$5 Luvs Coupon Available September 15 (Tomorrow)

Tomorrow Luvs.com will be giving away $5 Diaper Coupons.  This is such a high value coupon, that I’m sure it will make for a great deal on some diapers.  The quantities will be probably be limited on these coupons, so be sure to check it out early in the morning tomorrow HERE.

Thanks Suburban Jungle!

Update: After you sign in, you need to log in and click on promotions.  Then click “get $5 coupon.”

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  1. Do you know if this will be one of those coupons that you have to print immediately or if you can go back and get it later? I can’t print from work so I’m wondering if I need to even try.

  2. When I signed up, they have the box “checked” already for my $5 off coupon. So I think if you register today, you will be registered for it!

  3. I think they may mail it to you? I didn’t see anything pop up to print, just a check mark next to $5 coupon. ???

  4. THere was a message saying they would mail you the $1 coupon but nothing about the $5. Weird. Maybe they will randomly email it to people.

  5. I can’t get to any coupons. Every time I click on “get coupon” it brings me back to my profile again.

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