Amazon: How to Get Great Deals on Organic Items

So here is how I am able to get some great deals on organic items from Amazon.

Step one: Look for coupon codes for natural and organic items. has the best list. And I also like to just do a quick perusal of the organic section on Amazon HERE.

Right now they have two codes that I am very interested in: EATNGAR4 takes 15% off of select Garden of Eatin’ products (makes this 24-pack HERE only $9.66 shipped after subscribe and save and coupon code), and COCON355 takes 35% off of O.N.E Coconut Water products (makes this case of 12 HERE only $9 shipped after subscribe and save and coupon code).

Step two: See if some of these items have the subscribe and save option.  Selecting subscribe and save gets you an additional 15% off, plus free shipping.  This sets you up for auto-ship of the product for anywhere from 1-6 months.  I usually select six months so that I have enough time to consider whether or not I want to keep the subscription.  I’m under no obligation to keep the subscription, and can cancel from right in my account on Amazon.

Step three: Select the subscribe and save, and then add the code I am going to use.

Step four: Use any amazon gift cards I have redeemed with Swagbucks. Don’t know about Swagbucks?  Check out some details HERE. For either one of these deals I mentioned, it would only take 90 points with Swagbucks to have enough gift cards to get these items for FREE!

Step five: Place my order and anxiously await for its arrival!

Amazon is continuously adding in natural and organic products, and you can really save some money by watching their deals.  And when you find a deal, be sure to let us all know!!

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  1. Hi Crystal,

    Couponing has made me fat so I am looking for ways to coupon, save money, and be more responsible about how I USE them. (Too many coupons on highly processed foods.) I loved this post on organic foods. Would like to see more on how you try to be natural on a budget. Many thanks from an Alabama mommy!

  2. You might want to add that if you hit the subscribe and save button that it will automatically order. I thought it would be added to my cart and I could review everything before I placed my order. I was just playing and trying to see how much everything would be. I guess I will be getting several shipments of things I had not intended to order. Maybe there is a way to cancel it. I also did not notice until it was too late where to add my swagbucks gift cards. Oh well. At least it was for healthy food. Thanks for the post it was very useful.

  3. Thanks for the helpful post. Lots of people don’t buy organic because it’s more expensive, but these are great ways to save money on things that are better for us.

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