BJ’s Wholesale Club 60-Day Free Pass

BJ’s frequently puts out these 60-Day pass coupons, and I am glad to see another one!  This one HERE expires 12/31/09.  Here’s a little info about BJ’s and their coupon policy:

They are the only wholesale club that accepts coupons:

  • They do not double coupons
  • They do take internet printables.
  • Store coupons available online, in the BJ’s Journal, BJ’s Member magazine, through special-offer mailings, and in the BJ’s in-club coupon fliers.
  • You can combine BJ’s coupons with Manufacturer coupons.
  • You can use multiple coupons if you are purchasing a multi-pack. ie. If you buy a multi-pack of peanut butter (4 items in a pack), you could use 4 coupons.
  • They have a rebate program here:

This is the couponing FAQ I compiled for the coupon class I recently taught. I love how you can use multiple coupons for multi-packs.  That allows you to really save at BJ’s!   For those of you that shop at BJ’s, what kind of deals have you been able to snag there?

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  1. Plus, if you print 2 Q’s, and you have 2 separate household members, you can use both Q’s over the next 3 1/2 months before they expire at year end. Just have the 2nd household member enroll in the free trial period, after the 1st one is used up at the end of that 60 days. :)

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