DIY: How To Make Your Own Hurricane Lamps

Hurricane lamps are always so beautiful, and I’ve been known to drool publicly a time or two over seeing one in the store. But as soon as I see that price, I cringe and walk away. These beauties are so expensive, and I’m just way too thrifty for that.

But with a little glue and some thrift store or yard sale scores, you can make some hurricane lamps of your own inexpensively.

Here are the supplies you will need for this project:

Epoxy Quick Set Glue

Step One: Find a good globe or vase that you like and a candle holder. You can really think outside the box here to find the style you are looking for. Vases that have no opening in the bottom will work just as well for the tops, as these beauties that I found:

Hurricane Lamp Supplies

I spent $12 total for the candle holders and the antique cracked glass lamp globes. I just fell in love with these globes, and knew they would be perfect for my project. They are older, and not in the best of condition, but they have charm.

Cracked Glass Antique Lamp globes

See how they were begging for attention! “Someone use us,” they begged. How could I refuse?

Step Two: Sand the edges that you will be glueing together. This roughs them up a little so that the glue can stick better.

Roughing the Edges with Sandpaper

Step Three: Mix the glue together on your newspaper with the toothpick per the instructions on the bottle. Please read all warnings and instructions on this glue before using it.

See how I use all my coupons, even if it’s not redeeming them at the store? Please, no one hurt me for destroying the Old Navy coupon!

Glue on Coupon

Step Four: Place your candle holder and globe/vase on the newspaper, and use the toothpick to apply the glue to the areas you will be sticking together. Make sure you apply the glue to both pieces.

Setting the Glue

Step Five: Stick pieces together, and let sit for 5-8 minutes. This stuff sets quick! Now move your pieces to a place where they won’t be disturbed for 24 hours….just to make sure.

If you have any excess glue spilling over, you can wipe it off with rubbing alcohol.

Step Six: Enjoy your masterpieces!

Hurricane Lamp 2

Hurricane Lamp 1

Hurricane Lamp 3

These go perfectly with my shabby chic decor in the bedroom. Now I just need some candles to go in them!

Have you made your own hurricane lamps before? What are some of your tips and recommendations? Oh, and I would love to see pics! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. those are beautiful! Just had a thought while looking at yours…….not as fancy but……….couldn’t you also use wine glasses or the like that you can find in thrift stores or garage sales??? I LOVE the danglies on the top!!! So dramatic!

  2. i just looked at it again cuz they came out soooo beautiful!!!!!

  3. Great idea!
    I have been trying to think of something I could make for my mom, mom in law & sister in laws for Mother’s Day… thankfully I have just found it!

    • Oh these would be an awesome gift! I hadn’t thought of that. Filing that one away for future reference. :)

  4. Love this idea. Maybe when my 6 crumbs are all out of the house. right now that would break the moment I walk away from it! LOL

  5. I made some just from the dollar store vases! I bought some rounded candle holders and the tall candle stick holders, hot glued them together, added some colored marble/stones, and a candles and wa-la! :) It cost me $10 for 3 vases/lamps, candles, and the marbles.

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