Natural and Thrifty in 365: #73 DIY Compost Bin

If you’ve been wanting to start composting, but didn’t want to have to pay for expensive bins, then you will love this idea! The Happy Housewife shows you how to make your own DIY Compost Bin out of a trash can.

My only concern with this method, is that you get something that is BPA-Free to store your compost. Does anyone know if there are BPA-Free trash cans yet?

Photo courtesy of The Happy Housewife.

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  1. Some municipalities give out free ones. Ours gives out two per address, I got two of my neighbors to get one so now I have four. Where I live they also have discounted worm bins in the spring if you take a class and give out vouchers for shade trees. They used to give out free ones but people wanted more veriety then what they offered. Check with your local city to see what kind of programes they have for gree wast and energy savins. You pay taxes for these programes you may as well take advantage of them.

  2. Ok, fill me in Crystal…why would I worry so much about the BPA in the trash can?? Unless I’m using the compost in a garden with foods I planned to consume…does it really matter that much? We’re a family trying to go green and organic, on a budget, within reasonable measures. And by that I mean, and no offense, but this mama isn’t grinding my own wheat lol. That’s a little too far for us.. To each his own.

  3. Oh, and we have started a compost pile in our backyard…our local city govt is going to do a “composter” sale and we were waiting to see prices.
    But a friend recommended heading to a local restaurant…she mentioned that they may have big food grade barrels (that would likely be bpa free) that they’d give you for free!

  4. I just googled “bpa free compost bin” and your site was 4th to come up on the search results. Getting kinda famous aren’t we?! 😀

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