Cheap Ways to Beat Cabin Fever

Playing in the Snow

Playing in the Snow

With so many of us stuck indoors right now due to all the ice and snow, I keep hearing from friends on Twitter and Facebook that they are suffering from cabin fever.  I myself am starting to feel really cooped up.  While getting out into the snow is fun for a short time, it’s really no way to spend an entire day, especially if you live down south and don’t keep snow suits in your closet wardrobe.  So here are some ideas that are cheap or free that may help you minimize the effects of cabin fever.

Do some winter cleaning. I know everyone likes to wait for spring cleaning, but why not get a head start since you are already cooped up indoors?  Here are some things you could do:

  • Go through your entire wardrobe and fill up a bag or two of clothes to donate.
  • Pull the couch out and pick up all that stuff that ends up under there no matter how hard we try to stop it.  Vaccum or sweep out that area real well.  I always feel better when I know that my couch is clean underneath, don’t you?
  • Clean out your refrigerator, or reorganize all of the kitchen cabinets.
  • Pull down the curtains and wash them.
  • Reorganize and dust the bookshelves.

Do those jobs that keep getting put off all the time, and in no time you will be feeling good from the exercise and warm as well. This is especially nice if you keep the heat down real low in your house like I do.

Get a free movie rental from a Blockbuster Express Kiosk, or a Redbox (sign-up for texting and they send you a free code on Mondays). Or if you really can’t get out of the house at all, check the Amazon Video on Demand library.  They have a daily $.99 rental deal, and 99 Movies for just $2.99 to rent every day.  You can watch these from your computer, or stream to your TV if you have a capable device.

Pull out some sheets and make a tent area with the kids.  When was the last time you did this?   It’s so much fun, and the kids will have a blast.  But sometimes I think I have more fun with this than the kids do.

Find a great recipe or homemade tutorial that you have been putting off trying and do it.  If you have kids, bring them into the kitchen so that they can join in the fun as well.  I’m planning to try some of the following recipes soon:

Download some free books on Amazon to your phone, computer or Kindle device and enjoy some time relaxing with a good book.  Amazon is constantly adding new free books, so it’s always good to check their list daily.

Board Game

Play a Board Game

Play a family board game, do a puzzle or even play hide n’ seek with the kids.  Even if you don’t have a really big house, hide n’ seek can be a lot of fun, and good exercise.  I do this with the kids, and we have such a blast. Granted they are two and four and always forget where Mommy hides, so it’s an hour we spend filled with laughter.

Play Dress Up with the Kids and actually join in the fun.  If you don’t have kids, this can be fun for yourself, too.  Go through your wardrobe and pull out those outfits that only come out every so often and dress yourself up.

Connect with friends on Social Media.  Sites like Facebook and Twitter are a great way to keep in touch, and not feel like you are so far away from everyone.

Have a dance party. Stream some free music on Pandora and go to town dancing around the house.  If you have the Just Dance Wii game, that’s always a good one to pull out.  If you have kids, they will have a blast dancing with you and you will get some good exercise.  To make it even more fun, stream a few Christmas lights around the room, and make some snack food and pretend that it’s a real party.

Laundry Marathon

Do a Laundry Marathon

Do a laundry marathon. Call up a friend of yours, or contact them on Facebook to do a laundry race.  See which one of you will get all of your laundry done first.  While you’re doing your laundry, you could also do a marathon of your favorite show or movies.  Stargate SG1 is a favorite of ours, and all the seasons are available for instant streaming on Netflix.  As of right now, I have less than one load of dirty laundry sitting in my laundry room and it feels good!!  And yes, I just showed the world my dirty laundry…

These are just a few of my ideas for beating cabin fever on the cheap.  What are some of the ways you are keeping busy during these snow days?

  1. My son and I spent the week building Lego Star Wars ships together while my daughter had movies playing he felt he was too old to watch. :) Then mom had a cleaning party to find all the Lego’s the had found their way onto the floor and under the sofa… lol

  2. Man, I miss cabin fever. We don’t exactly get snow days in southern California. But growing up, we would get so much done around the house, so many books read, so many games of Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit played. One year, my mom’s school was closed for three straight weeks because her school district is very rural and they couldn’t get the county out of a Level 3 Snow Emergency. I left for school each morning and she stayed home and organized every cupboard and closet.

  3. Great ideas! I just posted on fun things to do with all your old clothes besides donating. Might be wonderful to start some projects while cooped up and after the cleaning. Diapers, rag quilts, rag dolls and many other things can be made from your old stuff. Hope it subsides for you soon and you have fun while it lasts!

  4. Great ideas! I’ve been focusing on fun winter activities lately, but it’s time to turn my attention to things like laundry and cleaning. All play and no cleaning do not a happy home make!

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