Natural and Thrifty in 365: #80 Cloth Diapering

Did you know it takes 100 years or more for a disposable diaper to decompose? Why not try a more eco-friendly option, and have something that isn’t ridden with chemicals touching your baby’s bottom? I cloth diapered my children and loved it (it’s not as gross as most people think).

With all the various options that are out there, my favorite cloth diapers were pocket diapers. They have a pocket that you can fill with inserts or prefolds (those white cloth diapers that you can fold onto a baby). Check out my tutorial on how to make a pocket cloth diaper.

What is your favorite type of cloth diaper?

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  1. I have been using cloth diapers on my now 23 month old son since he was born. I love them and couldn’t imagine ever using anything else.

  2. I am cding my second. My first is 7 and I am using some of hers that made it through a friend donating the ones I lent her and sitting waiting to use them all those years and the elastic going. I salvaged about a dozen!

  3. I use prefolds with Snappies, and love it. My boys are skinny and i never have blow outs

  4. Been cloth diapering for 4 years straight…and still have at least another year or two…longer if I can talk dh into another baby!

  5. We were until my daughter potty-trained herself about 6 months ago :) With today’s cloth diapers, there is really no excuse for not doing it at least during the day!

  6. We are!!! First I loved the bumgenius elemental diapers until she outgrew those. Now I love the Flip organic inserts (prefolds) in any cover. Since my daughter only wears diapers at night now, I’ll be getting 2-3 cloth trainers this fall for nights and traveling.

  7. I did with both of my kiddos now 6 & 4 fulltime. I used DSQ prefolds and prowraps–one of the most economical systems. I’ve recycled a couple prefolds into nighttime pullups as we still have nighttime accidents a lot. Will have to work out a couple kinks because my son can flood both the disposable and cloth pullup….by 10:30pm……..

    Anyone seen all the cute PUL and FOE at Jo-Ann’s? It’s their Babyville line. Wish that materials were that accessible when were fulltime in diapers.

  8. absolutely! Although I have yet to find one that makes it through the heavy wetter’s night SO we use one disposible a day… breaks my heart but I can not afford to buy a heavy wetter cloth diaper SO I do what I gotta do.

  9. We were with our last 3. Even on vacations! I actually miss it a lot :( But not enough to add a new baby to our tribe of 9 kiddos LOL

  10. We are!! I have 2 children in them now!! one is only at night time..he is 3 and my youngest is 2 she has been in them since 6 months. I made my first one..then bought a lot of gently used fuzzi buns and bumm genius aio. We have also used prefolds and the good ol just run around naked when possible. They are great, and to know that we save more than just alot of money is awesome!!!

  11. for the heavy wetters, which my son is, at night we put two inserts in the covers, works great!!

  12. I do!! Love fitteds w covers! My fave right now is tots bots bamboozles and itti bitti bitti boos fitteds also wool covers are the way to go! If you are using a pul insert diaper and having leaks throw a wool cover over the pocket diaper at night. Or try a prefold inside a bum genius pocket diaper works great!!

  13. My just turned 2 year old boy is potty trained, but we are due in April. We used cloth with my DS and we’ll use cloth with this one too! Thank goodness my son is potty trained though!

  14. I loved diaper service for my 3 (now 11, 19, 21). We used pre-folded diaper service diapers with Nicky covers. We used cloth day and night and even on vacation. Never had diaper rash. Never worried about running out of diapers. Dan the Diaper Man came every Tuesday with the freshest smelling and clean diapers all ready for the next week!

  15. We are! Been using GM prefolds and thirsties duo wraps for the last six months, and I absolutely love it! Now, if only my super-mobile son would just lie still, I’d enjoy diaper changes even more! 😉

  16. We are on cloth diapered babe #3. This time around I made my own prefolds with my stash of flannel and old towels as the inner portion. They worked great and were pretty too!

  17. We are! CDing #2 right now. #1 finally PL’d. We used the CDs we bought for #1 with #2 – which is what I LOVE about CDing! :)

  18. We started cloth diapering with #3 and continued with #4. We love it and would never go back to disposable.

  19. NEED SUGGESTIONS: My intention is to use cloth diapers when the baby is born–do any of you have recommendations on which covers are best and where to buy them from? I am going need everything purchased on line! Please send me suggestions!!! :)

  20. Hey Elaine! Kelly’s Closet offers a lot of get deals For a newborn, the easiest thing for me was just doing prefolds with snappis and wool covers. I made my own wool covers out of old wool sweaters. The wool is waterproof and is awesome! Great way to keep a newborn warm during the cold months too.

  21. :( No cloth diapers here. I really wanted to, however I am a momma that works full time and I didnt think daycare would go with it. However, I get some awesome deals on diapers.

  22. We have been cloth diapering our third son since he was a year old. I wish I had done it from the first day with the first baby…we could have saved a mind blowing amount of money. My kids had gut issues for years (only just now figured out and fixed, after six years!!!! Ugh) and consequently I went through diapers like you would not believe. wipes too. Switching to cloth wipes and diapers was a revelation and the diapers are so cute on their little butt! My youngest is 3 1/2 now, potty trained for nearly a year, but still wearing cd’s at night due to being a heavy wetter plus a deep sleeper. He was so chunky at a year old that he is still able to wear the diapers I bought used off of Craigslist, size large in Fuzzi Bunz. the elastic is going but the material is still waterproof and looks great…they are nice quality diapers. I have tons of inserts but also have been known to stuff with dishtowels or wash cloths in an emergency. lol I spent $180 on the diapers a year and a half ago. At the time I was spending about $30=50 a month on disposables, depending on numerous factors. So, the cds paid for themselves in just a few months. I don’t use extra water or soap to clean them, we have well water, I use regular Tide, not a special soap and after the first go-round in the washer I toss regular clothes in the washer too, so I don’t waste time and water on washing just diapers over and over. I line dry them most of the time, unless I urgently need a diaper, and I think this has helped them last through very heavy use.

  23. I cloth diaper my son (most of the time!) and although I dont LOVE it, its manageable and not bad at all. I like it because its cheaper and better for his little bum. I use disposables when we are out because I am just not a fan of carrying a dirty diaper in my purse… call me crazy. With my daughter I fell in love with BumGenius, but not their prices! I ordered (new) pocket diapers from ebay and have not had one problem with them – and I actually think I like them better than BumGenius!

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