Couponing Classes

Check here and register for my upcoming couponing classes in Atlanta and across the Nation. At these classes you will learn how to drastically cut your budget, save at least 50% at the grocery store, learn to plan more wholesome meals for your family and learn strategic, not extreme, couponing.


See more details at Savings Nation.


Everyone has a story. Our stories are what help define us and make us stand out in the world. My story, while similar to many, makes me unique and passionate about what I do. I was that person that found herself out of work and losing her home. I was that person that struggled just to put food on the table for her little ones. I’m also that person that pulled herself out of it by changing my spending and eating habits.

In my first year of couponing, I dropped my grocery budget to spending about $35 a week for a family of four. It was a life-changing moment when I realized I didn’t have to live hand to mouth and pay the exorbitant grocery store prices that plague consumers.

Saving money takes a change of mindset. It takes that special moment that shows you, you are in charge of your finances, and aren’t subject to the whims of a company’s marketing strategies. It’s being smarter with your money, and changing your life and finances for the better.

Now I have an obligation, a calling if you will. With my knowledge comes my commitment to help others change their lives the way I changed my own. Are you ready to join me and make some huge changes in your life, finances and eating habits? Let’s do it together!

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