Natural and Thrifty in 365: #117 Eco-Friendly Fabric Gift Wrap

I’ve mentioned reusing things like magazines and junk mail for gift wrap, but haven’t yet mentioned using fabric. This is a darling and eco-friendly way to wrap your gifts. Fabric can be bought by the yards fairly inexpensively in the discount bin at your local craft store. If you’re like me, you have an enormous amount of stockpiled fabric just waiting for you to do something unique with.

To do this, get a square piece of fabric and place it on a flat surface in a diamond shape. Place your gift in the center and pull two opposite corners over the gift to tie in a knot. Do the same with the other two opposite corners. Now you have a lovely and eco-friendly wrapped gift.

Photo courtesy of The Haystack Needle.

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  1. Save it! I’m sure it packs away nicer than regular paper. I stink at wrapping gifts so this is great!

  2. I have way too much fabric and although I love this idea, I can’t give away my fabric! I love it too much and I don’t know anyone other than me that would actually do something with it.

  3. @Lucy…i saw a lot of boards on Pinterest with things to do with left over fabric. It is so expensive so I hate to throw it out .

  4. CUTIES! I have been unable to find the gift wrap I want but have seen fabric…precious

  5. I made gift bags several years ago and have never looked back! So much faster to wrap and to clean up after opening.

  6. I plan on doing this this year with our immediate family and then hopefully extending it to other family members that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to ask for the fabric back. We always open gifts together anyway and I don’t think they would mind.

  7. Last weekend I finally got around to making x-mas fabric bags. When you slip a gift into a bag and tie the (wired) ribbon at the top and realize you can use that same bag every year, it makes you want to make more so you’ll never have to use paper wrap again!

  8. I like that Tiffany. My step-mother is the most creative gift-wrapper I know, but we routinely send the decorations back and forth. She uses things like beaded wire and other supplies that she has anyway, since she’s an artist. If I wrapped hers in fabric, I know she’d use it, too!
    Dianne, I love that! I made bags to store ceramic pieces in that would make great gift bags “first”

  9. When I saw this fabric I could only think of making diapers for guest pieces at a baby shower and stuffing them with little thanks you items available at almost any dollar store. great fabric shades and patterns.

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