Natural and Thrifty in 365: #51 Stop Using Air Fresheners

The same air fresheners that you use to make your home or office smell nice, are putting harmful toxins into your air that you breathe in.

Instead opt for essential oils, beeswax candles, fresh flowers or herbs like eucalyptus or lavender. These make for healthier air, and in the long run can cost you a lot less than air fresheners.

What are some of the natural ways that you freshen your home?

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  1. you can use spices like cinnamon and cloves with some orange peel and boil it on the stove. makes the whole house smell heavenly!

  2. you can use spices like cinnamon and cloves with some orange peel and boil it on the stove. makes the whole house smell heavenly!

  3. Getting cooler in our area, I will be cutting more of my lavendar to use as air freshners!

  4. So funny you posted this, just yesterday I had some bulbs from bath and Body works plug ins.. I rinsed them out and filled them with oil, about 1/3 the way then the rest with water. Replaced the scented stick and plastic thing. Replugged it in and my home smells like peppermint! You could do this with anything, but I now know its safe for my family, dont have to worry about all those toxins Ive been hearing about..

  5. Ashley – you can find them at little hometown stores a lot, online, or it’s really easy to make your own, too.

  6. I am highly allergic to most manufactured fragrances, as well as some natural ones, so my favorite way of “freshening” my house is to OPEN THE WINDOWS! Let the fresh air in! Much better to have an actual breeze than something called “ocean breeze” from a can.

  7. I absolutely love your blog and had to comment on this post because I hate air fresheners but have been trying to find an alternative. I love using little sacks of cinnamon around the house this time of year. Makes it truly seems like fall.

  8. Soy candles can be safe (non-toxic), the thing with soy candles is to read the label and see what it’s made of. Is it really 100% soy based, what kind of fragrance was used – is it natural, what is the wick made of (this is a biggie, b/c the candle could be all natural but the wick could contain toxins ). A great company is IndigoWild . I love their Zum soaps and body wash, and they make a great candle too called Zum Glow. The wicks in their candles are lead-free, and they list all the ingredients in their products on their website. Here’s the official site , and I’d also like to mention that I buy all my Zum products online from a place called It’s a great place to get discounts on natural products & and at the same time you’re helping a good cause.

    HTH Jen :)

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