Banana Almond Butter Smoothie Recipe

I’m such a fan of using bananas in my smoothies. I usually stock up when I find bananas going brown and discounted at the grocery store. Then I slice them up and freeze 2 in a bag. This way I have bananas ready for smoothies at a moment’s notice. I normally do a lot of juicing, but smoothies are also very healthful – plus the kids really love this!

This recipe uses flax seed as well, which is an excellent source of omega fatty acids.


Garnish with sliced banana and flax seed if you like. It just gives it that extra little something special, especially if you are serving to guests.

I’ve been known to also use peanut butter in this recipe, and both versions turn out delicious. You can also add less milk and you’ll end up with a delightful banana almond butter pudding. My kids gobble it down when I make the pudding version.

How do you like this recipe? Do you have any variations on it?

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