Eliminate Underarm Odor With These Two Ingredients

Eliminate Underarm Odor With These Two Ingredients

Underarm odor is no joke. It’s the difference between having a successful date and a date that flops. It’s the difference between inspiring people with that moving speech and inspiring them to run for the door. It’s the difference be… well, you get the picture.

I’m always on the hunt for a good natural product that will help me eliminate that underarm odor, but haven’t really found one. Usually I have to resort to a chemical-ridden product full of synthetics and additives that are not good for the body.

So this past month I started using a remedy of just two ingredients, and so far it has worked EXTREMELY well.

And those ingredients are LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL and COCONUT OIL. Here’s the video that explains how I combine these two ingredients for daily use.

Keep in mind, that you don’t want to use a whole lot of coconut oil. Just use less than a pea size amount, so that you won’t have to worry about oiling up your clothes’ pits.

I’ll put this on after I get out of the shower, and it lasts all day.

Now of course, I’m just one person so all of you out there will have to test this out to see if it works for you, too!

Let me know how it goes!

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  1. Oh my gosh, you’re the cutest! Haha

    Thanks for taking the time out of your day to help people and on top of it making things entertaining to read /watch! You need your own tv show lol

    I’ll definitely try this coco/lavender concoction.


  2. Okay that sounds all well and good but…..what about those of us who cannot use all these scented oils (lavender)? Coconut is alone, scent is fine. With everything scented so overwhelmingly one cannot buy anything. Allergies are out of control. Help the very allergic ones. If I’m not then my friends are allergic.
    Suggestions please!

    • I know several people use baking soda and coconut oil. A lot of odor is linked to diet as well, so you may want to look into what you are eating and consider going more plant based.

    • YL essential oils shouldn’t be a problem. I sit in church beside someone who is very allergic to scented products and I have asked her to tell me if my use of Young Living EO’s bother her. She says they don’t and she would tell me.

  3. Thanks, Crystal. I’ve been using Tom’s Natural Lavender Deodorant. Your recipe is so much simpler and seems healthier. I will definitely try this one. Thanks for your fun and entertaining video ! Have a super blessed day!

  4. I make my own deodorant too.
    Only ingredient I would add more; Arrow-root.

    I pre make a paste (about 2 weeks worth) and keep it in a jar. I don’t have precise measurements, just eyeballed the recepie.

    Try: (little goes a long way)
    1/4 cup or less of arrow root + coconut oil + lavender oil (any oil you like)

    So during summer months, it’s more about odour control (add more nice smelling oil such as lavender oil).

    PS: this recipe is excellent for everyday use, it is not sports grade.
    meaning if you were do heavy cardio for 2 hours, don’t expect this deodorant to mask the smell… Won’t happen!

  5. Have tried the Lavender with coconut oil but sometimes I perspire a lot, so this doesn’t protect me all day. i would need to reapply a couple of times and hope for the best. Do I just add a few more drops, then? Today I added balsam fir with lavender so we will see how it is tonight, but not weather is coming quickly. EEK!

    • Everyone is different, so you may need to try it and see what happens. I’m fine reapplying once during the day. Sometimes I don’t even need to do that!

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