4-Week Trial to Stamps.com + Free Postage

If you are self-employed in any way, you’ll probably like this deal.  Stamps.com is offering a 4-week trial.  For trying them out, they are giving you $45 in FREE postage, a 5lb scale and other goodies.  Use coupon code COUPON1.  Check them out  HERE, and let me know what you think!

I haven’t signed up yet, but I plan to.  What a great deal!  If you decide you don’t like them, be sure to cancel before the  4-week trial period is up. Normal monthly price for their service is $15.99 a month.

Edit: Brittany signed up and it looks like you get an initial $5 in FREE stamps, and the rest is spread out over several months.  The scale is FREE, but you do have to pay shipping on it, plus you get some kind of initial FREE kit.  $5 in free stamps isn’t $45, but still a freebie.  Just know that they won’t give you the full $45 in free stamps if you cancel during the trial period (fine print annoys me).  Still a deal, so good luck!

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  1. It appears that $40 of the free postage is redeemable only after the trial is over and you start to pay for the service. Then you only get it in $10 increments per month. You have to pay shipping and handling for the scale, which is fair, but the cost of that is not disclosed prior to the point where you give your credit card info. So I stopped at that point. Then I searched for stamps.com with “fraud” or “scam” and found many complaints on dealofday.

    Decided to pass on this and also to tell you. You do a great job of pointing out good deals and also are very good about disclosing the down side of things. Thanks for all you do.

  2. I tried the Stamps.com service. They do confuse a bit with the free postage, but if you have a real need for sending packages/letters then it’s worth it.

    At the very least, you dont have to stand in line at the post office. And you get discounts on priority mail.

    Hope my opinion helps.

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