You Can Eat Healthy AND Save Money With Coupons

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There’s a big misconception going around:  You can only save money on junk food with coupons.   This is a falsehood, and a cryin’ shame that people think this.

Let’s start with how this falsehood got started:

Harry decided he was going to start clipping coupons, but when he looked in the inserts and saw that the majority of coupons were for junk, he cringed.  Still, he took his few clipped coupons into the store, got what he had coupons for and checked out.  Looking at his receipt he was dismayed that he only saved $6.

Still, he saw so many bloggers paying so little for this junk, he knew he had to try again.  He followed some deals someone posted online, and tried it again. This time he saved$32, but still only had junk food.  Feeling discouraged, he stopped clipping  coupons and went back to how he had always shopped before.  Granted, he still got junk (like most people do anyways), but bought himself some good things too (Harry secretly curls up into a ball and cries  himself to sleep at night because of his grocery bills).

Okay, so I totally just made that up, but you get the idea.

Many people don’t want to just eat junk food, so they usually give up on couponing altogether.  Rather than beat a dead horse and tell you guys over and over that you CAN eat healthy and use coupons, I’ll show you some evidence you should check out (please file this evidence under Case File “Mission Organic”, and ensure the Jury has opportune time to examine all aspects of the evidence and witness statements):

Exhibit #1:
I Bought Kashi Products, Organic Pasta Sauce, Artisan Bread and Goat Cheese.
Total I would have spent had I not used coupons combined with a sale: $97.04
Total I actually spent after coupons and sale: $25.87

Exhibit # 2:
I Bought Organic teas, Organic Macaroni and Cheese, Organic Chicken, Organic Apples, Organic  Beans, Organic Bread and More.
Total I would have spent had I not used coupons combined with a sale: $100.90
Total I actually spent after coupons and sale: $38.80

Exhibit # 3:
My Blogging Friend Susan Bought Organic Jelly, Organic Teas and Juice, Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent, Organic Meats, Flour and More!
Total she would have spent had she not used coupons combined with a sale: $119.27
Total she actually spent after coupons and sale: $80.43

Well there you have it. If we buy healthier things, will we save as much as other people that buy junk?  Probably Not.   Most likely I won’t be able to go to the store,  buy exclusive organic and walk out paying $5 like Jane Doe  did with her cart full of junk.  But I have the peace that comes with knowing I’m feeding my family healthier AND STILL saving money.

Disclaimer: I don’t buy exclusive organic, but I do my best to ensure that most all of my deals are healthy for my family.

So what can you do to change your couponing and buying habits?  I’ll follow up in the coming weeks with some great tips for you guys that I hope will help and encourage you to start buying and eating healthier food.

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  1. There are a lot of websites out there now that have Half Price giftcards from local businesses. I wandered onto (Cincinnati, Ohio area) and saw they have local coupons from businesses. One is for $10 off $50 purchase at Whole Foods. I am sure some great savings could be made here if manufacturer coupons were used in conjunction with this one. And maybe other cities will start doing this as well.
    I have been able to save about 50% or so on my small grocery bills (young single professional.) I feel like this is a good savings for me, because I don’t buy junk food. (Ie Oreos, potato chips, etc.) This article was great in showing you can still save money and eat healthy. I refuse to buy crap when I work hard and splurge for a “fancy” gym membership.

  2. We don’t buy exclusively organic either, but we do as much as possible.

    I’ve been able to save alot on organics by emailing the companies whose products I use on a regular basis and can’t find related coupons. I simply express my loyalty to their quality products and brand, sometimes citing a specific product we particularly enjoy and why. Then, I’m not afraid to ask if they offer coupons and give them my mailing address.

    Every company I have written has been so gracious and appreciative of the praise. Not all have coupons, but those that do have sent them to me right away. One company sent me $10+ worth! I get to save a few dollars on my grocery bill and they’re taking a chance that I’ll tell a few friends about their products (which I do).
    .-= Danielle´s last blog ..Free Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme with $25 purchase =-.

  3. I am able to buy my daughter organic milk for her lunches at Kroger for cheap prices. At our Kroger, there doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of people that shop organic. So, they tend to mark down the Horizon milk singles as manager’s specials. Just browse the “clearance section” at your store and you will be surprised at what you can find.

  4. Thank you so much for this post! I agree that my family could eat much cheaper if we lived off of Pringles, Ritz, and other junk, but the trade-off is not worth it. We aren’t a stricly organic family by any means, but we are very particular about the ingredients that go into our food and household products. We spend FAR less than our friends and family, and get more for what we do spend. I get the majority of my coupons online, because the ones in the paper have much more junk food in them. And produce sales abound! We just plan our produce purchases around what we can get good deals on that week. If there aren’t any good deals on apples, we buy apples next week.

    You CAN eat healthy and cheaply at the same time!

  5. I really appreciate this post as well. We try to eat well in our household too and I mostly coupon for those thing that aren’t perishable but recently there have even been a few coupons out for ground turkey and such that is better for your diet. I think we just have to keep our eyes open and do as Danielle suggests too and write to the companies whose products we like. I am all over these tips! Thanks again!

  6. “Harry secretly curls up into a ball and cries himself to sleep at night because of his grocery bills”

    I actually laughed out loud when I read that!!

    I’ve been trying to eat healthier and eat more organic foods lately. There seem to be quite a few more healthy food deals and coupons now than a few years ago. I find myself buying organic yogurt, granola bars, and cereal simply because it is cheaper! There are deals to be had on organic food if you take the time to look for them, as is clearly evidenced on your blog.

    – Stephanie
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog Giveaway Winner! =-.

  7. I giggled when I read about Harry crying himself to sleep. :)

    I am just starting to look into buying more organic food (or at least food without additives and chemicals). I’ve always tended toward “not junk” but now I’m really looking more carefully at the labels. So I REALLY appreciate your blog – you’re definitely helping this young mom on the journey! Thanks!
    .-= Emily´s last blog ..Big questions =-.

  8. if my child one day ended up having some sort of illness(fibromialga, cancer, etc) that may link back to an excessive amount of something unhealthy(which is what close family members are finding) i’d give ANYTHING to have it taken away. thats why im willing now to spend more a month for organic, so one day i won’t wish i could.

  9. Thanks for including me in your post!

    I used to be one of those people who thought it wasn’t possible. One day after I started reading coupon blogs, my Dad asked me if I could do that with my organic stuff. I told him “no, they don’t have any organic coupons”. Ha!

    I started researching it and then decided I needed to start my site so other people could do it too.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..FREE Copy Of The Purpose Of Christmas! =-.

  10. When I was growing up my mom used to say, “You pay for it one way or the other” — meaning either the expense of eating healthy or the expense of health issues. I had drifted away from eating healthy & organic, now I’m moving back to my organic roots. With the help of your blog & Susan’s blog, this week I paid $37.65 for $80.75 healthy & mostly organic groceries at Whole Foods. BTW the Whole Foods in my area have a free shopping on a shoestring class a couple of times a month to show you how to get the best deals at Whole Foods. When I did it they gave us a bunch of freebies to take home.

  11. I can’t afford to buy organic even with coupons, but I do buy healthy food and save TONS with coupons. When I started out couponing I must admit that I brought home junk simply for the thrill of getting the deal. However, that was short lived and I’ve learned to be more selective with what I buy and I only bring home healthy food for my family. You CAN save lots and lots of money on healthy food!! Thanks for the post!

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