Back to School Season Begins, and What This Means for You

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Stores are already starting their Back to School sales. They are changing sales cycles, bringing in fall styles and beginning to clearance out Summer inventory. It seems premature for shoppers, I know, but this is the way that stores operate and make sales.

We always hear that the key way to save money is to watch the sales cycles. Well now is the time to watch those Summer clearance sales, and the Back to School sales. Supplies for school are already being discounted to mere pennies. Here’s what to shop for and the deals to look for right now:


If you are at all used to watching the sales cycles, then you know that around this time crayons, scissors, glue, folders and other school supplies can frequently be bought for pennies at various stores. The office supply stores, supermarkets and grocery stores all start competing to bring in shoppers. It’s the smart shopper that will watch the sales and grab only the best bargains.

I’ve created a section on my site that you can use to keep up with all the Back to School deals here. Be sure to bookmark it and check it every week.


If you are thinking of putting together some shoe boxes, or donating to Toys for Tots, now is the time to watch these school supply deals and Summer toy clearance sales. Items can be bought for pennies on the dollar, which means you can donate even more with your money.

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It seems odd to me that we should already be looking for Summer clearance, when I still feel like I have two months left of Summer fun. But as stores begin to clearance out items like grills, coolers, Summer accessories, clothing, food and more, it’s the savvy shopper that’s ready for this and will take advantage of the deals.


If you have kids and need to shop for next year’s Spring and Summer clothing, now is the time to watch those clearance sales. Combine these sales with coupons that come out, and you should be ready for next year’s growth spurts.

I was just inside of JCPenney two days ago, and already they were doing inventory so they could bring in the new fall line. That means all those expensive clothes we see on the racks will be hitting the clearance section shortly.

With a little ingenuity and savvy shopping, we should all be able to grab some great bargains for the holidays, donating, growing spurts and school. What are some of your tips for saving during the end of Summer sales? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. JCPenny for us!!!! I have 4 boys, and another on the way, so we HAVE to shop at the end of summer for the following summer. We end up getting a few Arizona brand T-shirts for under $2. Then when we get our receipt, we fill out the online survey and get the 10% off of our next shopping order, in which we finish up our next years summer shopping! What’s nice is, my children wear the t-shirts year round (either under hoodies or paired up with long sleeve shirts underneath.) I just get so overwhelmed when it comes to finding the BEST deals for supplies! Ugh!

  2. Yup- Target was putting out school supplies last week- I was thinking didn’t they just get out of school? It doesn’t start here till Aug 22.

  3. oh yeah, 4th of july stuff was gone and school supplies were being set up last night at Walmart!

  4. my daughter starts july 26th! year round for her, so we need them to be there already!

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