I’m Going To California!

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then you probably already know this.  A week and a half ago I got an email from Savings.com asking if I wanted to apply to possibly win an all expenses paid trip to California for a Deal Pro event.  I checked it out, and thought I should definitely try for it.  So I made up this little video here, wrote them a nice little entry and hit the submit button.  Less than 48 hours later, they emailed me to let me know that I won!!!  I’m named as one of the top 30 Deal Pros, and I am going to be flying out to San Francisco for their awesome Deal Pro Conference.  And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, check out the list of other Deal Pros that are going.

I can hardly contain my excitement at meeting these other bloggers that I have known for quite a while.  It is going to be so incredible to meet everyone!!  So in about a week and a half, yours truly will be on a flight to San Francisco!  Can you believe I haven’t been on a plane since I was like eleven years old?

So what does this mean for you all that read my blog daily? My editor, Grizz, will be making sure you guys stay up to date on the hottest deals going on during the few days that I am gone.  I will be doing some live blogging for you all, and definitely snapping some photos to share.  The event should have some great savings tips that I am sure you all will want to know about.  So, I’ll be going to Cali, and taking you all with me (figuratively speaking).  Wish me luck!

And I just want to give a special thanks to Angie Laver, and my husband Bobby for helping me make that awesome video that helped me win!

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  1. Welcome to San Fran in a week! You will love it. Make sure you bring a jacket. If you need any good ideas of what to do or eat here I have lived here my whole life and would love to help you!!!

  2. yeah! That’s awesome! I grew up in a small farming community about an hour and a half away and have always referred to SF as “the City”. Have fun!

  3. CONGRATS OUT TO YOU. Enjoy the trip and I look forward to reading all or almost all about it. :-)

  4. Crystal-

    Congratulations. I have no doubt you stand out and are among the top [including out of that list of Deal Pros]. I first took notice for your top-notch work on WholeFoods Markets. Than I soon realized you have one of the best pages. However, I am not your average opinion though as I strive for healthy and organic since I was too young to remember. Just like you, I too am not only living naturally/organically for health reasons but as a moral passion.

    Keep up the incredible work !

  5. I love your site & can tell you work hard at making it top notch. Enjoy your well deserved vacation.

    BTW, I loved the video….too cute.

  6. So it’s cold out there in SF, huh? What’s the avg temperature like? Any inexpensive places to eat in the SF area. I’ll need to do lunch one of the days I am gone.

  7. Hi, Crystal. Congratulations on your win. You definitely deserve it. Your site has helped me help my family for a year now. I am a 23 year flight attendant who lays over much of the time in San Fran. There are a couple of things that you ABSOLUTELY MUST do while there. Seriously. There is an awesome food emporium/organic marketplace at the Ferry Building – it’s at the end of Market St. On Saturdays farmers come from all over and sell their fruits and veggies. Most all of them let you sample for free. I have more info if you would like me to write you about it.
    All best,
    Tracey Broussard
    PS – Since you haven’t been on a plane in so long, I can give you some tips on making that a better experience too.

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