37 More Huggies Enjoy the Ride Points!

Have you registered for Huggies Enjoy the Ride Program yet?  If you haven’t, then click HERE to register.  They offer lots of chances to win free diapers, gift cards and more!  We’d love to hear from TTM’s readers and see if you’ve won anything yet.

More Than Cents has a huge list of free codes listed HERE!

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  1. Crystal, I won $1000 back in November of last year. I also won $10 during that same time period.

  2. Hey starbucksgirl, how’d you do that? I read somewhere that it’s best to play the games (or try for a win) either late at night or really early in the morning. Where were you on the website when you won the $1000? I’d appreciate any hints, I haven’t started using my points yet and wanted to save them for whenever I had a good shot at winning.

  3. Crystal, wish we could have hooked up while you were in town for the blogger conference. When I saw your restaurant post I wanted to run down to that restaurant to give you a BIG hug. :) It’s fun being frugal with you sweet girl!

    Kate, I was actually on the website in the middle of the afternoon (around 3:00pm; this was back in October 2009). I was playing the interactive baby game (where you click on 3 of the babies). I loved playing that game. The interactive game is gone right now but it pops back up periodically.
    I won $10 and then went back and played a little more and then won $1000. We used the cash to pay for our carribean cruise this year. Just got back a few weeks ago.

    Sunshine in the middle of winter is awesome!

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