How to Make Your Own Chocolate Milk

How to Make Your Own Chocolate Milk

I adore a creamy glass of chocolate milk.  But it’s not something I want except occasionally, and I don’t even want an entire half or whole gallon of it either.  Most chocolate milk that you buy in the store has high fructose corn syrup in it anyway, or just tastes watered down.

So here’s my alternative to buying it from the store.  This is a healthier option, and a thriftier one at that.

chocolate milk 1

Ingredients (just remember 2-2-2):

If you like, you can make it more chocolatey by adding in more cacao. A lot of times I’ll add another tablespoon of cacao if I really need a chocolate fix.


Pour your milk into a blender and add in the cacao powder and maple syrup. Blend on medium-high for 2-5 minutes until you reach a smooth, yummy consistency.

If you’re having trouble getting rid of the gritty powder consistency, instead add your powder, sweetener and a touch of water to a saucepan and heat until you have a syrup. Then use the same directions as above, but add the syrup to your milk instead.

chocolate milk 3

chocolate milk 2

chocolate milk 4

This is enough chocolate milk for two servings, or in my case, one! So double or triple it up for more people.

Something else we like to do with this recipe is add in a banana or two.  It makes for a nice, power-up breakfast “smoothie.”

Do you make your own chocolate milk at home or have something yummy that you like to throw in the blender with chocolate?  I’m always trying new things around here, so I’d love it if you share your tips!

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  1. I ask because it is so very hard to find one in store… and the one I ordered off Amazon had a loose, pointless lid! Need a good one for almond milk

  2. Yum! I love the glass pitcher it is in! I make my own chocolate almond milk when I need a chocolate fix.

  3. My mother gave me that pitcher as a gift. Have no idea where she got it. But I love it especially for almond milk and kefir!

  4. I’ve seen pitchers *very* similar to that off and on at Ross.

  5. imake a syrup out of agave and cocoa powder, mix it w/hot soy milk… and yum yum, it’s a dark choc soymilk deliciousness!!!

  6. This sounds YUMMY!! thanks for sharing!

    P.S. I was desperate for some chocolate milk at a family member’s house who had no chocolate syrup or cocoa powder. I made maple milk – just real maple syrup and milk, and it was really good!

  7. This recipe looks good! I recently discovered Dark Chocolate Silk AlmondMilk, and oooh yummy! It’s the richest, yummiest non-dairy drink I’ve ever tasted. Super addictive, too!

  8. About 6 months ago I bought a TON of frozen Cascadian farms organic cherries thinking I’d bake a ton with them…turns out I found them TOO sweet to use in baking. So I love to add them into smoothies… a little cocoa powder, milk, few cherries and a scoop of lowfat vanilla yogurt :) (Or frozen yogurt)

  9. I use chocolate milk to hide spinach in our smoothies. My daughter slurps it down and asks for seconds :)

  10. Hersheys syrup is good enough for me when I want chocolate milk! Chocolate Silk Almond Milk is great too.

  11. Love it! I like to add some banana, but I never made it from scratch like this, usually have the powder. This does sound like a much healthier alternative, can’t wait to try it!

  12. Oh my goodness! I just made this and it is seriously awesome! Thanks for this amazing new recipe!

  13. Iced coffee sounds swell right about now. I think I shall make some for myself and make the kids some iced cocoa milk. :)

  14. Just went to one of my favorite grocery stores and saved $52.86!!!!!!!

  15. I’m seriously loving the pitcher, now I’m dreaming for it and the chocolate milk and iced coffe drinks all sound delish right about now. Love both the banana and strawberries in chocolate smoothies. I have frozen cranberries and like to add a few to my smoothies to raise the antioxidant level.

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