CVS Deals 2/1-2/7

I don’t have every deal that there is listed, just what I think are the best deals. See more deals and coupon match ups go HERE. View the ad courtesy of Slickdeals  HERE. FL and MI have test ads going on this week.  See your weekly ad HERE.

For the Newbie:
If you haven’t registered your card with your email address, go ahead and do so at, or call 1-800-SHOP CVS. Eventually they will send you a $4/20 purchase. Start collecting the coupon inserts every week from now on, and save every coupon!
For CVS 101 go HERE. For coupon basics for newbies go HERE.


Best ECB Deals

CVS Brand Hand Lotion $2.39 Earn 1 ECB Limit?
-$1/1 Coupons printing at the coupon scanner
=.39 cents after coupons and ECBs!
(Thanks Lori!)

Excedrin 10 ct. Vial $2.49 Earn 2.49 ECBs Limit 1
=FREE after ECBs!

Glade Assorted 4/$10 Earn 5 ECBs Limit 5
-$1/2 refills from the 1/11 S
-$1.50/2 jar candles from the 2/1 S
-$1/1 Scented Oil Candles from the 2/1 S
-$2/2 inside Scented Oil Warmer packages
-$1/1 Right at Home home mailer coupons

Buy 4 Glade Jar Candles = $10
-2 $1.50/2 Coupons = $7
Earn 5 ECBs
=$2 for 4 after coupons and ECBs!


Buy 4 Scented Oil Candles = $10
-4 $1/1 Coupons = $6
Earn 5 ECBs
=$1 for 4 after coupons and ECBs!

KY Yours and Mine $19.99 Earn 10 ECBs Limit 2? (Unadvertised Deal)
-$5/1 Printable HERE
-$5/1 from the 2/1 RP
=$4.99 after coupon and ECBs!

Loreal Revitalift Buy 2 Earn 10 ECBs Limit 2
Cleansers or towelettes $5.99
Revitalift Deep Wrinkle Day or Night $13.99
-$2/1 Any from the 1/4 RP

Buy 2 Cleansers or towelettes = 11.98
-2 $2/1 Coupons = $7.98
Earn 10 ECBs
=FREE + overage after coupons and ECBs!

Theraflu or Triaminic $6.39  Buy 2 Earn 5 ECBs Limit 1
-$2/1 Printable HERE and Blinkies
-$1.50/1 from the 12/7 and 1/4 S
-$4/2 CVS Coupon Mailed out to some CVS Cardholders

Buy 2 Theraflu = $12.78
-$4/2 CVS Coupon
-2 $2/1 Coupons= $4.78
-5 ECBs Earned
=FREE + overage after coupons and ECBs!


Other Deals

Electrasol $2.99
-$2.50/1 from the 1/4 S (Exp 2/1!!!)
=.49 cents each after coupon!

Freestyle Lite Meter $9.99 ( This is unadvertised, but it rang up for this for me today).
– $9.99 coupon from the 1/4 S
=FREE after coupon!

Loreal Products BOGO
-$1/1 Printable HERE.-$3/1 and $2/1 from the 1/4 RP
FREE movie ticket when you buy a Loreal item at CVS from the People Magazine Feb. 2 Edition (pg. 121).

Progresso Soups BOGO $2.99/2
-$1.10 Printable HERE or HERE.
=.79 cents after coupons!


February Monthly Deals

BodiHeat Pain Relieving Heat Pad 3 ct. $3.99 Earn 3 ECBs Limit 5
-$1/1 on select packages
=FREE + .01 overage after coupons and ECBs!

CVS Children’s Chewable Aspirin 36ct $1.99 Earn 1.99 ECBs Limit 1
=FREE after ECBs!
(This is actually the low dose adult one.  I got it today, and received the extra bucks).

Extreme Energy 6 hour shot $4.99 Earn 4.99 ECBs Limit 1
=FREE after ECBs!

Earinse $7.99 Earn 7.99 ECBs Limit 2
=FREE after ECBs!

Gillette Shampoo or Conditioner $4.99 Earn 3 ECBs Limit 5
-$2/1 from the 1/18 PG
=FREE + .01 overage after coupon and ECBs!

Renuzit TriScents $5.49 Earn 2 ECBs Limit 5
-$5/1 or $3/1 on select packages
=FREE + overage or .49 cents each after coupons and ECBs!

Stayfree pads 14-24 ct or Carefree liners 38-60 ct $3.99 Earn 2 ECBs Limit 5
-$1/1 Carefree from January Cosmo Mag
-$1/2 Carefree from the 1/4 RP
-.50/1 Carefree Printable HERE.
-BOGO Stayfree Coupon from the 1/4 RP (varies by region)
-$1/1 Stayfree Printable HERE.

Buy 2 Stayfree = 7.98
-BOGO and $1/1 Coupons = $2.99
Earn 4 ECBs
=FREE + $1.01 overage after coupons and ECBs!


Did you see any deals that I missed? Please let me know!

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  1. There’s also a B2G1 Q for the Glade Scented Oil Candle Refills that I have that I cannot remember where it came from!

  2. Crystal,

    It seems that the IP for the Stayfree is no logner working – when I tried to print, it said “This campaign is over”. Even without this IP it’s still a MM of .01 with the BOGO q. Thanks for posting all of these scenarios! They’re really easy to read and helpful. Thanks for the help.

  3. Hey Crystal,

    I also have a $3/2 any Loreal skincare that exp 4/26 that would make the Revitalift deal a money maker buying 2 towelettes. Can’t remember the source though.

  4. I also have a $1 off for the Loreal Revitalift products that is a “CVS Q” (but I believe it says manufactures q on there too) I found in the store a few weeks ago so keep your eyes peeled.

  5. I check my blinkies for theraflu and I want to say they expire 2/28/09. Not sure if there are others other there that expire sooner, but check them out!

  6. KY promo also includes the Intrigue Heat :) Just did this at my store (out of Yours and Mine and noticed a sign on the “heat”). Woohoo!

  7. for those of you looking for the CVS childrens chewable aspirin, it is actually low dose adult chewable I have been able to find… same miligram as the the children’s which no one has been able to show me in the store. I got 2 of them (I have a personal card and a business card) and they rang up the sale price and I got the ECB’s…

    Also, if you use your $1 off cvs brand hand lotion printed of the coupon machines last week they have it on sale for
    $2.39 less the $1 coupon, and you earn $1 ECB…

    Does anyone else use the coupon machine very often? I have gotten the same coupons every time I have used it in the last 8 days.

  8. Lori,
    Sometimes the same coupons will print every time for a week or two, but just keep using the machine and they will change. I’ve been getting awesome ones lately.

  9. aaarrrggghhhh, i went to 2 local stores today to get the theraflu and the CVS body lotion… I had 2 $1.50 off theraflu and $1 off lotion (cvs brand), 1st purchase went like this… lotion 2.99, theraflu x 2 @ 6.59, CVS coupon $1 (lotion) 2 for theraflu @ 1.50 each, used the following ECB amounts $1, $1.99, & $2.49 my OOP for this trip was 7.56, I was issued $6 in ECB’s for my next trip. Went to store 2, same scenario above except I found a theraflu coupon on the shelf that had $2 of one instead of the $1.50, I used the following amnts in ECB’s $1, and $5 (both from the previous purchase and paid OOP $6.50, with $6 redeemable after the transaction was complete… so my ??’s are 1. am I doing this right 2. again why is the coupon machine printing me the same darned coupons for nearly 2 weeks now ($1 off CVS lotion/$1 off CVS brand 3 pack towels. Any advice on what I could do differently would be GREAT!!!

  10. oh and might I add the price on the shelf for the lotion at both stores was 2.39 with the $1 back, but both times it rang at $2.99, should I say something about this?

    • Lori, I definitely would have said something for the lotions not ringing up the right price. As for the coupons that print at the scanner, those are the same coupons that have been printing for me as well, so nothing to do but wait for better coupons to come along. If you are referring to wanting like an x/xx coupon, there really is no rhyme or reason to it. I have no idea why some people get them and others don’t. It has something to do with what you spend, when you spend, ect.. but couldn’t tell you exactly.
      As for if you are doing it right, it seems like you are. Do you need those items? Your OOP is still a little high. You seem to be getting items that aren’t the absolute best deal, other than the theraful. To get your OOP lower, try to make sure your total after Manufacturer coupons is going to be right around the amount in Extra Bucks that you will use. That way your total will be a lot lower. You’ll get there, don’t worry. :)

  11. thanks for the reassurance and advice. I haven’t hit my limit on the lotion yet and have bought 2.. it says I have 2 toward reward and 1 needed to earn reward. I know I am still high on the OOP… I started out doing it all wrong and have like $65 in ECB’s to spend. I am afraid to spend them because I am afraid I will dwindle them away.. you know like holding on to that last piece of your favorite candy or something… anyway, I plan to get better at it, I am using the smaller transaction approach and find that it helps me out.

  12. hmmmm belay my last, I have my latest receipt that says I have purchased 3 lotions to my reward and have 1 more to earn it… the one mentioned above was from transaction 1 earlier today, so I have added yet another lotion and it says I still have 1… well maybe the lotion is limitless. I keep a personal card and a biz card, so I think will try to redeem my 8 million lotion coupons on my personal card today to see just how many ECB’s I can get… will post my outcome!

    • Be careful Lori, the limit is probably 5 or something like that. Also, watch those ECBs, because they do expire. Don’t worry about the dwindling. It’s easy to build them back up. I let the dwindle all the time, and just build them back up.

  13. does anyone know if the lasting expressions or sense and spray qualify for this?

  14. i should edit that to say does anyone know if the lasting impressions or sense and spray both products from Glade apply to the offer right now?

  15. I believe the sense and spray still has $2 ECBs of its own. They don’t appear to be part of the other deal.

    BTW-The Excedrin Menstrual is an express gel product. The express gel coupons from excedrins site work on this deal (no beeping). I also did just get a $$ off excedrin at the coupon printer today. I think it’s a $1 off. I saw themf or $3.99 for the 20ct at my store. I just need to print some manuf Qs so I can do it!

  16. I bought 2 of the Stayfree this morning and used the BIG1 free coupon. I only received 1 $2 ECB.

    Shouldn’t I have received $4 is ECB’s? Anyone else have this problem?

    I also had a problem with the EarRinse. The ECB’s did not print and I was charged $9.99. We fixed it and the cashier told the manager that happened to come in about the same time.

  17. I am still getting the $1 of paper towels and CVS brand lotion from my coupon printer.. been 2 weeks now … arrrgghhh!!!

  18. Hi all, I wanted to to let you know if you go to there is a printable coupon for the excedrine migraine for $2 off and it is good through 5/5/09

    not sure if this was posted before, but it is printable and there is a $3 ecb in the monthly deal :)

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