Baby Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle: Using Coupons & Deals Pt. 1

Just because we want to eat healthier and live a better lifestyle, doesn’t mean we have to pay an arm and a leg for our food.  That’s why this week I’m talking about using Coupons and Deals in a way that promotes healthier eating.  While I am a big promoter of giving up things we don’t need so that we can purchase the healthy things that we do need, I also believe that we can still save a ton of money by using coupons.

Deals on organic, healthy and green items are abundant.  They aren’t as scarce as many think.  If you have hung around my blog at all for deals and tips, then you know that we all find a ton of great deals by working together.  Just this week, you can get Organic frozen vegetables for .33 cents at Publix after coupons.  Last month, many of us got $10 in free stuff from The Natural Store.  These are just a couple of examples, as I could go on and on about all the deals I post here on  But for now, let’s talk about the basics for saving on organic and healthy items.

1. Look for coupons and rewards programs. Organic companies are really starting to promote using coupons and rewards to attract customers to their products.  Always be on the lookout for organic coupons.  Sometimes they aren’t as easy to spot as coupons for chocolate puffy cereal, but they are there.  See my list of Organic Coupon Resources here for a ton of printables that you can get.  Mailing companies and requesting coupons is also a great way to get organic coupons.  A few sites including Stonyfield Farm and Honest Kids are now offering rewards programs.  Participate and sign up with these programs to save even more!

2. Use coupons for items that give you overage. If a coupon is going to allow you to get cash back or a greater discount on the rest of your groceries, then get that item and use the coupon even if it isn’t something you want to eat.  This allows you to use the overage towards your organic and healthy eating.  Donate the items you don’t want.  Example: If buying one can of condensed tomato soup allows you to get .10 cents in overage, buy 10 cans so that you get $1 off of the rest of your groceries.

3. Order multiples of your favorite coupons for deals. If a deal is going to result in you getting overage, or getting you a great price on organic food, then order multiple coupons for that item if you can.  Great places to do so are Ebay, Coupon Clippers and Coupons by Dede.  If paying $2 for 20 coupons will end up saving you $10-$30, it’s well worth buying the coupons in bulk.

4. Stock up when your favorite items are cheap. If something you eat on a regular basis (like organic frozen vegetables) goes down to an amazing price, stock up so that you have enough to last you until the next deal comes along.

5. Check the clearance and mark down bins. You can use coupons on clearance items.  This is why it is always good to have your favorite coupons with you at all times.  Some people like to clip every single coupon they get and have it on hand in case they find a great clearance deal. See some ways to organize your coupons here.   Even without coupons, some organic clearance deals that I find at Kroger are worth getting.  So always check those bins!

To be continued…


Baby Step Week 4: Get some sort of coupon binder, folder or file and start looking around to see where you find organic coupons.

See my Organic Coupon Resources page here, and Coupon Basics for Newbies page here to help get you started.

Baby Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle is not meant to diagnose or treat illnesses of any kind.  It is merely a series of personal opinions and facts based upon the author’s research, and is for entertainment and educational purposes only.  Please consult your physician for health related problems and before starting on any kind of fitness plan, nutritional supplement or diet change.

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  1. Great article, but I thought it was funny that instead of couple you wrote “coupon”- “These are just a coupon of examples” lol. If your anything like me I am sure you type coupon so many time s a day that any word that starts with a C turns into coupon 😉
    Thanks for the great article,
    Tisha Coupon (oops I mean Tisha Christian;)

  2. I agree with the organic clearance deals one can find at Kroger (even without coupons). My husband insists that I purchase only organic eggs from free range chickens — which are about $4 per dozen. I can usually find some on clearance at Kroger for about $2 per dozen. Since no one buys them, they approach their expiration date and Kroger will drastically cut the prices to sell them.

  3. I was at Costco last week (which is quite rare since I overspend there), but was surprised to see so many organic options. I actually saved money on many of my favorite brands and incredible looking produce! Worth a look if you’re already planning a trip there.

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