Natural and Thrifty in 365: #203 Come Bearing Gifts

Be prepared for any occasion by planning and maintaining a well-stocked gift closet.  This will be your area to keep planned presents for scheduled holiday exchanges.  You will also want to stock for unplanned birthday parties and just-because-I-like-you gift opportunities.

Keep a list with you of planned gifts you’d like to buy.  Watch for the best prices year-round and store them away until the time is right.  Be ready to take advantage of clearance deals to keep your stockpile loaded with fun gifts for those impromptu moments.

Here are some other great tips to help you prepare your gift stockpile.

Photo courtesy of Chewing the Cud.

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  1. I will pick up things that were clearanced or on terrific sale all thru the year as well as making my own gifts that I set to the side :) I pick up clearanced baby clothes too and have a baby shower box that I can pull from. That way most babyshowers and most of Christmas is either finished or wont catch me off guard and I can actually enjoy the time instead of rushing frantically and WAY over spending! A little here and there thru a whole year REALLY adds up!

  2. I use a large portion of our gift budget right after Christmas. I stock up on toys that are on sale 50 -75% off and use them for kids birthdays (my own and others) throughout the entire year. Its so nice to not have to run out and grab a way over priced toy right before a party!

  3. Just today, I picked up clearance toys ($6.98 marked down to $1.04) at Walgreens–not junk–real Crayola brand kits. One less egg to fry when a toy is needed in a hurry.

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