7 Simple Ways to Make Your Holiday Healthier

Holiday Spread

The holidays are the perfect time to put on a few extra pounds right? Wrong! Try staying healthier this year with these seven simple tips.

1. Make a fresh fruit tray. Here are some unique and simple fruit ideas for a healthy holiday.

2. Use Greek Yogurt for your dips. You can even use it for guacamole. Just mix in some honey with Greek Yogurt and it makes a great dip for that fruit. Or you can add in some ranch flavoring or other seasonings for a veggie dip.

3. Make a fresh veggie tray, but keep to the simple veggies so people are more likely to eat the vegetables. Carrots, broccoli, celery and sliced bell peppers are ideal. See simple vegetable ideas for a healthy holiday.

4. Go for a walk at least three days a week. Just walking for 10 minutes can make a huge difference.

5. Avoid treats that are a waste of calories, sugar and fat. If you really enjoy a certain type of sugary sweet (like pumpkin pie), then enjoy that, but avoid the candy bowl that is sitting out at Grandma’s house.

6. After your first plate-ful, wait twenty minutes before going back for anything else. This way your stomach has time to tell your brain you are full.

7. When preparing your meals, do your best to use whole and fresh ingredients. The less processed foods you use, the better off you will be. See 8 Food Substitutes to Make Your Meal Healthier.

With just a few simple changes, you can make this holiday season healthier! For more tips, check out How to Prepare a One Week Organic Meal Plan at Whole Foods for $100 (family of four by the way!).

What are some of your tips to make this holiday healthier?


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  1. This year at Thanksgiving we switched from candied sweet potato casserole that is always loaded with sugar, to baked sweet potatoes. They were a HUGE hit and so much healthier! We’ve decided to make it a regular event.

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