What every “Earthy Mom” wants for Mother’s Day

earthy mom gift ideas

So you have an “Earthy Mom” on your list this Mother’s Day. What does she really want you to get her? Well watch my video below, and I’ll share the scoop!

If you are reading this post in a reader and can’t see the video, click through here to watch.

1. Get her some herbs – cause every Mom that loves to play in the dirt will love some new herbs. Make sure they’re organic, too, and she’ll really be happy! They are inexpensive and something she’ll really appreciate!

2. Make her a fresh garden plot and help her plant some goodness in it! All you need is some fresh dirt and some cool plants to go in it.

3. Chickens! If it’s legal in your area and you know she’s been wanting this for a while, then go for it! My Father made me the chicken tractor in the video, and I picked up some chickens from a local farmer. The kids and I love feeding the chickens and hunting for the eggs every day!

4. Get her a nice blender! If she’s a Earthy health-nut, then chances are she wants a nice blender like a BlendTec or a Vitamix so that she can whip up some goodies in the kitchen! This is the pricier gift idea, but if it’s in the budget then go for it!

5. Some nice potted or hanging plants! If you have a small budget this Mother’s Day, then bless her with some beautimous plants! If she’s Earthy, then she’ll be happy, and your wallet will be as well!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow “Earthy Moms” out there! What’s on your wishlist this Mother’s Day?

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