.50/1 Beef Coupon

organic beef

photo by djames

Go HERE and play for your chance to get a burger timer or .50/1 beef coupon.  You can play up to five times per day.  Use code A23568 to play.  If your store doubles .50 cent coupons, then this will take $1 off any beef!  I just got this coupon, and it is a PDF for ANY ground beef purchase.  So you could even use it on organic!

Thanks More Than Cents!

Update:  I just wanted to mention that the official rules on this say “no purchase necessary”, so there should be no issues with everyone using this code.

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  1. Awesome! Thank you ! I chose OTHER so rather than it have let’s say the Kroger logo it left that area blank..so I can use at Publix. Yay!!

  2. I used it earlier and it would not scan at Giant Eagle. However they pushed it through and I saved $1

  3. Coupon states, “Do not double”. But this still is a great coupon! Thanks for the information. :)

  4. I emailed the company that sponsored the coupon asking which stores it could be used at, if we chose “other” and no store logo printed on it. The response I got said it could only be used at the stores listed on the site where you win the coupon. It also said you’re supposed to use the coupon at the store where you originally found the hangtag that had the code on it. That makes it sound like a purchase IS required to use the code.

  5. CJ…Strange..why would they even have an option for OTHER then?? I really didn’t like that there wasn’t any logo or picture or anything..just a big blank space to the right….makes it look suspicious. At least some cashiers might look at it kinda funny.

  6. Hey! I didn’t get a coupon..but I need a kitchen timer & will be receiving one..Thanks!

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