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A few months ago a friend gave me a die-cutting tool.  Until today I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what to do with this handy dandy little machine.  So I wiped the dust from the lid and decided to make something.  That’s when I was reminded of a really cute ornament I had seen made of sheet music.  Happily, after months of collecting dust, this lovely gift is my inspiration for this easy project to make your own Christmas ornament from sheet music.


  • Sheet music
  • Card stock
  • Die-cut with leaf die and 2 sizes of circle dies (or scissors)
  • Glue

Directions to Make Your Own Christmas Ornament from Sheet Music

1.  Cut out the sheet music to an appropriate size to fit through the die-cutting tool.  If you do not have sheet music, find a free printable image online.  I was able to find two decorative antique-looking Christmas carols.
2.  Cut out a 3 inch circle from card stock.  Then cut out a 1 inch circle form the center.  This forms the wreath base.

3.  Cut out leaves from the sheet music.

4.  Glue the leaves to the wreath in a rotating formation.

5.  Glue another layer over the top until you are satisfied with the fullness of the design.  Be careful to leave the center of the wreath open.

6.  I decorated my wreath with a word cut from the sheet music song title.  You could also write the year on a piece of cardstock and apply that to the wreath.

7.  Cut a 3 inch square form card stock.  Cut out a 1 inch circle from the center.  Line up the center hole with the one on the back of the wreath.  Glue the square to the back of the wreath for added support and to prevent the leaves from curling or bending around the outside edge.

8.  Use this ornament to decorate a gift or attach a ribbon and hang on your tree.

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If you make your own Christmas ornaments, let us know your process.  We’d love to hear how you get crafty.

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