Natural and Thrifty in 365: #295 Apply Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring mineral compound that has some really remarkable uses around your home.

You can use diatomaceous earth to kill fleas, ants and other insects in your garden or home.  It is deadly to pests but safe for your children, pets, and even earthworms in your garden.  Diatomaceous earth can also be placed in locations around the house to naturally absorb odors.  This powder also has numerous reported benefits for pets and livestock.

Read more about why diatomaceous earth kills pests and great information about using it in an organic garden.

Find it at a local feed store or purchase diatomaceous earth online.

Photo courtesy of Scienceray.

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  1. We have some, but can’t figure out how to apply it. You aren’t supposed to breathe it in and if we go to apply it Im afraid it’s going to puff all around??

  2. We sprinkled it outside to help with pests, my husband put on a mask first though and make sure its not windy

  3. I just learned about thus. Wish I had known a few years ago when I had a horrible flea problem. I would wear a mask to sprinkle it & then leave the room for a while. The bag of the bag recommends different ways of applying it.

  4. The bag also says it works on Bedbugs which is good to know since they seem to be a growing problem.

  5. With all due respect,you should have stated that this product is safe for humans only if you wear a mask when using it and it can actually cause severe lung problems such as silicosis! I would also say that a person with asthma or other respiratory diseases should avoid using this product. I think to avoid any health concerns you should do another entire post on the health risks that may occur using this product. Your posts are referenced by other bloggers. Please don’t cause harm!

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