Cinemark: 10 Summer Movies For Only $5!

Cinemark Theaters is once again having their Summer Movie Clubhouse program where you can buy 10 movie tickets for only $5 per person (if purchased in advance)!  All the movies shown are family friendly movies with a rating of G or PG.  Show times are during a weekday morning(s) for 10 weeks.  We went last year and my kids loved it!

Check out the participating Cinemark theaters and movie selections here.

Also, some theaters have free movie showings during the summer, so keep your eye out for those, too!

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  1. Ok, so I am alwyas trying to find good, family friend TV shows that I can watch with my hubby and kids. The selection is somewhat limiting because shows are being very inappropriate now a days.

    But I heard of this new show coming out called iKid and I am pretty sure the basis of the show is the host puts kids in really funny situations and the kids respond very humorously. The show is supposed to be really funny and something the whole family can enjoy. I personally love shows where I see kids doing really funny things because I can relate alot of it to things my kid does.

    Has anyone else heard of this show? I saw it on when I was updating my celeb fix! Check it out and let me know if you agree and think it would be a good show!!

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