BJ’s Shopping Trip with Coupon Matches & the Coupon Policy


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Total Spent: $29.99  Total Saved: $30.48 (that’s just the coupon savings!!)

I walked into BJ’s Wholesale Club last night, and it was as if someone had opened the Pearly Gates for this couponer.  Yes, my dear readers, I was in coupon heaven. I could not believe the amount of coupons they had available to me.  I walked up to the counter with my trusty free pass, and was then showed even  MORE coupons. Unfortunately, they would not give me these extra coupons unless I signed up for a paid membership.  So, I made the choice to buy the pass, so that I could give you all the scoop on what you can save at  BJ’s Wholesale Club. Georgia BJ’s Wholesale clubs are having a special this month anyway, where membership is only $30 (instead of $45).

And did you guys know that BJ’s has a membership guarantee?  If for any reason you are unhappy with your membership from when you purchase it until 14 months later when it expires, you can cancel and get your ENTIRE MEMBERSHIP FEE REFUNDED!  So after the lady waved the magic coupons in front of my face and told me about their guarantee, I was hooked.

So here are the deals I got:

Cheerios $5.19 - $3 BJ’s coupon = $2.19 for two bags or $1.09 ea! (if you have manufacturer coupons to combine with this, it would bet a better deal)
King Arthur Flour 10 lb. $5.79
4 Kraft Cream Cheese $5.29 - $15/4 BJ’s coupon = $6.16 for 8 HUGE tubs, or .77 cents a tub!!!
2 1  1/2 Dozen Eggs $3.49 - .60 Peelie on product and B1G1 Free coupon = $2.89 for three dozen eggs!
16 ct Hamburger Buns (we’re having a cook-out today) $1.89
1 Marscapone Cheese $3.99 - $2/1 BJ’s coupon = $1.99!!
3 lb. Bananas $1.39 - FREE item BJ’s coupon = FREE!
24 pack Apple & Eve Juice $12.89 – $5/1 BJ’s coupon = $7.89!

Other deals I noticed but didn’t get:

Immaculate Baking Co. Cookie Dough (natural/organic stuff-makes 48 cookies) $5.99
Baby Carrots $4.99 - $1/1 BJ’s coupon = $3.99 or .99/lb
Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls 32 ct. $6.99 - Buy Cinnamon Rolls get Orange Juice Free Bj’s coupon (big thing of orange juice), and use 3 $1/3 from the 10/18 SS insert or 3 .40/2 printable HERE = $3.99 for Juice and 32 Cinnamon Rolls if you use the $1 coupons!

Info on BJ’s coupon policy:

  • They do not double coupons
  • They do take internet printables.
  • Store coupons available online, in the BJ’s Journal, BJ’s Member magazine, through special-offer mailings, and in the BJ’s in-club coupon fliers.
  • You can combine BJ’s coupons with Manufacturer coupons.
  • You can use multiple coupons if you are purchasing a multi-pack. But they do limit the MFR coupons used on multi-packs to 3.
  • Some items have instant rebate discounts if they are soon to expire or the store is discontinuing the item for some reason (like mark-downs).

So what do you all think of BJ’s Wholesale Club? Some of the prices were ridiculous (I thought), but there are some bargains you can snag (as you can see from my trip).  I like that they have a lot more organic items than Sam’s Club does. If you head out, be sure to come back and tell us about the deals you got!

  1. We often do BJ’s trips, but often they have very little coupons. Of course it is best when you can use a manu. Q along with a BJ’s Q. We get our meat there, it is very good! Of course it comes in large amounts but I divide it all up into smaller amounts for the freezer. I also LOVE that you can use more than one manu. Q on a multi. pack but have never tried it on something with more than three items so thanks for that info!

  2. I love BJs and go about once a month.

    I got the member magazine yesterday and was thrilled to see a lot of coupons for baking items.

    I love their yeast, dried fruits, nuts and sausage. I’m sad though that mine seems to have stopped stocking unbleached flour.

    I don’t think their baby items are a good value and tend to do better from CVS, Rite Aid or even
    .-= Lucky´s last blog ..Great Ideas! =-.

    • They have the best diapers around and I even got an entire pack with a coupon free

  3. They are very coupon friendly. I was trying to buy an item that was $13 and I had a $4 manufacturer’s coupon. The self-checkout lane wouldn’t scan the coupon so I paid full price then went to the service desk with my receipt and my coupon. As luck would have it the service desk person said, “Oh, we have a BJs coupon for that, too.” She pulled out a big book, flipped through it and said, “Here it is.” It was another $4 coupon! So I thought I was only going to save $4 but I ended up saving $8!

  4. We get a lot of our meat from BJ’s, very good quality. We buy the bulk pkgs of boneless pork (dh cuts into pork chops), Tenderloin (filet mignon) we buy the butt 1/2 for 7.49lb and dh cuts for the grill ! Our publix’s price is 9.99 at the very least. It yields around 6 -8 steaks for $25. so even at 6 steaks – that’s only 4.10 per filet mignon – so yummy and delicious for a special occasion. We also get the pork butt roast for crock pot pulled pork – last week it was $1.09 lb.

  5. Sams Club has the same membership guarantee.
    you have 364 days to cancel and get a full refund.

  6. oh, thank you for doing this post! I have a BJs membership and get flustered when I go in there because I never have my coupons organized with what they have on sale. I’d love to see this become a regular feature!’

    I’ve also noticed that milk is always a good bitcheaper there than at Kroger or Publix. Same goes for their member’s price for gas, although that can be hit and miss.

  7. BJs is also good for Christmas shopping! Every year they have multipacks of Lenox gift items. For example, I have purchased 3 pks of Lenox china ornaments or 3 pks of vases for only $15. That is 3 gifts of Lenox china for $5 each. They are so elegant and great for teacher gifts. They also have great deals on toys where you get 2 items for the price of one elsewhere. Children’s craft supplies are always a bargain as are printer inks.

  8. I go to BJ’s all the time. They take coupons, and their prices are good on a lot of things I buy (basics). They really go in cycles on their coupons. Last summer they were putting out $5/Luvs diapers and $3 off Luvs wipes, and $4/BJ diapers so I stocked up and of course they haven’t had any of those out in a while. I really think its worth it, plus it saves me a lot of time which is very valuable to me at the moment. I go to BJ’s once a month, along with my regular grocery store, then hit the produce market as needed throughout the month so only one major shopping trip a month.

  9. BJ’s is my favorite of the big box stores, we go at least twice a month (once for baby stuff, once for food). I can’t rave about the store enough. The cashiers are friendly and very coupon saavy, the last time I went my cashier gave me a high-five because of all my savings… can you imagine someone at Food Lion doing that? We regularly get diapers (size 4, Pampers) for .19 which is the cheapest I’ve ever found (size 3′s used to be .18). I really can’t rave enough!

  10. I cannot believe this! We have been BJ’s members for 2 years and I have never been told you could use manufacturer’s coupons!!! I’ve asked too. I’ll be going there tomorrow with my store & manufacturer’s Q’s and with the Coupon Policy in tow! Thank you so much.

  11. I did not know that there is a money-back guarantee on their membership. That’s great to know, since I have been skeptical about buying the membership. I think it’s time to go to BJ’s! Here are some details about the guarantee (from their web site): Members who are dissatisfied may cancel their Membership at any time and request a refund of Membership fees paid for the current Membership period at all BJ’s Club locations, except where prohibited by law.

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