscle is not heavier than fat it’s just dense if you have a lb of fat and a lb of muscle you still have a lb but the lb of fat looks like way more because muscle is lean and that’s what we all try to achieve. ANyway you look great !! congrats on those size 8. I’m a 12 right now and I have a whole drawer with size 8 and 10 in them calling me. I think I’ll give this a try

  13. I know this is an old issue of your blog, but I had to look it up and comment because I have done 10 of these workouts so far and I am loving it! Did you do 30 workouts or do the workout with days of rest, for 30 days? I’m kind of irritated that it doesn’t say anywhere in the dvd when/if you should rest. I have never known a workout program to NOT have you rest periodically, so I’m just winging it. Just curious. Also, I have lost only 2 lbs, but I already feel a lot stronger – I notice it especially when bending down to lift my toddler out of her car seat.

    • That is awesome Elleen! I say rest at least one day a week, or even two. Jillian does say that in her Ripped in 30 DVD, so I’m assuming it’s the same recommendation for the 30 Day Shred. Studies have shown that you need recovery days to get the most out of your workouts. Good luck!

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