CVS Deals 3/1-3/7

I don’t have every deal that there is listed, just what I think are the best deals. See more deals and coupon match-ups  HERE. View the ad courtesy of Hot Coupon World  HERE.

For the Newbie:

If you haven’t registered your card with your email address, go ahead and do so at, or call 1-800-SHOP CVS. Eventually they will send you a $4/20 purchase. Start collecting the coupon inserts every week from now on, and save every coupon!

For CVS 101 go HERE. For coupon basics for newbies go HERE.


Best ECB Deals

Act Total Care Trial Size .99 Earn .99 ECBs Limit 1
=FREE after ECBs!

Carnation Instant Breakfast $4.99 Earn 4.99 ECBs Limit 1
-.75/1 from the January Issue of the All You Magazine
-$1/1 Blinkies found at various grocery stores (including Kroger)
=FREE + overage after coupons and ECBs!

Gillette Fusion Gamer, Venus Embrace or Spa Breeze razor 1ct $7.99 EARN 4 ECBs Limit 1
-$4/1 Gillette Fusion Razor from the 2/8PG

-$2/1  Venus Embrace from the 2/8 PG
=FREE for Gillette Fusion after coupon and ECBs!

Lumene Buy $20 Earn 5 ECBs, psa (prices start at) $2.99 Limit 1
-$4/1 CVS Printable HERE ( I believe that this coupon is legitimate – please tell me if you have found otherwise).
Do separate transactions for Lumene products throughout the week (since the register will only take one of these CVS coupons per transaction). After you reach the $20 mark before coupons, your $5 ECB will print.

Pampers/Playskool Deal Buy $20 Worth Earn 5 ECBs Limit 1
Pampers Jumbos pk or easy ups $10
-$1.50/1 Printable HERE (Edit: it looks like you get this by mail. Sorry everyone! Either sign up and hope it comes in time or use the $1 coupon from the recent PG)
-$1/1 from the 2/8 PG
Playskool diapers mega pk $11
-$3/1 CRT printing at coupon scanners
Q-Tips 500-625 ct or vanity pk 285 ct $3
-$.30/1 Q-Tips Cotton Swabs Product from the 1/18 RP
Pampers wipes 64-77 ct 2/$5
Playskool cottony cloths 80 ct 2/$5
-$2/1 off Playskool wipes coupon emailed to some CVS customers
Playtex baby accessories $5
Johnson’s baby powder, lotion, etc. $3
Desitin original $3

Buy 2 Packs of Pampers Jumbo Diapers $20
-Use 2 $1.50/1 Coupon (if you have them)
=$17 Out of Pocket, Earn 5 ECBs.
Makes this $12 for 2 packs, or $6 each, after coupons and ECBs!

There is also a PG promotion going on. Spend $30 or more on PG products (before coupons of course), and get a FREE Black and Decker Dust Buster. Details on this HERE. Call the number on the rebate form to find out if your local store is participating.

Slimquick Energy Shot 2 pack $4.99 Earn 4.99 ECBs Limit 1
=FREE after ECBs!


Other Deals

FREE Charmin 6 pk wyb $20 of listed PG products Limit 1

I didn’t see anything that would really make this deal worth it, so let me know if you think of a great scenario!

EAS or Zone Perfect Nutrition Bar, 4 Pk. Shake, or Zone Perfect Bars 5 pk. BOGO 50% Off
-$1/1 EAS and Zone from the 3/1 S
=FREE after 2 coupons for 2 items!

Glucerna, entire line BOGO 50% off
-$2/1 any from the 3/1 S
-$1.50/1 any from the 1/4 S
-$3/2 any from the 1/4 S
-$1.25 Glucerna Printable  HERE
-$5/1  Glucerna Cereal Printable HERE (should make them FREE!)
=FREE or cheap after coupons!

Hershey Candy Bars 2/$1
-$1/2 Hershey’s Whips from the 1/4 S
=FREE after coupon!

Russell Stover Private Reserve 2/$5
-BOGO coupon from the 11/9 S
=$2.50 for 2 after coupon!

March Monthly Deals

CVS Pharmacy Vitamin D 400, 100 ct $2.99 Earn 2.99 ECBs Limit 1
-Watch for possible CRTs
=FREE after ECBs!


Finally we have some good deals.  I guess I’ll be making a long awaited trek out to CVS next week.  Did you see any deals that I missed? Please let me know!

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  1. If you got the P&G coupon book out of the pampers boxes at Wal Mart then you can make out pretty good on the P&G deal.

    I have 9.99 ECBs and I’ll be doing this:
    2 always pads- $5.98
    charmin 6 pk- $5 (free)
    2 dawn dish soaps- $1.94
    8 pk bounty papertowels- $5.88
    crest toothpaste- $2.50
    aveeno shave gel- $4.99
    2 newspapers- $3.50
    -$9.99 ECBs
    -(2) $1 always pads from book
    -$1 charmin from book
    -$1 and .50 dawn from books
    -$1 bounty from book
    -$1 crest from book
    -$2 aveeno printable
    =$2.11 OOP but I’ll only get back 2 ECBs but its for stuff we use so the lose in ECBs is ok with me.

    Shanaka’s last blog post..Another Victorias Secret printable

  2. I tried using the Zone 3/1 coupon at a local store, and they wouldn’t take it because there is no bar code on it. Has anyone else had a problem with it, and how did you solve it? Thanks!

  3. Jennifer, the B1G3 is the one I tried to use at Giant Eagle, the manager wouldn’t accept it because of the bar code. I’d love to know if it works at CVS!!

  4. The Lumene coupon worked just fine for me this afternoon. Our little store didn’t have the Act mouthwash, but that’s no big deal.

  5. i didn’t get 5 ECBs for having purchased $15 worth of clean and clear face soap. i went back to the ad to double check and my area has it on sale for $1 off. it says nothing about earning ECBs.

  6. There is no Clean & Clear ECB deal this week. It is just on sale for $1 off each.

  7. I think the clean and clear begins today. Sometimes ECBs start printing early but not always. I haven’t checked my store yet, but just a thought as to why they didn’t print.

  8. Thanks everyone, and sorry about the Clean and Clear deal. I must have been looking at an earlier ad, and CVS since changed it.

  9. I was able to do the B1G3 free deal with the Zone Perfect bars. No problem at my local CVS. Was able to get 10 total bars for the price of 3 (I had 2 B1G3 free coupons and 1 B1G1 free coupon). Paid like $4 for 10 bars, saving almost $12!

    I also bought $30 worth of P&G items, hoping to get the free dustbuster deal. I wasn’t able to confirm if CVS is a “participating store” – does anyone know?

  10. Well, I am new to this whole CVS thing, but I am loving it! Thanks for all that you do! Here’s my stash from today.
    I’m finding that when I spend over $25, (before coupons) I always get an extra $5 off $25 at the end of my receipt.
    I think the best deal this week is the One Touch Mini (diabetes meter) on sale for $14.99, there is a $15 coupon in today’s paper, so it’s free! Now, I don’t have diabetes, but I will add it to my donation bag that goes to the Ronald McDonald house! I’m sure they will appreciate it! I also bought 2 Secret deoderant (on sale for $1.99 @, $2 coupon) and 2 Dawn Dish Detergent (on sale for $.97@, $1 coupon) and Clean and Clear face cleanser ($5.49, $1 off using CVS card, $2 internet coupon) I used a $5 off $25 purchase from last time, and my total was a whopping $.47!! That was so much fun, I bought 2 extra papers this week, and I think I’m going back tomorrow to repeat this transaction! Woo-Hoo, I love CVS. (BTW, it says my winter spending so far is $117.92 with savings of $296.06.

  11. Act is limit 2 now (worked for me).

    If you need a robe or a filler for a $x off $x CVS brand CRT, the Essence of Beauty robes are ringing up at 90% off ($1.49 each). I went to several CVS stores today and most had a good supply. Not sure if that’s the case everywhere though.

    Scan your CVS card because I got a $2/2 CVS nut products CRT. I’ve read that others are getting it too. The lightly salted cashew snack packs are $0.77 (rang up $0.79 though) so a slight overage toward the rest of your purchase! The regular cashew snack packages are $0.99 so still free nuts if you can’t find the lightly salted ones.

  12. have only done the carnation and the vitamin d so far.. I did get a $5/$20 at my coupon scanner… so that was good, but nothing too great on my receipt.. I am stocking up on the puffs plus for cold season though :)

  13. my cvs has 5/2$ the Campbells chicken noodle Soup (only) combined with the internet printable using one dollar off two. you can get it for free.good deal.i am not sure if it is nationwide?

  14. Is the limit for Act Total Care more than one?? I’ve heard this but didn’t know if it were true.

  15. Hey everybody? I’m new to cvs shopping but I love it? But — how can I can the $5 off $25 or $10 off $50 to print off on my receipt? I’ve been shopping about 2 months and spend around $30 every time sometimes more. I want those receitpts?@#&*% thanks:)

  16. i haven’t had one print off of my actual register receipt yet either, but have gotten them a couple times at the coupon machine.. do you have one of those in your area peggy? The key is to try to scan it as often as possible… sometimes you get the same mess over and over, but every once in a while you get a hot one…. also, I got a 5/20 in my email a couple weeks back, might have been my welcome to CVS one… I have been doing the shop for about 2 months too, so I guess we have to hang in there!

  17. I wanted to point out that the Gold Emblem Dark Chocolate covered Macadamia nuts are 1/2 off & are now $2 bag. If you purchase 2 you can use your $2 off Gold Emblem Nut products (CRT) toward them to get 2 bags for the price of 1… I also used another CRT for Gold Emblem nuts on the snack size nut bags, which are .99/each … free after coupon. No ECB’s for this deal, but still a great deal, free nuts (pardon the way that sounds!) or really cheap dark chocolate macadamia nuts. Oh and if you are looking for a “cheap” filler for anything…its 90% off leftover v-day stuff… I got a big heart box of Russell Stover chocolates for .39 today… they are normally $5 :) Happy Shopping!

  18. Thank you so much for the Lumene coupon! I went last night and wiped the store out of 3.00 face creme. Since the coupon was for $4.00 off, I got 2 candy bars with each purchas and built up for the Nestle ECB deal of spend $15 get $7ecb. At the end of all my transactions (11 total) I spend a total of $4.66 OOP and earned 12 ecbs – my savings were over $60. This is a HUGE MONEY MAKER! Thanks for the link to the $4.00 off coupon!

  19. Got my $1.49 bath robes and .49 cent gift sets yesterday! Thanks!

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