Earth Fare: Free Organic Chicken

Go HERE to print an Earth Fare coupon for a free pound of Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast with any $5 or more purchase. This coupon expires January 11, 2011.  I haven’t visited Earth Fare to check this out, so let me know if they have organic options (it is a health food store after all), or at least free-range, antibiotic-free chickens.

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  1. Do you know if Whole Foods will accept this coupon? I think I remember you saying in the past that Whole Foods sometimes accepts Earth Fare coupons…

  2. It’s these coupons that go back to 2010 & 2011 that make me wonder about other things here. Have there just been no coupons since, or … ?? So it makes me wonder about the current status of those Costco produce prices we saw on another page. Hope those are more up-to-date than this coupon page! 😉

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