Coffee Pot + Carafe + Mug + 2 Coffees for $10 Shipped! Deal Expired

Sorry, but this deal has expired.

This is a smokin’ hot deal if I ever saw one!

Go HERE and enter Offer Code 121600. Then proceed through the checkout.

You will end up with the following items for only $10 Shipped!

Stainless Steel 12 Cup Coffee maker
Stainless Steel Carafe
Travel Mug
Two 1/2-lb packs of coffee

As with all Gevalia offers, this does sign you up for a monthly shipment from them, but it is super easy to cancel.  You can cancel online in your account or by calling this number: 1-800-438-2542.

Be sure to shop through Ebates HERE, to also get $5 back on the deal!  That way all of this only costs you $5 after your Ebates rebate!!! If you are new to Ebates, you will also get a $5 sign up bonus, making that a total of $10 cash back on the deal = FREE!

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  1. THANK YOU! I have been debating this deal for a while for $14.95. This 1 had better gifts and costs less – Bonus:)

  2. Has anyone ever purchased anything through this company. This sounds like one of those deals that is too good to be true.
    But I do hope it isn’t because I need a new coffee pot!

    • These things do come, and the company is straight up legit. If you just want to cancel, you can do it after you receive shipment confirmation. But I like to at least give the products a try before I cancel.

  3. I’m having trouble trying to shop through ebates, but still find a place to plug in the code and get the deal for $10???? Thanks!

  4. Go to Ebates and then on the top right is a drop down menu. Select Gevalia from there and it will place a cookie on your computer. Then go back through the link I have provided for Gevalia here (my link won’t remove the cookie), and then type in the number for the deal.

  5. Thanks! I just didn’t proceed far enough in ordering the first time to see that it had changed the total to $10….sorry! :0)


  6. It will bring up a screen after you click on Gevalia through the ebates site that says you’re on your way to $5 cash back. Nothing more for you to do. It creates a tracking cookie on your browser that follows your shopping on the site.

  7. If you have had an account and canceled it, I don’t think it will let you do this again. Off to try it though!

  8. How do i cancel the my account through online. I am not seeing any option in online .Can you guide me .

  9. I just signed up for the deal and it seems like a great one! I’ve never done ebates before so I also got an automatic 5.00 in my account like you said! So, when do I get the other 5.00? Has anyone else ever gotten cash from Ebates before?

  10. I just went to ebates used the pull down menu found the gevalia, then clicked thru your site to put the code in and placed my order and on ebates it doesn’t show up…what did I do wrong? I pd $10 though, still a great deal. Thanks! Any help would be appreciated! :)

    • It can take a few days for the Ebates to post to your account. Just be patient, it will be there. :) As far as canceling, you guys can just call the number that I posted. But I personally would at least wait until the items ship.

  11. It usuallt takes a few days for the money to show up in your Ebates account.

  12. Cool! Thank you so much for your speedy reply! I love your site it has saved my family sooo much money! And helped out many families I have donated to. You are a blessing!

  13. Thanks for your reply. I will wait untill receive my stuff. IF the coffee is good then i will ready to continue their offer

  14. What an awesome deal! I just did this and cannot WAIT to get my coffee and new coffee maker! Thanks for letting us in on this!

  15. Neat!
    We tried a deal awhile ago at our old address, any idea if we could do this one? 😀 We didn’t really want an ongoing coffee delivery the previous time with other things going on and we weren’t sure where we were going to be etc.

    If anyone is interested, my husband and parents really liked the coffee (I don’t drink coffee) My parents like dark coffee and loved the dark roast I got from Gevalia!

  16. Thanks so much! This is fantastic…and I keep meaning to get on Ebates…embarrassed to say I haven’t yet…now I have!

    My grandma did a similar Gevalia deal years ago…she buys her 2lbs a year or whatever and they send her a new pot and free coffee once a year!

    Jenn @ The Coupon Coup’s last blog post..Wii Mommies on Blog Talk Radio

  17. Hello again! I know this is a common question, but I went through ebates when I ordered my coffee pot last week. The 5.00 is still not in my ebates account. I also read on there that you have to make a purchase before a certain date to get the promotional 5.00 for signing up with ebates. So, guess I better get shopping:) Should I call about the Gevalia 5.00 that is yet to be in my account?

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