Dear Friend Trying To Have All The Right Answers

Dear Friend Trying To Have All The Right Answers

Dear Friend that is trying to have all the right answers,

I get it. I’m the same way! I feel frozen when I don’t know the perfect choice to make, or the right path to take.

Fear of failure… fear of making mistakes… these have been my companions.

So as much as I say this to you, I say this to myself: Life is not about waiting for the right answer.

There is no right answer.

If you’re waiting on that perfect horse on the carousel to come around, you’re missing 5-8 perfectly fine horses.

At some point you gotta get on the damn carousel, and make something out of life!

If Steve Jobs or Bill Gates had been born 20 years later, they would have done something completely different!

This is where “the grass is greener” or “find your perfect passion” gets in the way of progress and life.

The real question is, are you doing something that you are proud of?

It’s not about “bigger” and “more” and “I gotta wait for the exact right thing for me before I can do anything.”

Do something that works.

Do something you can be proud of.

Do something that makes a difference.

No more hesitation from fear.

Much love,

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