Disney Pixar’s UP for $5 or Even FREE at Walmart


Walmart is currently selling the 4-disc BluRay combo pack of Disney Pixar’s UP for $19.96.  Use the $10 printable HERE and it ends up being $9.96!!  But it gets better, because here are a couple of rebates you can take advantage of:

Buy UP and 2 Kernal Seasons products and get $5 back via mail HERE (There are $1/2 Kernal seasons coupons HERE and HERE – 2 Kernal seasons seasonings will total about $3.98 at WM).

Buy UP and 2 Bird’s Eye Voila Meals and get $5 back via mail HERE.

Get $4 back by mail WYB UP and 1 Ronzoni, Creamette, Ronzoni Smart Taste, Ronzoni, San Giorgio, American Beauty, Prince or Skinner pasta HERE.

If you did just one rebate, you would get the movie for under $5 after the coupon and rebate.  I haven’t read all of the terms on these rebates, but some rebates will let you send in a copy of the receipt.  If you can do that, then you could submit multiple rebates for this deal and possibly get the movie for FREE!

Thanks Thrifty and Chic Mom!

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  1. Thanks for the info. I had trouble printing the Voila rebate, but I saved it to my computer and it printed fine.

  2. Thanks for the info! I’ve got a copy of UP! reserved at Toys R Us. I printed the coupon and I also have a 20% off one item TRU Q. I’ll have to see what kind of deal I can work on it.

  3. I pre-orderd Up! at Toys R Us last month. Put down a $5 deposit which gave me $5 off Snow White in the same transaction (so basically free). The price at TRU for the Up! Blu-Ray combo is $24.99. After the $10 printable and my $5 deposit it will only be $9.99 and I’ll also get a free stuffed animal of Dug, the dog in the movie – so cute! I’m also going to try and use my 20% off any one item Toys R Us coupon that came in the mail last week, but I’m not sure if they consider a sale price to be any “other Toys R Us offer”. If that works, I’ll get the Blu-Ray combo plus the stuffed toy (a big bonus for my daughter!) for $5. Sweet!!!

  4. I just printed the Kernel Seasons coupons. They are actually $1/1 rather than $1/2 so that makes it even a better deal to do the rebate.

  5. Im not sure if these links have already been mentioned somewhere. But I came across them and thought i would share. And would also like to say, I follow your posts all the time and just want to say Thanks!

    Use the 10$ off both UP and Monsters Inc. coupon from the Target toy Catalog. http://offers.e-centives.com/mcp/pd.cfm?encp=CFU8eBZ0Lp0%2B5sCf44%2F81H4nHuzOLj0UKCIr66iikzg0jgaQ3L2%2F86wLCUORuFfT2iyIsuP2PFdDnLt76KtcOQ%3D%3D

    then the 10$ off coupon from here. (i dont remember where i got the link) http://disney.go.com/disneyvideos/animatedfilms/up/couponoffer/

    and then the 8$coupon i found at this link. http://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?t=1640144

    When you take those to Target and pair those 28$ worth of coupons with the ad from Walmart to price match, you can get both Up and Monsters Inc. Blu-Ray 4 pack for 13.28 total. Or if you bring in this weeks Best Buy ad to price match with you can get both Blu-Ray 4 packs for 14.98.

    Prices at Walmart are Up: 19.96 and Monsters Inc.: 21.32
    Prices at Best Buy this week are: UP: 23.99 and when you purchase UP you get Monsters Inc.:18.99

  6. Thanks for posting this, I got my copy tonight for my kiddos, they are watching it now! You rock!

  7. Hi first time commenter here. I love your deals however – how do you get around the proof of purchase that each rebate requires? Don’t these have to be original? I’m just wondering how to double up on the offers or do I need to purchase more than one copy to get the rebates. These would make great gifts. Thanks, Melissa

  8. Melissa – there are 4 proof of puchases on each movie. That why the rebates allow photocopies of your reciept – because you can do 4 rebates per movie.

  9. Hello, What exactly does it mean when it says photocopies acceptable? How can i tell which rebate will accept multiple forms turned in?

  10. Hi Melissa – that $15.97 price is for the regular DVD and the $10 coupon is only for the Blu-Ray combo only. Plus my daughter really wants the stuffed dog so I’ll be going to Toys R Us. Thanks, though!

  11. Just bought my copy at Target today. The pricing on the rack show $26 for the Blu-Ray and DVD copy but when they ring it up it prices at $19.99. I used my $10.00 coupon and also got an additional $1.00 off from Target. After sending in my Kernel Seasons rebate and Rozoni rebate, I will actually make a $1.00 from this deal!

  12. I tried for the longest to find the Disney coupon and was unsuccessful. It’s like a huge maze of movie trailers. Sounds like a great deal if you could locate the coupon.

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