Canvas People: Free 8×10 or Free Shipping & 40% off Larger Canvases

Canvas People is offering a new fall promotion for their beautiful canvas pictures!  Choose either a FREE 8×10 (just pay shipping of $14.95) or get FREE shipping and 40% off on larger sized canvas prints.  As stated on their site, this is a great way to “Turn Your Photo Into Art!”  Plus, it makes for wonderful gifts or creates an amazing attraction in your home.

Grab this Canvas People deal here.

  1. I just did this. When I went to check out with my free 8×10, they asked me if I wanted to upgrade with an even better deal. They offered me a 16×20 canvas for $30 shipped! I decided to go for it… it will be a great Christmas present!

    • Lisa, that’s a great deal! Thanks for sharing. Maybe some more readers will get the same option! :)

  2. I just did this as well. When I selected the 8×10 canvas, it asked me to upgrade to a 11×14 for $23.99 shipped or a 16×20 for $29.99 shipped. This is a great deal! Does anyone know when this deal ends?

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