Cars 2 Movie Coupon: Save $5

Save $5 this week only with this $5 Disney Pixar’s Cars 2 Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack printable coupon. This coupon is available for one week only, and expires November 6, 2011. Thanks Couponing to Disney!

Check out the coupons and rebates for Cars 2.

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  1. Why are all the new coupons for the 5 packs which include a 3D movie? I mean, I understand (and like) getting the Blu-Ray and the DVD, but the 3D?? That is something I’m never going to invest or and really do not like. I don’t pay the extra to see the 3D movie (if we go to the movies at all) and I’m not going to buy a 3D tv and 3D movie from now on either. I’m just confused as to why they think this is the norm? I certainly thought it was just one of those fancier things that a few people will like and invest in, but the majority will just stick with the Blu-Ray itself.

  2. I agree. We dont even have a bluray player but I’m sure we will someday so I dont mind getting the bluray but I am not buying the 5 disc set. For the Lion King movie they let me use the 5 disc coupon on just the 2 disc movie at Toys R Us.

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