2012 Calendar and Menu Planning for Moms and Dads

I’m working on planning out my year for both my business and my home, so that everything does it’s best to run like clock-work. Am I dreaming? Maybe. But I have been seeing this really cool planner from Motivated Moms¬†talked about to great extent on several blogs that I read. I’ve seen several bloggers swear by this planner, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

Menu Plan

For $8, I got the entire planner to print out and include in a 3-ring-binder. I already have a binder that I use for organizing meal planning and homeschool plans, but really needed a great calendar addition for home-life.


So far I am absolutely loving this planner from Motivated Moms. I can already tell that it is going to make our household run a lot more smoothly, and allow me to get things done more efficiently so that I have more time with my family.

Exclusive affiliate coupon code: My readers can get $1 off of the price using coupon code THRIFTY, making this just $7.

What will you be using to stay organized in 2012?

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    • Thanks for sharing the Just Mommies plan, Eileen! I like this one, too! I don’t have time to write anything down since I’m an employed mother. I don’t like to say I’m a working mother because every mother is a working mother! : )

    • Eileen,
      Thanks so much for sharing this!! I love how it is set up and not too stressful either. Thank you!

  1. The Awesome Note iPhone app!! I love the feeling of marking things off a list and this app works great for that!!

  2. I love that it includes weekly bible reading to finish the bible in one year! i am doing that and I wrote it all by hand on my current agenda hahaha

  3. Question: what’s an average grocery weekly budget for 2 grown ups and a toddler? Just curious. Trying to plan mine:)

  4. I had a question: I went to the website and saw that they were not any examples to look at, I’m not sure what would work better for myself. 2012 Motivated Moms Chore Planner with Scheduled Bible Reading or 2012 Full-Sized Page Per Day Planner with Scheduled Bible Reading. I wanted to see if you know what would work better (I’m a homeschool mom )

  5. You’ll need to tell me how that’s possible. I can’t leave the store without spending 150 each week.

    • If you scroll to the bottom of the order page at the link provided here, there are samples of each page for you to look at via Adobe Reader…hope you can find them.

  6. I see in the picture you are reading scripture daily…. I would like to read the bible in a year… any pointers? Is that something you made? found online? If online can you please tell me the site! I would appreicate it!

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