Father’s Day Giveaway – $100 Gift Card to Home Depot!!



I was so thrilled when Home Depot contacted me to offer up another giveaway for Father’s Day.  Who wouldn’t love to give a Home Depot gift card to their Dad?

  • Looking for that perfect gift for your hard-working dad?
  • Help dad do more this Father’s Day by giving him a gift card from The Home Depot.
  • Visit your local Home Depot to find three new gift card styles to choose from, including a gift card that looks and feels like duct tape and a gift card that comes with a FREE 3/8” drill bit! Visit www.homedepot.com/giftcards to have a gift card delivered directly to your dad!

I really do think Gift Cards are perfect gifts for Dads!  And I love that they are offering a free 3/8″ drill bit with each gift card!

So you ready to win one?

How to enter: Tell me something great about a Dad your life in the comment section.  That’s it!
For extra entries: Blog, tweet, or spread the word about this giveaway in some way and leave a separate comment that you did and where. You can also subscribe to my blog/be a follower, and/or  follow me on twitter for additional entries (be sure to leave a separate comment telling me so).  Winner will be picked using random.org. Ends Friday, June 12, at 9 PM EST. Contest is open to US and Canada residents.

You only have until Friday night to enter, so hurry!!


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  1. I’d like to nominate my dad for the Home Depot Father’s Day gift card. Although he has his own house and yard to take care of, he always volunteers to help in our yard. He lives over an hour away, so it is not a quick drive for him, but the past three Fridays he has taken off work to help get our house ready to sell. In fact, I think he has cut our lawn more times this spring than we have. In addition, he not only plants flowers, he buys them for us as well. I wish I could give more to him, but with two girls under the age of two, it is a little difficult these days. As you can tell, he loves working in the yard and he could definitely use this gift card. Thank you!

  2. My Father is the greatest man alive! I’m so grateful that he is my father. He taught me many, many things. Including how to work hard. He is a dedicated school teacher and loves the kids he teaches. He has blessed so many lives because of his caring and compassionate personality. I love you Dad!

  3. My dad is super great. No matter what I have ever need he has always been there for me.

  4. My dad just turned 90 on May 31. Although he is heading toward being a century old, he still mows the lawn, he is having an addition put on his house, and he regularly climbs a ladder to check the gutters on the house. He is first to offer help to any stranger and he still misses teaching junior high math, which he did for over 35 years. He’s the best father and I hope I have him aound for many more years.

  5. My dad is amaaaazing- he works so hard and of course has so many projects going. This would be the perfect gift to help him finish one of them! 🙂 He’s been very present in so many of my lifes toughest situations- I love him!

  6. My Dad is the hardest working man I know, he is the father of 11, ages 2-22, and has is own masonry business. He has worked so hard 6 days a week all day long to support his family and gives so much of himself.

  7. My dad is great because he has an abundance of patience and love . He always makes me laugh. He tells the best Jokes and the best stories. No one can tell a story like my dad. He has been a wonderful father and an equally wonderful grandfather to my son and his 10 other grandkids. I couldn’t imagine life without him. I love my dad!

  8. I have seen the best of my father in the last year. He has been the most amazing, supportive husband to my mom since her breast cancer diagnosis and during her chemo treatments. Just makes me admire him even more than I already do.

  9. I have an amazing and very generous father. He is a strong believer in “give and you shall receive” (not monetarily but in friendship, love and respect). He would even say that when he dies, he’ll die a rich man because of all the friendships he created over his lifespan. He often goes to poor countries to help those in need. A while back, he went to S America (Paraguay) and helped put in a water filtration system and helped build a new schoolhouse for the children. So, yes, to me he’s a very special father who taught me to always pay it forward!

  10. I was absolutely horrible to my dad growing up. I was just a selfish rebellious teen who resented his rules and boundaries. I broke his heart over and over again with my defiance and attitude and words. But you know what? He never gave up on me. Never stopped loving me. Never stopped giving me second chances. Never held it against me, never brought things up again. Forgave and forgave and forgave. Not that he was a softie – he wasn’t – but he never gave up hope. When I was an adult, still making bad lifestyle decisions, instead of judging me or looking down on me, he loved me and prayed. “Love is patient, love is kind….keeps no record or wrongs….always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” That’s my dad.

  11. My dad is the sweetest man ever. I never heard him say a bad word or loose his temper or anything while I was growing up. He is the perfect example of a wonderful Christian man and most of all…..he raised me to know and Love the LORD!!!!

  12. I follow you on twitter.

    Twitter name: fokxxy

  13. The one thing I love the most about my Dad is that he is always there for me. When we were little he would take the time to listen to our stories and spend time with us. Now as an adult I love the fact that my Dad will take the time to do a Bible study for my sisters and I on certain topics we ask him about. No matter how old I get I am always learning something new from my Dad.

  14. My dad is an amazing man. He has always worked so hard to provide for our family. I could go on for days, but I’ll just say thanks for the chance to win!

  15. My dad is not around anymore, but I am very blessed with my father-in-law. Thanks to him, his example, I have a wonderful sweet, caring and responsible husband.

  16. I facebooked this contest through your link at bottom of post.

  17. Our Dad is the best because:
    – he makes us grilled cheese and ramens and yummy omelets
    – he plays with me on the Wii
    – he teaches us bible verses,
    – he gives us kisses when he comes home from work
    – he goes to work to take care of us
    – he takes me out on dates
    – he tucks us in at night
    Jordan(12), Alana(10), Victor(7), Celina(4), Tori(2), Vincent (6mos)

  18. My dad is not mine by birth, but marriage, and he’s been the best. He’s kind, loving, and I couldn’t have asked for a better father.

  19. I think my Dad is a special guy that was sent to my mom and I for a reason. He is not my birth father, but he adopted me when I was 4. My birth father surrendered his parental rights and my Dad stepped in and he has been there ever since. He made our lives better in so many ways. I will always respect him for all he has done. He also works harder than anyone I know. He has helped my mom live her dream and he lives to see her happy. 🙂

    This is a great contest! Thanks!

    MMcKenna’s last blog post..Shaws 6/9….I got 24 items for $17

  20. My dad is the best man alive. He is not my biological father. However, he is the only one I would call DAD. He has been there day in and day out even when he didn’t have to be and I love him for that. Always treated me and my siblings as his own. There is nothing more to say than he gave us the greatest gift by just being there 🙂

  21. I am so blessed to have such an amazing family. I have an incredible bond with my Dad. We’ve always been extremely close. He’s such an incredibly generous and giving person, always putting his family and others before himself. He’s given up so much for our family over the years, I’m always looking for ways to try and repay him for everything he’s done for all of us. I love him so much! Especially now that I’m a mother myself…I appreciate my parents that much more! 🙂

  22. I would like to nominate my dad. He is the most supportive understand dad their is. He always gives the best advise and is always the practical one. He truly has made me a better person.

  23. My Dad gave me my love for all things frugal. He is a smart spender!!

  24. My dad is the most unselfish person that loves his family. He’s set great examples for all of his children to be good people & make great decisions.

  25. My dad is amazing. He and my mom had my older brother when my mom was just 16, my dad was 23. They went on to get married and have myself and my younger sister. My dad got a job at a nearby steel factory. It’s a tough, physical job that requires a lot of energy. He has never complained and has worked hard to provide for his family. He loves working outdoors and helping others. He and my mom are strong in their faith and he does free oil changes for all the members of their small congregation. I could go on and on. . . he really is someone I admire. At my wedding I picked the song “Thank You” by Natalie Merchant as our father/daughter dance song b/c if you listen to the words it totally describes how i feel about my dad.

  26. I have the best dad ever! I’ve got a two year old and a 5 month old that keep me on my toes but my dad is always around to help. He goes grocery shopping with me and we each have a cart with a kid. He lets my son pick the car cart and drives him around the store like a race car driver. He also goes outlet mall shopping with me and keeps my son busy so I can get what I need without worrying about him pulling stuff off of racks etc. My husband works a lot and I don’t know what I would do without my dad around to help out.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. My dad has always sacrificed for our family, even when the decisions went against the grain of a typical family. He’s thoughtful, gentle, and the best grandpa ever.

  28. My dad worked very hard to take care of his wife and 4 children.

  29. My dad is 85 years young. He still works part-time in a Make your own wine store, after he retired from his profession as an Industrial Arts teacher.
    He likes to keep busy, helping both his children and grandchildren with projects around their homes. He can always be found on a ladder painting, or designing and constructing a new piece of furniture.
    HIs other love is baseball. When he needs a little break, you can always find him dozing in his favourite chair with a game on the TV.
    He is precious and has a wonderful zest for life.

  30. My dad in a genius. Although, by the world’s standards, he is not able to read or write very well due to Dyslexia . But he is able to make amazing things with his hands. He has the sweetest spirit, too.

  31. My Dad is GREAT!! He’s not very handy, but we all give him an A+ for trying. He IS awesome with his gardening. He would love this card for more gardening supplies!!

  32. My Dad wasn’t one to try and teach us a lot of lessons, so the three that he did teach us always stick with me:
    1) How to play poker
    2) Some days you eat the bear, and some days the bear eats you
    3) No matter how many gadets and electronic lawn tools you have, the best thing you can do each year is rake it by hand

    Lucky’s last blog post..Charlottesville, VA

  33. My dad is actually my step father and he has been so good to me and our family. My dh was in school for nine months and he has helped babysit my four children, fixed things around my house, played taxi when my van broke…I could go on and on.

  34. My dad is a head strong guy and our relationship isn’t the best cause we’re both so stubborn! But we know when to cool it and often agree to disagree.

  35. My dad has been a high school coach for over 40 years and the kids he coaches always have and continue still to adore him.

  36. My dad is great. He is a Pastor and two years ago he took a church in Maryland. It turned out to be somewhat of a scam, and they were forced to leave jobless. It took him almost a year to find a new job and they are finally settled in their new house and getting ready to start work after much prayer! Yay!

  37. I am actually going to nominate my step-dad. He married my mom when I was 12, after she had been raising me by herself since I was 4. He asked no questions when my mom told him she and I were a “packaged deal.” He came into my life and loved me as if I were his own. There were times when I resented him for not being my “real dad,” but he has been more of a father than my “real” dad has. I am SO grateful he has loved me unconditionally and he took the packaged deal!

  38. My dad taught me so much, like how to change my oil, fix just about anything, etc. All of those things have been so helpful since I became an adult and don’t have him close by to do it for me. 🙂

  39. My dad has always worked overtime to help us make ends meet. When he comes home, he never hesitates to jump in a start doing the dishes, folding laundry, or other odd jobs around the house. He’s always doing something. HE’s such an example of hard work and caring!

    Kandis’s last blog post..Spread a little love

  40. My dad hurt his back and has been out of work for the last year and a half. He is a great help to me and my family.

  41. I don’t remember my Dad–he died when I was 8 months old–but they tell me that I was crazy about him and wanted him to grab me the minute he walked in the door from work. Everyone also talks about how easy-going he was, and how he never lost his temper with us kids (there were six of us). He was a diapering, baby-toting dad before such things existed. 🙂 A true model for modern dads to follow. RIP Clyde Bryan–I love you even without knowing you.

  42. My Dad is the strong silent type. Although the words are rarely spoken I know by the look in his eyes that he loves me. He has always been there for me in good times and bad. He is ageing now and it is sad to watch this wonderful man decline in health. I know the day will arrive when he will no longer be in my life but he will always be in my heart

  43. My dad it a Vietnam Vet who has survived Agent Orange & the cancer that came with the exposure, to be a GREAT grandpa to my girls!! Even though he cannot work and suffers many health problems, he always takes the time to “check-in” on the kids so he can talk to the grand-kids!! He loves to sit at the window and watch them ride their bikes or work in the garden with me!! He is the best dad you could ask for!! 🙂

  44. My dad is the most patient man ever. He is such an example to me and my four other siblings. He can do it all and fix all the random things. He never raises his voice or swears. He is such an example of doing the right thing and has helped me to learn to do the same. I love the guy so much!

  45. I would nominate my husband. He is a new dad of our twin boys, soon to bo one of our daughter!! He spent every waking moment from the point we first found out we were pregnant renovating the attic. It converted our 1 bathg house to 2 baths. We needed it because we quickly learned we had instantly outgrown our home! He also refinished the floors in the boys’ room (no more chemical emitting carpet). Everyday he does something to contribute to a better home and family for us. I love him!

    lisadesigner (at) hotmail (dot) com

  46. My dad would always carry me up the stairs when I fell asleep on the couch, and pushed me up hills on my bike when I was too tired! Thanks dad. 🙂

  47. My dad was a good dad, I never understood how good until college! He has been such a huge supprt! I can’t wait to see how good of a Grand-dad he’ll be next month!

  48. My dad works really hard at his job and to be an example. He is really patient and always tries to give me some money when I visit home! (I’m job searching and have had low-paying jobs.)

  49. I nominate my dad. He is certainly the greatest, and at 83 is still going strong. I don’t know what I would do without him.

  50. My dad worked, and worked hard, for many years. He taught me the value of a dollar and many ways to get the most out of that dollar as well. I just know that he could get so many great deals with this gift card to give the house and the yard the sprucing up that it deserves right now.

  51. My husband is the GREATEST daddy to our 11 month old son! He takes him to the pool, reads to him, and plays silly games.

  52. My Father in-law is the best ever!
    He’s there with a helping hand when ever you need him to help fix something around the house, he’s got a shoulder to cry on & an ear for listening, he’s always got a joke to tell, he’s great at teaching us how to bargain at flea markets or how to fish properly, when we’re hungry he invites us over for dinner, when we need someone to look after our dogs he always offers, he always cheers for us, and he’ll bop us on the head when we’re being silly. Like I said…he’s the best!

  53. Any man can be a father. But, it takes a special man to be a daddy. That sums up my dad. He married my mama when I was 2 and my brother was 4, but he’s always been our true dad…never “just” a stepfather. In fact, he adopted us as soon as he was able. He is a true reflection of our heavenly Father and I love him. It’s okay if I don’t win the gift card, I just liked having the opportunity to talk about my daddy. 🙂

  54. My dad would always take me to places I wanted to go to when I was young. There was an age gap between me and my two sisters and my mom spent time with them so I was glad my Dad did things with me!

  55. My dad is the best because he has always been an awesome, faithful husband to my Mom. His life is a true testimony of how to be a godly husband and father, which then showed me what to look for in a husband! My mom just had a terrible accident, and my dad has been so sweet and caring, never leaving her side for a moment.
    He’s also a terrific handyman, and would put the Home Depot card to great use 🙂

  56. My dad is the best, because he plays games with me and he works hard to make us happy!

  57. My husband is the greatest “dad” to me. I have put that man through so much, truly made him suffer (very bad time in our life, but gets better everyday) and through it all he still stands by me, has fathered my 2 beautiful girls and has given me another on they way. He sacrifices so much of himself everyday that it hurts (a good hurt) to know that he loves us that much, day in day out never stopping his grueling work schedule, to make sure that we are taken care of, and never stopping to take care of himself. It amazes me that God has blessed me over and over with this man in my life, and I hope that our baby on they way is a boy, so that he can grow up to be just like his father, caring, unselfish, and with the ability to love with an unending capacity. (okay that is the end cause I am starting to cry and I will be blubbering if I keep going on!!!) Keep up the great work TM and Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful daddy’s I just read about on here!!!!!

  58. My husband is the best father I know. My own father has been gone for many years now, so I really had no expectations for what a great father would be when I married my husband. But since having kids and living our lives together, I see exactly what a great father should be. He loves like I never knew a man could love. He might not be the best handyman, but he always tries to take care of us any way he can. He works harder and longer just for our benefits, but he never forgets to show how much he loves us. Hes always giving and all he ever seems to want is love from us. I can only pray that one day, my kids can grow up to marry or become a father like him.

  59. My husband is the greatest dad to our kids. He is very dedicated to his kids and loves to be aorund them. I always tell him that he is abetter father than I am mother. He compliments me so well and I am totally crazy about him.

  60. Tell me something great about a Dad your life in the comment section.

    My husband is a great dad to our daughter. He has this funny sumo-chasing game that leaves her in hysterics. Is there anything better than hearing your husband and kids laugh together?

  61. My Dad is great because he drove 9 hours across the country twice in 6 months to help me move when I was pregnant! That is just two reasons he is so great!

  62. My Dad has always let me make my own decisions, and that has made me confident, and self assured.

  63. My sweet husband is almost done with refinishing our basement so that I can move my home business downstairs and away from the daily used area of our home. I would love for him to get to go to Home Depot and instead of buying something for the basement, get to buy something for himself! What a wonderful husband and sweet Daddy he is for our family!

  64. My husband is the greatest dad in the world! I work nights and he is always there for our daughter when I can’t be. They have a unique bond that I think was created with their one-on-one time with each other in the evenings.

  65. I am also twittering about your sweepstakes! Follow me @KatiAuton. 🙂

  66. I’m nominating my husband as a great Dad in my life. He is an amazing father to our two children! He always makes sure to spend time with them even though his schedule is pretty busy. He’s great at making them laugh. He loves to get down and dirty with them, wrestling with them and so much more! He loves our family to death and he loves me more than I can say. The fact that he’s such a great Dad makes me want to be a better Mom. And, he is an awesome handy man! He can fix anything, and I mean anything! I don’t know where he learned how to do all of it. We even have people calling us to have him help with fix it, build it, and restore it projects. He is just absolutely amazing and this gift card would be an awesome gift for him.

    Autumn’s last blog post..My Boy is 5!

  67. My dad is one of the kindest men in the world. He has a very pure heart and always tries to live a life that would please God. He loves his 9 grandchildren and makes an effort to visit the ones who live far away, babysit the ones who live close by and showers them all with kindness. They all adore their Pop-Pop!

  68. My dad is the most humble, hard working, loving man I’ve ever known.He has always put God & family first in his life and I’m so thankful that I am blessed to have him as my Father!

  69. My dad loves me unconditionally….a very hard thing to do sometimes. He is there for everyone in my family. For us kids he is this..for my brother he’s a mentor and teacher.. for my sister (who is a single mom), as a source of endless love and support…for me… he is the one who always believes that I can still be anything I want to be.

  70. My hubby is a great dad! He built our family a garden this year and designed it all himself so we could save money. He’s wonderful in every way and takes after his own dad in that respect.

  71. My husband is a great dad to our 5 boys. He is so patient with them. He really remembers what it was like to be a little boy – I have no clue how boys work sometimes!

  72. My husband is an awesome dad! We had 3 children in 2 1/2 years and he has been such a great help. He also has been a big encouragement as I try to save our family money. He wants to start building cabinets for our kitchen so a gift card would be awesome!

  73. I have a fantastic fiance` who is doing his best to make his house into a home for me. He will make a wonderful father someday, sooner than later- we hope! 🙂

  74. My father in law passed away last year, so this fathers day we will celebrate the memory of a wonderful man that loved to fish, tell stories of when he was a boy and dote on his granddaughters. happy fathers day grumpy, we love you!

  75. My sister and I have been blessed with such a wonderful father. He is quiet and sensitive and has always been there for us. My Dad is selling his retirement house and bought a house close to us so he could watch the grandchildren grow up. He has been a teacher all his life and is always pointing to something and showing the grandchildren something. It could be a flower or the sky or a painting. He wants them to see the world. He wants to start a garden with veggys and flowers and I have been helping him with freecycle buckets and free tomato seeds and starbucks grinds and craigslists manure. I’m trying to get all the help I can for him. It would be wonderful to hand him a gift card and let him just pick out what he really wants instead of trying to stay within a very small budget. Your tips have come in so handy with my family and I have passed them on to my father.

  76. My husband is a wonderful father to our 3 girls. He works so hard for our family. He loves to be creative and build things, but doesn’t get to do it much because his full time job is a desk job and he always takes as much time as he can in the evenings to hang out with his girls.

  77. I would love this card for my dad. My father had to leave his entire family behind in Cuba at 15 so he would not be forced to enter the communist military and came to live with his aunt and uncle in the US where he didn’t know the language or anyone else. He went to high school full time, learning a new language and customs as he went, and also worked full time in order to pay his own way and contribute to the household. He met and married my mother when only 20 and although they sacrificed the money that they saved for a reception in order to pay for his parents to come from Cuba, they never made it as they passed away in a horrible car accident before he could see them again. My parents had me a year after they married and my father instilled in me the value of hard work and the importance of family as he had never again seen his parents or several of his 5 brothers that were still in Cuba. My dad worked a few jobs at a time when he needed to in order to provide for his family, but he always had time for my mother, my mother’s parents who he loved and treated as his own, and especially for me, his little girl. He always made me feel like a princess and that I could conquer the world and now that I have had my first child, his first grandchild, he is passing on that same love to him. My father has always amazed me by being a perfect blend of strong alpha male, with an affectionate loving, and yes, mushy side. I will forever have ingrained in my mind the picture of him with tears in his eyes holding his grandson for the first time two months ago. He takes time out of his busy daily schedule to stop by even for five minutes every day to say hello and to see his grandson. I would love to give him this gift card not only as his daughter on Father’s Day, but also to celebrate his first Father’s Day as a grandfather.

  78. My husband is a great father to my three children, always making time to make each one feel special.


  79. My dad – the greatest man in the world. A person to be looked up to. Always there when you needed him for whatever the reason. He is a fantastic grandfather too.

  80. I’d love to win a gift card for my husband. He’s a fantastic dad to our 5 year old son! He spends as much time as he can with him and shows him all the love in the world! He’s the best! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  81. My Dad is great because he has been able to laugh off a lot of the crazy stuff I have done, and he has even participated in some of it. Last year, we went sky diving together!

  82. My father is a great man and has been through so much. His father died when he was only a pre-teen. My father basically took care of my grandmother and uncle. And has worked hard ever since.

    In 2001 my father had a heart attack and went into a coma. He came out of the coma and we were told he had severe brain damage. Well over the course of a few months my father made a miraculous recovery. I would say he is now at 70% of what he used to be. He is now part time retired and part time working in a hardware store. We are so proud of all the progress he has made.

  83. I would love to win the gift card for my husband. He is a wonderful husband and father, always thinking about me and our three kids before himself. He loves to work with tools and fix/improve things around the house with the kids and would love the gift card. Thank you for the opportunity!

  84. My husband is a great father to our two boys!!!! Leah

  85. Hey, TM! I also posted about this on DS!!


  86. I alos just subscribed to email! I never realized I wasn’t on your list!!


  87. This is the second year that my husband gets to celebrate fathers day. He is the best father I could imagine to our little girl. From getting up in the night to rock her to taking her outside so I can just breathe by myself for a minute. I love him and hope that his second fathers day is even better than his first!

  88. My dad taught me the value of work. He always worked long hours to provide for us instead of doing the fun things he would rather have done. And he also taught us to work for the things we want.

  89. My dad taught me lots of things, one of which was to work hard and do things that will make your surroundings better than when you got there. He had also been the ideal example of faith & perseverence for me. I am lucky to have such a great dad & a husband that is a wonderful father to our kids.

  90. My husband and I became parents this past March. He is the best Dad that I can imagine, getting up in the middle of the night with the baby, and taking care of chores around the house. I’d love to thank him by giving him a gift card!

  91. My dad was the best example of hard work and pushing through to the end. H died of cancer 5 years ago and even through the cancer he was happy and did all he could to keep working hard until the end.
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  92. So after a toss up between my dad and my DH, I am choosing my dad for this one. My dad just finished designing and building us 2 decks for our house because the other ones were not safe for our toddlers. He insisted on paying for everything, and 1/2 through lost his job. We tried to pay for the rest of the materials, but he said he had put away enough money to finish the project and that is what he was going to do.

  93. My dad is just plain awesome =) He’s overcome a lifetime of struggles and is an amazing example.

  94. I am so grateful for my dad, and am glad to have an opportunity to thank him for all that he does for me this Fathers Day. I am the only girl in my family, so since I was born my dad and I have had a special relationship. He has always been my hero! He loves my mom so much and always taught me that I deserved the best. When I was dating and then engaged to my husband my mom had a really hard time with it, my dad stood behind me when no one else would, and saw my husband for what he was, and while now the whole family has gotten to know him and adore him, I still am so grateful for my dad and how much he helped and supported me. He knew and trusted that I would only pick the best. I think my dad is extremely special, and I know that I am biased, but for what he has been through and to still be the strong man of our family, he is special. About 7 years ago my parents were in a plane crash. Both were in the burn center for months, and then had to do intensive therapy to learn how to move and function with their burns. My dad since leaving the hospital has had a bad staff infection as a result of the burn, ans surgeries, that we are now finding out is in the bone, which might amputate his leg. He suffers greatly everyday not just being a burn victim and dealing with pain from that, but also this bad infection that still lingers, and yet is still so strong, so faithful, so loving, and even makes time to take me on daddy daughter dates. I love my dad so much, and I would be thrilled if he won the gift card to home depot. It would make his fathers day THE BEST!!

  95. Well, my dad passed away two years ago, so Fathers Day is always bitter sweet with my own family. But the greatest thing about my dad, is that he was always there whenever I needed him for anything. Despite being across the country, all it took was a phone call for him to come “to my rescue”.

  96. and, i’m following you on twitter too =)

  97. I would like to nominate my dad. He is a great father, and has enriched my life with his hard work ethic. I would love for him to win the gift card so that he can spend it on himself for once, as he has always made sure that his family was taken care of first and he went without several times.

  98. My Papa is a wonderful man. I really believe that fathers have a special place in their hearts for their girls.
    He is always there when my husband and I need him, either to help us plan the best route to drive to FL from ME, to figure out why our grill isn’t working or to answer my questions about re-potting my houseplants.
    He taught me to stand up for myself, how to drive, and to appreciate things like lupines, ME authors and good wine.
    Lastly, he taught me what it means to have a great marriage. I know how much he loves and respects my mom and she always says that I married a man just like him.

  99. My kids dad is the best! He works 12 hours a day and then comes in and plays with them till they have to go to bed. He gets up early and takes my son out to dig in the yard (my dd is in school) before he has to go back to work. He is the best dad ever!

  100. My Dad’s a contractor and I know since he’s older his work is taking a toll on him. But what does he do when we need his expertise at our house, helps us out. HD is his most fav place! He’d love it.

  101. my dad is awesome as well. He is always in a good mood and works very hard. I am so proud of him now because he is finally able to purchase a house and is in the middle of escrow.

  102. My husband is a wonderful dad to our 2 year old boy/girl twins. He works so hard for this family so his little playtime with the kids is so precious! Last weekend’s project was to cut down his old hockey sticks (a BIG deal for him) so that they could all play hockey together in the driveway!

  103. The great thing about the “dad” in my life is my hubby (soon-to-be-dad in november) has been so sweet and helpful to me during this pregnancy. I can’t wait to see him interact with our sweet baby when it arrives!

    Plus he’s been remodeling our bathroom to get ready for the little munchkin so this gift card would come in handy!


    annashopper at gmail dot com
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  104. My dad is one of my best friends. A gal who knew my parents before they were even married always tells me, “When I look at you, I see your mom, but when you talk, it’s all your dad!!” 🙂 I consider that quite an honor. One great thing about my dad is his dedication to providing for his family. No matter what else has been going on, he’s always worked very, very hard to make ends meet so we would always have food, clothing, and a roof over our heads.

  105. I mentioned this giveaway on justmommies.com, in the January 2008 Playroom. Thanks for this opportunity!

  106. I would love this for my husband! We were looking into buying our own house after moving back to the state, we were temporarily living with my parents. Well, they had just taken a mortgage on the house to do some fixing up, when my dad was laid off at work! So, my hubby decided we would stay living with them, and help them fix up the house! My hubby has off one day a week, and he spends as much of that with our son as he can…but he also tries to squeeze in work on the house on that day, and at night. The house is old and needs a lot of work, so the giftcard would be just the perfect thing for him to use. It is expensive, and with me being a sahm, we just don’t have the extra money, especially with baby #2 on the way! Thanks for the consideration!

  107. My husband is an amazing father! I love to see him playing with our 2 children! They love him so much! My husband just finished coaching our son’s baseball team for the 2nd year. It is so neat to see him being a posive role model and interacting with not only our son, but the other kids on the team. He is such an awesome provider for our family and I am so grateful that I’m able to be at home with our children.

  108. I have a great dad, father in law, and husband as dads in my life. They all love our Lord and that’s the best thing they can do for all of their children!

  109. The “Dad” in my Life is my Hubby, the Father of my Girls.. My own Precious Dad is in Heaven!!
    My Hubby is Father of the YEAR, EVERY Year at OUR House!!
    Our Daughters are 18 and 23 now, but from the time they were babies, this man changed diapers, got up in the middle of the night to help me nurse these babies, went to every dance recital, flute concert, gymnastic event, track and field , X country meet! hahah and NOW he is re-lining their brakes, changing their tires and sizing up their Boyfriends!! He is such a Patient Man!! I look at him and see a Heart of GOLD! We have been Married for 25 years and I am so proud to have him for a Husband and to have him be the FATHER of our Daughters! I pray our Girls will find MEN like this!!
    Thank you so much for this Incredibly Generous Giveaway!!
    I am Blessed to have a Chance to win!!
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  110. I am nominating my husband. My dad was absent for most of my life…his addictions controlled his life. My husband proves to be the total opposite of my dad, and that’s a good thing! My husband is in the USAF and is so dedicated to his job and country. I’m not sure I have ever seen such drive! He is also an absolutely wonderful father. I find myself cherishing the relationship he has with our daughter and son…almost living through them for a relationship I never had. He truly goes above and beyond the call of duty when is comes to being an Airman, a husband, and a father. I wish I could do more for him to show him just how much I appreciate him and everything he does.

    Thank you for offering this chance to give a great gift to a deserving father! : )

  111. My Dad recently drove 150 miles to give me his minivan because I’m without a car!! He’s the best.

  112. My husband is the most selfless man I know. He works hard to take care of our family and rarely does he ever by anything for himself — it’s all for the kids. It would be so nice if I could give something back to him for a change.

  113. My Dad is the one that keeps the family together. He takes care of my family as well as my aunts whenever we need anything. Thanks Dad!

  114. My dad has been a great addition t0 my life as a young woman. I am blessed to have had him in my life and to teach me such wonderful things.
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  115. I would like to nominate my husband for the gift card. He is our oldests step dad, but you wouldn’t know it as they are so very close, and our second daughter is adopted and very much a daddy’s girl. My husband was catastrophically injured in Afghanistan and was very proactive in helping our oldest adjust to him only having one leg. Through all of his injuries and frustrations he has taught the girls everything they need to know about bike riding, shoe tying, star wars, and tenacity when life throws you lemons. I could not be more proud of my husband and the father he is to my girls.

  116. This is from my 10 year old daughter, Allysha about her daddy.

    “First of all, he loves Home Depot and loves building things.

    Second, I really love my dad and I think he should have something special like this. I think it would make him very happy.

    Third, he works very hard at his job and at church. He works hard to help teach me – he’s one of my homeschool teachers. He doesn’t get much money to spend on himself.

    I just really love my dad and I think he deserves something special like this. I know he would love it.”

  117. I would like to nominate my husband. He is in construction and shops at Home Depot ALL THE TIME! He is such a good Daddy to my 20 month old- Aidan. He is so involved with him and other men look up to him b/c he is so wonderful for my baby! It’s amazing because his father skipped out on him when he was young so he is determined to be an AWESOME daddy for Aidan. He works hard and long days so that I can stay home with Aidan and I thank and LOVE him to pieces for it! Even if we dont’ win, I just want everyone to know how lucky we are to have him! WE LOVE YOU RYAN (DADDY)!!!!

  118. I would LOVE to win this for my hubby…we are really trying to do some much needed work on our home and yard and this would be great to help stretch our budget!

  119. My husband is an awesome dad! He plays, cooks, helps bathe the boys, and is an awesome father, daddy and husband/partner!

  120. My husband is starting a garden and other home projects so Home Depot has become as popular as the grocery store lately for shopping! I love his eagerness to learn and try new things!
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  121. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

    My Dad gave me such a wonderful childhood filled with great memories. But for this gift I would give it to my husband (from our kids, of course!) because he wants to work on fixing up our home so bad, but with him in school money is to tight to just spend on tools.

  122. My husband is the best dad in the world! He does so much for our babies (1 and 3), he washes clothes, folds cloth diapers, gives baths, reads them books at night, and changed about an equal number of diapers even though he works all day and I stay at home. He is an amazing man and always willing to work without complaining. We just bought a house last year and he has been working so hard to get grass to grow, this certificate would help him tremenously! I never feel like we give him as much as he gives and this would be awsome! Thanks for having this drawing!

  123. This will be the first fathers day for my husband. So I nominate him for being a great dad to our little 6 month old. He was never really the “baby” type prior to our little man entering the world. It is so great to see him in this new light, he is such an amazing dad. He is up at 6am giving him a bath and doing the feeding and dressing before he is off to work for the day. When he comes home his eyes widen and light up as he kisses his son goodnight. This would be a great gift for him and he is quite deserving of it.

  124. My dad is the best. My favorite thing about him is his multitude of sayings. He repeated them so much over the course of my growing up that they just pop into my head at appropriate times now that I’m an adult. I always think of him when one pops in my head and I just have to smile!
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  125. Well, my Dad is the best, because he is my Dad. Always supportive, always family first, always there for me! I love him so much!

  126. My husband is a wonderful and involved father. We adopted my son at 2 days old and watching him grow and bond and be just like his Daddy is amazing. They assembled some cabinets the other day together, they came out great…even with the help of the 1 year old 🙂 He loves being a father, and I love watching him be one 😉

  127. My husband is such an awesome dad to our 4 young kids. He is purposeful about spending quality and quantity time with them and training them. Can’t say enough good stuff about him!!!

  128. My husband is a wonderful dad who always takes time with my boys and with me to let us know how much he loves us.

  129. My father is amazing. He’s always been so supportive and steps up to help out our family whenever we need it. He was laid off just after the holidays, but was able to find a new job within a couple of months. After just six weeks at the new job, though, his position was cut – and he has once again found himself jobless. He is using his free time (while not job hunting, of course) to do work around his home that he has been putting off – as well as putting in a huge garden to help become more self-sustaining during the summer months. He could certainly use the extra money to Home Depot to help him with his projects!

  130. My husband is the most amazing fathers I know. He is in the US Army, has been deployed twice to Iraq. He never fails to write and call our children as well as myself. He even found his way to a phone to be there in some way for our last home birth. He keeps us safe and sacrifices so much for us. Even when things are so stressful at work when he is not deployed, he leaves it at work. He comes home to help cook, clean, bath, and play with the children. I am blessed almost nightly when he takes all of our children for a simple walk with their safety lights. The baby is the first to run to her light and then pound on the door to say, “hurry up lets go” in her own 18 month old way.

    I do not know how I got so lucky. I feel like a super Mom just for giving my children a super hero Dad.

  131. My husband is such a great dad to our little boy… he is very patient with him and they have special daddy-son playtime every day when he gets home from work.

  132. My father is a wonderful person! He has been a very hard working man. He’s an antique dealer and has started working with his dad at a very young age. He has made sure to work hard to make sure we had everything. Travelled many countries..just to work and support us.. Living in my country, where its known for its civil war and never ending war, he managed to get us foreign nationalities. I am grateful to what hes done for me. I am now in the States because of him. Unfortunately, I am away from my family…I’m married in CA ..and they live so far away from me. I am going to wish him a gr8 fathers day on the webcam. I would like to give this gift card to my father in law who’s a dad figure for me ( i’m only 22) and I believe he’s a great dad and somehow takes the role of my dad.

  133. I just posted about this on my blog! Great give away, Crystal! Yours always are!!!


  134. Underneath his grumpy exterior is a Heart of Gold.

  135. I would love to give my father a $100 Home Depot gift card. He is a great dad and he somehow knows how to do everything–so he’s always at Home Depot to get something to help his children fix their home improvement problems. 🙂 This would be an awesome thank you gift!
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  136. My Father is a very selfless man. He has always made sure to provide for myself and my siblings and still continues to do that even though I am married now. He does everything possible to make sure we never go without. I also love seeing how much he loves my son.

  137. My dad so deserves this. We would like to build a fence, and this would come in handy. Thanx

  138. My dad was there for me during the most difficult time of my life; when my marriage fell apart. He’s not a perfect man, has not led a perfect life, but when he sees someone in need, he’s there to offer his support.

  139. Hey Crystal,
    I would like to nominate my hubby Michael, we are new parents to a precious baby girl, Caroline (1 week old tomorrow) he is an amazing man, and a wonderful father he has been actively involved in caring for her and for me as I recover. we live in a fixer upper house and this gc would be so very helpful during this time and a nice surprise for him on his 1st father’s day.

  140. I nominate my husband, the father of my two wonderful boys! He is not only an amazing father, but a wonderful husband too. He cooks and cleans and always has enough love for everyone in the family. Hugs and kisses all the time. He plays so well with our sons and he deserves a great gift for father’s Day. Times are tight at our house so this would be great!!!

  141. What a wonderful giveaway! I would love to be able to give my father this giftcard. There are countless ways he has been such a great dad through the years and this would be a nice thank you for all he does.

  142. My Dad worked hard and long hours to take care and feed a family of 6. He spent countless hours helping with homework and answered with lots of patience the thousands of questions all of us seemed to always have!
    My husband is an awesome dad to my kids … always there to listen and give advice and works hard to provide for us all. I feel blessed to have them both in my life!

  143. My hubby is THE best dad! He loves to spend time with our little guy.

  144. My husband is a wonderful dad. I’m sure our 11 month old would say he loves playing trains with his daddy and when his daddy gives him a bath. We appreciate all he does for us!

  145. My husband is a great dad! He works really hard so that we can have what we need and sometimes even the things we want. And he loves to spend time with our kids.

  146. My dad is great. We don’t always get along, but in the end I know he is always there for me, supports me, and loves me. Which is more than I can say for lots of other folks 😉 He is always, always rooting for me.

  147. My husband is a great dad because he loves to play with my kids. He is the none that is always wrestling with them or can get them to calm down after mom gets mad. He’s great!

  148. My husband is a great dad! He balances a lot in his life right now. Grad school, church responsibilities, and home. He is great about playing with the kids and they love him for it.
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  149. I would like to nominate my husband. He is a father to our 20 month old daughter. He works 12-14 hour days and still comes home and gets down on the floor to play with her. He takes the time to explain and show her how to do things. I never had a father, so I didn’t understand the father/daughter relationship until I watched my husband with our daughter.

  150. I would nominate my husband, the dad to our daughter. He’s such a penny pincher because he has to be. I work nights giving him all the nightly responsibilities in addition to all the household maintenance. A true 21st century man! He’s frugal, a cook, an educater, a chauffer, a handyman, a landscaper, a domestic engineer, a babysitter, and I am soooo lucky!!!

  151. I would nominate my dad so he could get all his gardening supplies. He lost his wife (my mom) February 4, 2009 after 52 years of marriage. Dad has taken up gardening to help fill the hole in his life. He is very active, a good 78, taking no daily medications after fighting off non-hodgkins lymphoma 3 times. The last time the cancer came back, the doctor’s told him to get his affairs in order. He was given 6 months. A week later the doctor asked him if he would volunteer for a clinical trial, it wouldn’t help him, it would benefit kids with ALL. Dad agreed, mom was furious. Dad said he had to do it, just knowing it would help kids, possibly his own grandkids, how could he not. He was only able to complete 3 out of the 5 treatments due to the severe side effects, they kicked him out. Two weeks later during follow-up testing, the doctor was amazed, he was in remission again! Dad was rewarded for being a guinea pig.
    My dad is a strong, stubborn, fighter, with a really nice size garden. Guess I’ll have to learn how to can!

  152. My Dad has always been there for me. He’s wonderful!

  153. I would like to nominate my husband. He is a great dad. One of the things that I am most proud of him for is that he is a Godly influence and example to our children

  154. My husband is a great dad and with us getting ready to purchase our first home it would be great gift for him!

  155. I would love to win the giftcard for my dad. I’m 28 years old, but I’ll always be his little gir. He taught me so much growing up, even when he didn’t say anything at all. Actions speak so much louder than words and he has an amazing faith in God. I thank him for sharing his faith with me.

  156. My Dad passed when I was only 6 but he shall always remain in my treasure trove of good childhood memories. I still miss him many many years later.

  157. I would nominate my dad because of all the things he would like to have so he could make the things he wants to do. He is really special and deserves to win. There is no one else like my dad.

  158. My dad is the best. I think he should win because of all the things he would like to do, but can’t because we don’t have the tools for it or we don’t have the money to go to home depot to get these things. Also because his birthday is coming up and this would make it extra special

  159. My dad is the best. I think he should win because of all the things he would like to do, but can’t because we don’t have the tools for it or we don’t have the money to go to home depot to get these things. Also because his birthday is coming up and this would make it extra special.

  160. My dad is such a neat person. He raised my brother and I as a single parent and he really stepped up to the task. (HUGE task, I might add!) He bought magazines so he could look at the women to know how to fix my hair (I specifically remember him trying to curl my hair like Farrah Fawcett, lol!) He also bought me a pony (which made him my HERO) and supported my love of horses throughout the years (even though he had no idea what we were getting into) …Anyway…he is a great man, is a great dad…and is now an amazing Grandfather!
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  161. My FIL has had to play the part of Papaw and father times 2. My father abandoned me a week before my daughter was born. But my FIL has MORE than made up for it. He is a woodworker and spends a LOT of time at home depot. This would totally make his day 🙂

  162. This is from my daughter who is 4 so I am writing for her about her dad, my husband…”I am so happy when I see his car in the garage as i come home from daycare”; “I love when he sits and draws phineas and ferb and lets me color it in”; I love when he teaches me his language;”I am so happy when he plays the guitar all day long, especially since he is learning”;”I really enjoy it when he plays in the park with my 2 yr old brother and me and takes me to guitar class”;”also when he lets me ride on his back and acts like an elephant”;”when he rocks me to sleep when I am sick in the middle of the night”;”when he blows bubbles with me”;”when he loves my mommy and my brother and we all sit in the bedroom together and just laugh”…Thanks to my husband who has shown me what a real man and father should be like!

  163. I’m so blessed to have not only a wonderfully supportive father, but also an amazing hubby–aka father of my children–and a super duper FIL who helps us so much with our home.

  164. I would like to nominate my dad, as I cannot imagine someone more deserving. As a minister and counselor, my dad dedicates his life to helping others. He even spends his free time volunteering or babysitting for me while I work. Because his time is so precious to so many, I would like to present him with the gift card so he can buy a tool or two that would help him get his household repairs done faster and free up more time to continue to help others. I’m fortunate to have such a selfless, giving man for a father, and his approach to life has guided both my brother and myself into careers focused on helping people. Unfortunately, my career required an immense amount of grad school and therefore debt which is why I’ve become a thrifty mama myself. It would therefore be wonderful to present my dad with such a nice gift. Thank you for the opportunity!

  165. The spectacular dad in my life is my husband. He is an amazing father to our four beautiful daughters. Not only does he excel at his profession as being a police officer and a firefighter (they do both), but he makes time for each of our girls. He is amazing to watch with them and is the perfect example of what a husband should be. I can only pray that my girls will be blessed enough to find a husband like their father!

  166. Quoting Rushton (3 years old),

    Q:Rushton, why do you have the best daddy?
    A:I love my daddy and he goes to work for me to make “monies” for Chunk of Cheese(translation: Chuck E. Cheese) because he is so nice to me and he rides a bike with me.

    Q:Rushton, what is your daddy’s name?
    A: His name is My Daddy.

    Q: What do other people call him?
    A:Ummm, they call him on the phone!

    O how that melts my heart!
    wife to Tarron & mother to his 3 beautiful babies

  167. Since my dad is no longer here, I’d like to nominate my hubby as the best dad. He is involved, caring, and completely devoted to our children. I could not ask for a better father for the most precious people in my life.
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  168. The Dad I would like to nominate is my children’s father..my hubby! He is in the Marine Corps. We have 3 kids ages 4 and under. When my husband is deployed, he calls the children daily..(or as often as he can get to a phone) he writes the letters, and they LOVE getting mail! When he is home, he takes the kisd out to play each day, no matter how hot or cold! He is amazing, and I a so glad that I married him!

  169. My husband is a new dad…this is his first Father’s Day…we were not planning on having a baby for another few years, but surprise!! The entire time I was pregnant (until we had the sonogram to find out the gender) he referred to the baby as “he” then nicknamed “him” Mufasa…so everyone knew our baby as Mufasa for 9 months. Of course, we had a little girl and she has had her daddy wrapped around her little fingers since day 1…he walks past me to kiss her first when he gets home from work!!! 🙂 He’s amazing and would LOVE the Home Depot card…especially since we had major damage to our house during the ice storm this past winter…we have lots of projects that would really be helped by having a gift card! 🙂

  170. I see a lot of women nominating their dads. I wish I could too, but he passed away when I was 18. He spent his life as an EMT, paramedica and E.R. tech saving lives everyday for 25 years. He contracted HepC back before they knew how important it was to use gloves and ended up dying in need of a liver transplant.

    Instead, I would really like to nominate my husband, Matt. He has been such a wonderful father figure to my children and a wonderful teammate and companion to me. He would rather give up every minute of anything else to spend time with me and the kids. We have 3 kids – a 6 year old boy, a 3 year old boy and a 16 month old girl. My husband works so hard to make sure we are always provided for and feel safe and secure. He a great Christian leader for our kids to know God. He always says he would love to be a stay-at-home dad and I have to admit he’d be better at it than I feel I am! lol Matt does laundry (wash, dry, fold AND puts away!), dishes, cooks, cleans the floors, does repairs around the house, and he LOVES gardening! I think I found Mr. Right ladies! He would probably spend the whole $100 on new pots and soil for plants. Or to build the kids the toybox he’s been wanting to do forever.

    I’m sure a lot of husbands deserve this gift card, but I really hope we win because my husband needs a HUGE thank you and although I can say it a million times, to know that I entered him in this to win it for him would mean the world to him.

    Good luck everyone! Happy father’s day to all the daddy’s being talked about here!

  171. On behalf of my four kids, I would like to add my husband. He is a great dad and husband.

  172. My dad never liked to buy toys too much, he always like to make them. We had the neatest outside playsets of any of our friends. In fact we were the only kid I new that had there own feriswheel. Looking back, that was the most dangerous thing I think we could have played on, but thankfully we never got hurt on it.

  173. My dad was a horrible father while I was growing up. He was never there and was mean when he was. After I was grown, he was able to find God and righted his wrongs. He apologizes all the time for being a terrible father as I was growing up. Now he is my best friend and the best grandfather anyone could ask for. I am so lucky to have him in my life.

  174. My husband is such a blessing to our family. He is an awesome example of a Godly man, dad and husband to our children.

  175. My husband is the greatest father ever! He works hard and puts in long hours, but he gives his kids 100% and they know how loved they are by him. He’s kind, compassionate and so much fun to be around. He deserves a little shopping spree at one of his favorite stores! : )

  176. I’d like to nominate my grandfather because despite his age our yard has never looked better. Always helping out and always a do it yourself type of fellow. We adore him!

  177. My husband works so hard to provide for our family, and yet always manages to make time for the kids. The kids love playing games with dad.
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  178. My Dad is great, because he works so hard for the family and never complains about it. He taught me how to work hard.

  179. I would like to nominate my step-father. My my divorced my father before I was 1 and then married an alcoholic who abused her and my sister. When she divorced him and met my step-father, Ed, our whole lives changed. She stepped in and became the father that my sister and I always wanted and needed. He is a great man. He didn’t have to care for someone else’s children but he stepped up and treated us like we were his own.

  180. My husband is a great dad. My kids think there is nothing that he can not fix! Our money is tight with 5 kids, but he will find anything that they would like and tinker with it until he can get it running for them to play with.

  181. My dad is one of the most wise, gracious people in th world – and that’s not an exaggeration. I look up to him so much and hope to be like him.

  182. I love my dad! He’s so loving and is always there for me no matter what! He deserves a gift card and so much more!!!

  183. My dad is friendly, family-oriented, loving, and always ready with an encouraging word. Even in tough times, he has an upbeat and encouraging attitude.

  184. I nominate my husband! I was a single mother, we met when my daughter was four. He stepped right up to the plate and became her “daddy!” He adopted her and loves her like she is his own. We married and in October of ’08 we proudly welcomed a second daughter to our family. He loves them both equally. Protects the now 14 year old from “the boys.” And when it comes to the baby he is not afraid of anything… diapers, feedings, spit up… he’s right there at her every wimper. I am proud to have married a man who is such a wonderful father! We are a blessed family!

  185. My husband is a superb and hands-on daddy to our daughter. He loves to read to her, comb her hair, feed her, make sure she drinks enough milk daily, play peek-a-boo for ‘hours’ (almost)… haha whatever to make her laugh. I so enjoy watching them interact. Love them both so much!

  186. I posted a message for all my friends and family to read about this wonderful Father’s Day contest on my facebook page!
    I gave out your website and told them about the Home Depot Giveaway!
    It’s so exciting!

  187. My dad raised me from the time I was 4. He and my mom were never without some sort of home improvement project. They built a fireplace, ripped out the floors and put in wood, redid the kitchen, the backyard, etc. After he retired, my dad tinkered in woodworking. He made holiday crafts and even recreated some of his elaborate magic tricks from college for Halloween. He would have loved the gift card. Sadly, he passed away in 1997. He is greatly missed. But, his love for home improvement projects lives on in me, even though I’m learning as I go. My husband, however, is not the handy type. But, I will state for the record that he assembled our son’s new play fort tonight (a project I no longer have to complete tomorrow)! How awesome is that! Go daddy! I think he would love this card, too.

  188. My Father passed away 2 years ago from cancer, so I would like to nominate my husband Mark. He is the greatest Daddy to our 3 year old daughter. He is always there to do special things with her & actually going to Home Depot is “their thing” & Mommy is not allowed to go. It’s really cute! From piggy back rides to bed to kissing boo boos, he’s the greatest!
    [rq=1535,0,blog][/rq]Father’s Day Home Depot Giveaway!

  189. my husband is a great father. He has no great interest than his two children.

  190. My husband is a great dad, they play ball in the back yard, always reads her even the longest Dr. Suess books and is always fixing stuff around the house. We just moved and there is always something he needs for around the house projects, so the giftcard would be a lovely present if we were to win 😀 Thanks!

  191. My dad has passed on but when he was alive he was the best. The man could fix anything, knew everyone in town and was the Christmas Santa for as far back as my memory goes.

  192. My Dad loves me unconditionally and for that, he is awesome!

  193. My dad’s a great guy! My grandma was telling me one day how he’s her favorite child, since he’s over there every weekend & always stops to see if they need anything & so on. He has a busy month this month! He retired on the first from GM, his birthday is this weekend & next weekend it’s Father’s Day. I could hit 3 with one stone, :). He also is getting into making log furniture so a Home Depot GC would be great!

  194. My husband is a dad to three sons. He has ALWAYS been there for them!

  195. I would like to win this for my Husband. He is an amazing man who thinks of others before himself. He spends time teaching our kids how to fish, and he always encourages them. Thanks for the chance to win!

  196. I had one of the worst dad’s on the planet so I look up to my brother that is a new dad!!

  197. My husband is wonderful, he works EVERY day weather it be at his job, or rebuilding our house. There has been days he has worked for 16hrs. and never has a gripe. I would love to win this for him because I know he stresses about buying things for the house. Thanks.

  198. I am posting about my great grand Dad because he was a carpenter. He made wonderful wardrobes, blanket chests and other storage type furniture from pure cedar wood. They are great for storing wool items and blankets. When we were small he built all of the little girls a life size playhouse with real windows and porches. No plastic junk, these were all wood. He would have loved Home Depot, I know.

  199. My Dad is one person in my life that I can depend on. He is the one who comes through for everyone in the family and he does it out of love.

  200. One of my favorite memories of my father is how every time when we visit him in France he takes the path of each and every carousel. He buys multiple tickets so my girls can have several rides. As a frugal mommy that is something we never do and my girls just beam with the excitement of their carousel walks with Pepere.

  201. My dad was the greatest! He was always there for me – and never telling me what to do (after we turned 18). He would give us his opinion of what he thought we should do in a certain situation but not force us to follow it – because we were the ones who had to live with our decisions – not him. I have raised my children this way also and I am so proud of them and the decions they make.

  202. My Dad is one of the most compassionate people that I know. Since I can remember, he’s always been someone who would help others, thereby setting a wonderful example. He’s now in his 70’s and he is a fulltime care giver to my Mom, who had a stroke a few years back. We’ve talked to him about getting help, but he says that he doesn’t want anyone to help my Mom and wants to do this. I give him so much credit. He’s really a wonderful and deserving person. His one hobby is doing woodwork projects, so he would love winning this wonderful prize. Thanks so much.

  203. The best memory about my father is that he would let me come along with him while he worked as a projectionist at the movie theater. We created quite a bond with movies that spilled over into other aspects of our lives.

  204. My father and I are so alike that it is beyond belief. We look alike, act alike, and have the same tastes and thought processes. I think he’s just the funniest person, very fast with his wit. Great dad!

  205. My Dad is a good man. We didn’t have much money growing up, but he did his best to provide for us and make sure that we had all of our needs met.

  206. My husband is the best father in the world! Our 3 daughters adore him. I would love a gc to give him for Father’s Day.


  208. My husband is the best dad to our kids. We have two girls and a boy with Cerebral Palsy. All three of them adore their dad, but our son is especially attached to him.

  209. Teacher, leader, provider, friend.
    My dad shows that he loves me by his actions- always being there for me to help. He’s always up for a good laugh and I admire him for that. He loves my mother and sacrifices for her when needed. God has blessed me with the most loving, caring dad I have ever met.

  210. I would have to say my husband is the best father I have ever seen. He makes sure to take time out to play and love on our little girl. He’s the sweetest man I know!!

  211. My father just dropped everything to fly to my aid yesterday morning when I had a car accident. I now am scared I can’t afford anything nice for him for Father’s Day, and winning this would be so wonderful to make a bad situation worse. I love you, Daddy.

  212. I would like for my husband to win. He is a hardworking man and strives to be a good father.

  213. he is a great giver in the community, truly selfless

  214. My dad would love this as he is always doing projects around the house and helps us whenever we need it. He is handy.

  215. My dad spent every evening and every weekend with me at softball practice and tournaments while I was growing up. What a committment!

  216. My dad died Oct. 2008. I am so grateful that he (and my mom) gave me the spiritual foundation that I needed.

    My husband is a great father also. He is a great spirtual leader for our family. He has a high work ethic. He also knows how important our family (including extended members) is.

    I would love to win the card for him.

    pscole3467 at gmail dot com

  217. My dad is the best father! He is my supporter, my champion, my hero and my friend.
    I truly could not ask for a better dad.

  218. My dad always helps the neighbors. He mows their lawn and shovels their sidewalks for them in the winter. He would always help anyone.

  219. My dad is the greatest dad in the world because he has been not only a great provider but also has been a great spiritual influence on my life. Great contest.

  220. My dad is amazing. He was always there when we needed him and gave us the space and confidence to become whatever we wanted. He taught us the value of hard work, honesty, and being true to who we are.

  221. In spite of a lack of formal education my dad was always there for me during my educational process with support and help.

  222. My dad worked nearly full time from the time he was 10 years old. He was always so proud of all my achievements….and the one I hated the most to let down.

  223. I would like to nominate my Dad for this giveaway for many reasons that make hima great father.But most importantly for being one of the most Godly men in my life. He raised my brother and I in the ways of the Lord and that is the greatest thing he has ever passed down to us. He is my hero and I love him so very much.

  224. My father-in-law is a terrific dad. He has set the example not only for my husband, but also for my two children on the virtues of patience and hard work. He is a carpenter by vocation, built his own house, and taught my husband how to take care of things around the house – saving us lots of money over the years because we didn’t have to call a professional for help! 🙂

  225. My father passed away 7 years ago this Father’s Day – he was a wonderful man. Now that I have two kids (one named after him) I have started to see how amazing genetics is: my daughter is left-handed and my son has my father’s dimple in his chin. Every day I think of how my father was lovingly strict, and I try and emulate that when I discipline my children.

  226. My father was a man who, without much formal education (he left school at 14 during the depression to help support his family), was able to run a successful business, be known as a man to go to in his community, and raise a family who loved him to distraction. I miss him greatly.

  227. My husband is the best father I could have ever have asked for. He works nights and also does a ministry during the day. So he runs on 3-4 hours of sleep a day. He is always there for the kids and loves to just play and wrestle with them even when he’s exhausted. Praise God for such a blessing in my life!
    [rq=2525,0,blog][/rq]Let Them Be Broken

  228. My husband is a great Dad to our 4 kids. He makes time to play games with them, take them on bike rides or watch a movie with them. He so patient, too. He likes to teach them thing. He’s teaching them to do small jobs around the house, gardening and other skills that they will find useful when they are on their own.

  229. I would like to nominate my father. In the last 8 years, since he has had granddaughters his life has changed dramatically. The way that he spends time teaching the girls how to fish and garden is amazing. It is a much different dad then the person that I grew up with.

  230. My dad is amazing. He grew up in the projects and has managed to become quite successful in his career as an engineer. He is absolutely brilliant. It’s funny because when I was little I always thought I would understand what he was talking about when he talked about work if I was just a little bit older. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Even after law school, I still have no idea what he is talking about in terms of process controllers! I think it is great that my dad has always emphasized the importance of education and supported me throughout my journey. Without such a strong support system, I know for sure that I would not be where I am today. I am truly blessed to have him in my life!

  231. My Dad is a wonderful man. He taught all 7 of his children the value of hard work. He never calls someone else to do or fix something around the house. He does it himself. He is a quiet man, but we always know we are loved.

  232. My husband is the best father in thwe world. He so involved with the kids and is so supporting of them. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband and father. I really hit the jackpot when I married him.

  233. I would like to nominate my Stepfather (Who is my 2nd Dad) He has always been there for me when I needed help moving something, or help financially or for just about anything! Including babysitting when I went back to college. He is the best Grandfather (aka: Papa in the world…to his two most adoring fans) He give’s the best “belly buzzy’s” and is loved by all! Our “Papa” would be a great candidate for this give away and has several projects to use it on!!

  234. My husband is starting to learn how to fix things around the house by himself, so this card would be perfect gift. Thanks

  235. My father is very loving and kind to all of his children. He’s the perfect dad.

  236. My dad was kind, smart and knew how to work and play hard. He passed away in 2001 but luckily I married a man with similar qualities – who’s about to become a first-time dad in 2010!
    [rq=2650,0,blog][/rq]Good grief!

  237. My dad makes the most beautiful wood furniture and things like bowls and cutting boards, I am positive that he would put this gift card to great use! Thanks for the contest!

  238. My husband is an awesome father to our triplet boys. Our lives have changed so much since we had these boys a year and a half ago! My husband LOVES to do work around the house; however, with our income being cut in half with me staying home and his continuing to work he hasn’t been able to do as much as he would like around our house. Our budget just doesn’t allow for many extras. This would be a wonderful gift for my wonderful man!
    [rq=2685,0,blog][/rq]It’s been a while…

  239. My dad is wonderful man he works long hours but always finds the time to do something special with his kids and grand kids.

    🙂 Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! 🙂

  240. My husband is the best father. He absolutely adores our daughter. He has so many ideas in mind to do around our house including building a swingset! This would be a perfect starter for that project!

  241. My husband is the greatest dad around. There is nothing that he can’t do. I think this would be a really awesome gift for him. He does without so many times for his family.

  242. I love that my son’s daddy takes him to TBall every Saturday and teaches him good sportsmanship!

  243. My husband is such a great Dad. He always has time for the kids, lets them climb all over him, drowns them in hugs, reads to them, plays with them. He is a world class great father.

  244. My husband is the best dad to our daughters. He is very dedicated to his kids and loves to be with them. My girls adore him too.

  245. My father is a very giving, caring person who is always ready to help others and who will happily spend time with me no matter how busy he is, and how many other things he should be doing.

  246. He loves the fixer up list. Great with tools an a kind word.

  247. Like everyone else’s Dad, mine is also awesome. If I win the giftcard I won’t give it to him. However, I will buy some new tools for me and go do some tile work for him that he needs done.

  248. he’s so great and handy. he can fix anything and he’s always there to support us emotionally too. He can mend a owie w/ a simple hug!

  249. My husband is a wonderful Papa to 4 happy children. Most babies cling to their mommas when they are young, but in our house, he spends so much time playing and loving on them, that my children cling to their dad more than to me. This is so helpful and he loves having children that absolutely adore him.
    [rq=2806,0,blog][/rq]Benaiah’s Dedication

  250. My husband is a great DAD. I can’t count the number of times he has gotten up in the middle of the night to feed, change, rock any of our kids and all with out a word of complaint. He also is a great day at getting the kids into music history…our 4 year old can now sing about 6 Beetles songs. The gift card would be great for him as he wants to do repairs on our home but has only a hammer and screw driver to work with.

  251. The dad in my life (my honey) is a servant and gets up with the babies at night. Thank you honey!

  252. My husband is the best dad two kids could ask for. He consistantly goes out of his way to come up with ideas of ways to spend time with them both together and individually and works hard to keep the lines of communication open with them both (which isn’t easy with 2 sixteen yr olds!). He would flip to get this in his father’s day card!

  253. My hubby is a great Dad and loves to work on projects and to include the kids.

  254. My hubby is the best. He devoted 6 years to being a stay at home Dad. He Reads to our daughter everynight, plays games with her and takes her to the park. She is so lucky to have him as her dad.

  255. I love my husband. I think he’s such a great dad. He’s the one who makes the boys breakfast every day. He takes them camping, biking, rafting and fishing and so much more. He’s taught them how to be a gentleman. I’m so grateful for him!

  256. My dad has done so much for me and supported me and my siblings while we were growing up. He continues to support us in whatever we need or choose to do. He sure would put this giftcard to good use!

  257. The best “father” that I ever had was my ex-husband’s. He was a wonderful man and a Logistics Specialist for the government. He warmly accepted me as his “daughter”. I helped him work on his Piper Cub Airplane and he took me up in it after is was all completed; and he showed me the most breathtaking scenery; things you can’t see from a commercial airplane. I was just devastated when he was hit by another plane. They said that he had the presence of mind to sway the airplane into just missing a house; then he died instantly upon impact. That is the kind of person he was; always thinking of others. To this day, I still love him and miss him tremendously, and that was in 1965. Thanks for letting me share him with you!

    Barb in Jax FL

  258. I learned patience and kindness from my father. He was a good example and a great dad.

  259. My husband has really proven to be an extra special dad (and husband) this past year. I was very ill and stuck in the hospital for a month on two different occasions — and he took care of the kids, the house and ran his business and did it with grace and style!

  260. Love to get dad some thing really good from the Home Depot.

  261. My dad’s so funny he’s awesome to be around! He makes everyone smile and laugh he’s a lot of fun!

  262. My grandfather passed away many years ago, but I remember him as a kind and gentle man.

  263. My dad is great – when my sis and I were born, he decided he needed to learn to be a dad to little girls, and he learned all about the little girl stuff – painting nails, braiding hair, picking out dresses and shoes – he was the best. And he still is – every once in awhile, when he sees a sale, he’ll pick me up a t-shirt or a pair of jeans. He’s the best!

  264. My dad rocks. He’s always there when you need him. Stays neutral most of the time, and when he gives advice you know you need to listen.

  265. My dad has always been there for me. Even now that I am married and on my own my dad has come to my rescue several times.

  266. My dad is wonderful – he’s going through some really rough times right now but he’s still my hero!

  267. My dh is really hands on, plays, bathes, diapers, and puts the children to bed every night. He has also been making dinner as I get through morning sickness. Thanks!

  268. My dad raised 11 children on a private school teacher’s salary. He had to often go without things for himself, but we were always taken care of. I look back now and wonder how in the world he did it all!

  269. My dad is a wonderful grandfather. My four-year-old son loves spending time with Grandpa. He’s going to Grandpa’s next week; they’re going to work on checking off a “100 things you can do with your grandchildren” list. Last year on summer vacation they checked off at least 15 items, including “visit your local fire department” and “feed farm animals”. I’m so grateful that my son has a special relationship with his Grandpa, my dad.

  270. My father is great because even tho he has terminal cancer, he just keeps going and going. He has shown an amazing love of life, trying to get thru this terrible time.

  271. My husband is the best dad in the world. He and my daughter like to tell stories together and while they can get weird and weirder he always enjoys engaging her creativity.

  272. My father-in-law passed away in January, but he was remembered by everyone as a servant. He did whatever needed to be done without expecting any reward or recognition.

  273. My son is the special father in my life right now! I love seeing him interact with his own children and it makes me really proud that I raised such a wonderful dad.

  274. My husband is the best Dad ever. He does everything with his kids and treats them like royalty. I’m so lucky they have him.

  275. As I was growing up, my Dad would very patiently teach me how to do things around the house and with my car. Rather than just do it himself, he liked to show me how too. I had no idea how much

  276. My father is an amazing grandfather. Patient and fun, he loves letting the little ones ‘help’ build things with him.

    We actually had decided not to buy a swing set this year as we just could not spend the money…..dad found some scrap wood and built her a beautiful one!

    If I win, Dad will make good use of this card!
    [rq=3264,0,blog][/rq]Death Before Birth: A Mini Series on Fridays

  277. My hubby is one awesome dad. He works 2 jobs so that I can stay home with our 4 children. Then, on his days off, he does work on our new house to make it nicer for all of us. He recently installed swings for the kids and turned a coat closet into a pantry. The kids and I visit him at work and he calls during the day just to say hi to them. He would love this gift card and the projects he will be able to work on because of it.
    [rq=3262,0,blog][/rq]Another Magazine Giveaway

  278. My Dad is very kind, thoughtful & loving. He has always been a steady rock that I can lean on and count on in my life! He is a very hard worker and always put his family first!

  279. As I was growing up, my Dad would very patiently teach me how to do things around the house and with my car. Rather than just do it himself, he liked to show me how too. I had no idea how much I would rely on this knowledge as I found myself a divorced single Mother. I am a real Ms. Fix-It, and all because my Dad took the time to teach me about basic “guy stuff”, and I am a girly girl.

  280. My husband is a great dad to our 3 kids. He is always there for their baseball games, dance recitals, etc. They love their daddy!

  281. My dad is always there to help when help is needed and would do whatever is best for everyone.

  282. My dad is “Mr. Fix it”. I love when he comes to visit me because he always helps with some minor project around the house! He’s coming this weekend and he’s going to help me paint a table and maybe hang some things on the wall!

  283. My husband works very hard at being a great dad!

  284. My dad and I have had a special relationship since I was a little girl. He used to braid my hair and play games in the car with me. He is a man of character and godliness, and I looked for many of his same qualities in a husband.

  285. My dad worked 18 hours days 7 days a week. Never had a vacation.

  286. My son in law is the best. He works so hard all kinds of weird hours and still finds time for his kids. He’s the best!

  287. My father has always been supportive and my biggest fan. I don’t know what I would do without him….

  288. My husband is the most awesome step-dad my kids could have. He has jumped right in their lives and treats them as they are his own.

  289. My father is amazing at DIY! He worked in construction for years and I’m not sure there’s anything he can’t make or fix!

  290. Every time I see my dad, he never fails to hug me and tell me how much he loves me and how he is proud of me.

  291. DH is a great dad to my girls. He is always there for them. The other day my 4 yr told him, daddy, I like you fine, but I don’t know why, I don’t like mommy:).

  292. The greatest thing about Dad was that he always listened, and was always there for us. Thanks for this offer.

  293. My father adopted myself and 3 other boys who had nobody to take care of them, a true hero

  294. My father died last year January 29th in an Amtrak train collision in Orlando.

    But his best friend has stepped into my life and done his best to be a surrogate father. Taking over a lot of responsibilities that my dad once had. He does his best to keep me on track with my life and help me when I get into trouble.
    This would be the perfect gift to thank him with for all of his time and care for Father’s day.



  295. My dad is probably the best dad alive. He is extremely caring and compassionate. He is so good at everything he does and he loves to try new things and be good at them too. He is currently working about 70 hours a week just to support all of us. He always cares about other people before he cares for himself. He is just an all around great guy and everyone who knows him thinks he is great. We all think he absolutely deserves this gift because he loves to work on things around the house and this would be a really great treat for him.

  296. my dad is almost 80 and he spends all day in his workshop and garden he could soo use this, i would love to give him this as a gift , he works soo hard at everything he does

  297. i would liek to follow but cant find the button

  298. My husband is saving for backyard improvements because our son loves to play there. This gift card will go towards that fund. Thanks for the contest!

  299. My husband is a great dad, he never breaks a promise to his daughter and that’s important.

  300. realitybbq*AT*gmail*DOT*com

    I’m a follower on Blogger/Google Friend. 🙂 Thank you!

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    I’m a follower on Twitter. 🙂 antispamgirl

    Thank you!

  302. My dad isnt the nicest dad in the world but he would always go to all of our sporting events in school and now that i see how my sil is i really appricate my dad.

  303. My husband is an amazing dad- I love to eavesdrop on him reading stories to my son at bedtime. They have such a good time together and I feel lucky that my son has such a good bond with his father.

  304. My Dad is 81 years old and he still is tackling home and garden projects. This would be so nice for him.

  305. my dad love’s him some DIY and Home Depot’s got the supplies!

  306. My Dad is actually my stepdad, but there is no doubt in my mind that he is my “real dad”. He is the best

  307. When I had just turned three and my brother was 18 months old, my mom left us and went to another state. My dad made the most of it. He never complained. He even cooked whole chickens in the crockpot so we would have healthy dinners. After a year, we all moved in with my grandma so that when the time came to start Kindergarten, she could watch me until my dad came home at 4p.m. When he would come home from work, he would spend a lot of time with us. On weekends we would always be doing something…whether it was going to the arcade, the pool in the summer, or just hanging out around town. Every summer my dad would take off a lot of time. We would go camping, travel to different places, and do all sorts of fun things around town. He even braided my hair so that I would have “pretty hair” when it was unraveled(grew up in the 80’s…lol). Before my grandpa died, he asked my dad to take care of my grandma. My dad has done just that. He fixes anything around the house…and he extends a helping hand to everyone around. I could write a book about him! In the winter, he plows 4-5 neighbor’s driveways and walkways every time it snows(lives up north). My aunt is moving back to the state they are in, and he’s been painting, fixing things up, and doing yard work to prepare her “new” house. He has a heart of gold, and the things listed were only a few of the wonderful things that he is. He is the most giving man I know. OH, and this shocked my husband. When I graduated from college, my mom, step-dad, and step-brothers came down. My daddy paid for dinner for EVERYONE! My husband said, “How in the world could he do that?” I said, “I don’t know. That’s just how he is.” He doesn’t hold a grudge, and He’s a great example to everyone. Yes, he’s my dad…my hero!

  308. My dad is my best guy friend. Since he’s recently divorced, I’m helping him back to the here and now and it’s a lot of fun!

  309. My father is amazing. He is always there for and he is a great listener. Thanks.

  310. My Dad loves use so much and cares a great deal about us.

  311. My Dad wasn’t really around growing up, he traveled a lot. Now that he is retired and home I have finally been able to build a relationship with him! My honor and appreciated for him grows more and more. I love to watch him with my children and see his eyes light up with delight (he is not a kid person). He has stuck by my mom through hell and back and now they actually love her eachother deeply.He is a testimony to me. I love him dearly.

  312. My Dad wasn’t around when I was growing up. He traveled a lot. But now he is retired at home and is madly in love with my mom! I have finally been able to build a relationship with him and I honor and love him more and more! I love to see him with my children (he is not a kid person) and he and my mom are a testimony of enduring love to us all.

  313. My dad has given me fabulous advice on ways to save money. I’m not sure I would know how to do my budget without the great advice he has given me over the years!

    Pay yourself first!(he explains it better 😉
    [rq=3715,0,blog][/rq]Piddle Poddles giveaway

  314. My dad was the World’s Worst Handyman, but my wife always says she can’t figure out how I know so much about fixing things around the house. I guess genes ain’t all they’re cracked up to be!

  315. My fiance is a wonderful daddy to his 9 yr. old son. He works so hard to provide for us as a really hard working electrician. This g.c. would really be a wonderful gift for him.

  316. my dad is currently fixing up a room and he sure could use this!

  317. My late father was a man of unending curiosity who loved learning.

  318. My dad has accomplished so much in his life. I admire that he sets a goal, he goes after it. He isn’t side tracked and keeps going until he gets it. The best thing he ever told me was to forget your mistakes in the past, they are over and the best place to look is forward, what’s ahead of you. Don’t linger on regrets. It’s a waste of time.

  319. My dad is going through chemo treatments,some days are good, but most are not. My dad was always known as Mr. Fix IT. He loves to tinker around with tools and keeps everything in good working order. All my sisters and I had to do was call dad and he was there to fix it… or at least show our husbands how too!It would be great if I won the gift card so I could take him on a spending spree for new tools. We love him very much and it is hard to see him like this but we know that he will get though it to see another job that needs to be done!

  320. Something great about my dad is that he chose to be. My father died when I was 7 and my mom got remarried when I was 13. My step father entered the picture with a 13 year old girl and a 15 year old boy which would frighten most anyone. But he chose to be an active part of our lives. He treats us like we’re his own, he considers us his own, and it just amazes me that he opened up his heart to us even though it wasn’t easy.

  321. My dad is in a nursing home and he likes plants. I would go to home depot and buy some small plants and large pots. Transplant them and bring them to him to enjoy.

  322. My husband is the best dad. He is alwsys a good role model and friend to our son.

  323. My father and my mother divorced when I was in fifth grade, and since then I do not see him much (roughly every other weekend). Now am 19 and he still calls me once a week to see how I am. I love visiting him and my stepmom and he is always great to me. I always looked up to him because he is smart and has done a lot in his life (he’s even going on an archeological dig this summer). Like many dads he loves Home Depot. I would love to win this card because I know he’d love it, especially since he and his wife are working on renovating their new house.

  324. My dad is battling colon cancer and is going through chemo. He also has a degenerative muscle disease which makes walking difficult. Despite his problems, he would give the shirt off his back to anyone he meets if he felt that person needed it more than him. He is the most giving, generous person I know.

  325. My husband is the best Dad. He is so patient

  326. My husband is a great dad. He is always willing to play with the kids, ours and others. At parties, he is the one to get baseball games, or other games started.

  327. My uncle ( now age 92) raised me, so he’s my “dad”: He’s extremely active for a man his age! He helped my aunt plant a 2 acre garden this spring. I’d just love to win this for him.

  328. My father is a great doctor and will work all day long to help people and get people in and out of surgeries.

    ParkingGoddessFTW at gmail dot com

  329. My dad has spent the last 12 years transforming our backyard from something ordinary into something beautiful. He built a patio and walkway, completely redid the back wall and fences, and has built up several stone flower beds for my mom to plant things. It’s hard work (I know, I’ve helped), but I’m always impressed with the results, and it just keeps getting better year after year!

  330. My dad helped me through my divorce. I’ll always be a daddy’s girl. He knew I didn’t need that loser.


  331. My dads the best because he does everything for my family. from cooking to cleaning to fixing anything. he could use the home depot card to help fix more things while hes home from work.

  332. The dad in my life loves fixing and remodeling. Home Depot is his home away from home to fix home. I’d love to give him this gift card.

  333. My husband is the best Dad ever and has been now for 32 years. He is committed to one wife and loves his children and works hard on the farm and loves to grill. I think Home Depot would be a great place to buy one.

  334. My father is a really good dad not only to me but to other kids who need a male role model. After I grew up and left the house he continued to volunteer with the boy scouts helping out on projects and taking kids under his wing who didn’t have fathers or whose fathers didn’t have the time to spend with their kids. He really puts his heart into it.

  335. I’m married to the most wonderful dad in the world. He is also the wisest, kindest, most patient and loving man I know. I am blessed.

  336. My father is in a nursing home and I would like to buy some small plants to decorate is window sill. He loves plants.

  337. My Dad has always been someone I could talk with. Now that he is retired he has more time and I enjoy taking my children over to visit him.

  338. My Daddy is a wonderful provider willingly working long, hot hours (he’s a roofer) to support us. He loves the Lord and seeks to please Him most of all. He has a beautiful servant’s heart.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  339. Its hard for me to decide~ My dad is awesome, even more so now that he is the super cook biker grandpa!
    But my husband is super dad. He cooks, he cleans, he loves, he snuggles, and he doesnt let them get away with being bad. He would LOVE to have a new grill for Fathers Day!
    [rq=4023,0,blog][/rq]I have a dirty little secret…

  340. My bathroom is moldy; it needs a fan (don’t we all)?

  341. My dad is awesome and loves to build things.

  342. My dad is always building something.
    He also comes up with creative ways to build. This would be a great gift for him.. Thanks for the chance.

  343. My Dad has always supported me even when I didn’t play sports or like watching them 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  344. My hubby is a great dad. He is spending his two week vacation doing Cub and Boy Scout camps with my boys.
    [rq=4086,0,blog][/rq]My Birthday Girl

  345. My husband always makes me and our kids feel loved, and he makes our lives so much fun.

  346. My husband is a super dad! He helps our son help with projects even when it takes soooo much longer than doig it alone. 🙂

  347. My father in law spent his vacation flying to our new house and helping us/showing us how to frame doors, wire lighting fixtures, fix broken fireplace blowers…and he had FUN too, I was in awe!

  348. My dad always did whatever he could for his kids even if it meant he had to sacrifice something for himself.

  349. My dad is a wonderful father!
    He has always been there for me, no matter what. When I needed him, he was there, no questions asked.

  350. Well, my dad isn’t the greatest, however I was lucky enough to marry the best dad in the world. He is my son’s den leader for Cub Scouts, his baseball coach, his football coach, my daughter’s soccer coach and her biggest fan. I would love to get him a new bbq for fathers day, because he is even awesome enough to cook out for us a lot during the warm months.

  351. My dad is wonderful! I remember making snow castles with him when I was small. I’m 40 and he’s still there for anything that I need, he tells me he would give me the moon ♥

  352. My husband is one of the best dads I think there is. We was young when we had are daughter 19/21 and after all these years we are still together and happier then ever. He will bring her home little things and she gets so tickles. Its to let her know hes thinking of her while working.

  353. My father is a great man. He has given everything in his life to make sure that I have been provided for.

  354. My dad is a great example to me. He gave up the comforts of America to do mission work over in Russia for many years. He also is so loving, and would do anything for me. He is a great father.

  355. My husband (daddy to my 2 boys) is a wonderful daddy! We have a special needs child and an active 2 yr old and he helps me sooo much! He started a garden for me for Mother’s Day and it has been so much fun learning How to garden and working together. He deserves this gift card to buy something for himself.
    [rq=4212,0,blog][/rq]WALMART MATCH-UPS

  356. My Dad helps me with my house, fixing things up and taking us to Steak ‘n Shake, his fav!

  357. I remember my father patiently pretending to play Barbies with me. He was really watching TV. But, I didn’t care he held the doll and moved it around.

  358. The best dad I know is my good friend. His girlfriend got pregnant in their senior year of high school. A lot of guys at that age if they don’t bolt at the beginning don’t stick around long after the baby is born. But he grew up fast, got a job and worked constantly, and now 6 years later they own their own home and have two beautiful children. He is devoted to his wife and children and he never complains about what he had to give up he’s grateful for what he’s gotten in life.

  359. My Dad is my best friend. We work together, and even though it can be tough sometimes we love each other and lean on each other. He is always there for me even when things are bad. I love him and could never find a good enough gift for him on father’s day.

  360. my dad is great. he works so hard to support our family, he really could use this.

  361. My dad was my biggest supporter in my gymnastics career.

  362. my dad has worked really hard all his life and still is. I’m just glad that i have him. he has always been there for us and i hope i will be there when he needs me the most.

    Thanks for the chance.

  363. My Dad (passed away)but he was always the best Christmas shopper. He would go last minute, to only one store Sears. He would tell the girls what Mom and I liked, and he would pick things out. He would come home bragging he had it all done in two hours or less including wrapping.. because they did that at the mall too. I miss my Dad very much, and wish he was still here.


  364. I am getting married in 3 months to a wonderful man. My father has always been my confidante, my shoulder to cry on and my best friend. When I got engaged, my father cried and cried because he was “losing his little girl.”

    My fiance’s father passed away in August – I am lucky to have known my father in law for just enough time to know what a wonderful father he was to my fiance. My fiance reminds me so much of him in so many endearing ways.

    I’d like to nominate my father not because he’s just my dad now, but soon will be my husband’s dad too.

    My daddy has let me call him at 2am when I broke up with a boyfriend in college – drove 6 hours to come get me when I was homesick at camp one year – taught me how to drive, cried with me when I got my first puppy at 3 and cried again when he passed away at 15. My daddy will walk me down the aisle in 78 days and I feel like I don’t have enough love in my heart to ever say “Thank you for everything. I love you.”

    This year is a special father’s day for me – it’s the year my father will say goodbye to his little girl.

    And this year – it’s the year my fiance will not ever have to go without a father, even though he lost his own…

    And, my Dad means so much to both of us.

    I wish everyone a Happy Father’s Day.

  365. I’d like to nominate my husband! No matter how hard he works and how tired he is, he still manages to help out with the munchkin – especially with diapers, and for that, I totally love this man! LOL
    [rq=4360,0,blog][/rq]Pillsbury Bake-Off Giveaway

  366. My Dad has always had a great positive attitude. There has never been a problem he couldn’t deal with. I look up to my Dad because I have never heard him raise his voice to anyone.
    He’s a great role model for my son.

  367. My hubby is an amazing dad. Growing up in a house where both parents were hooked on drugs and alcoholics, he didn’t exactly have great role models. But seeing him with our two kids, you would never know that. He spends every free moment with them. Has this massive amount of patients and plays/teaches my children about anything and everything. He insures that they get a spiritual upbringing with values that he never had. He not only gets up with them EVERY morning, he does bathes, and song every night too. Our daddy is the greatest dad we could have ever known.

  368. I’d like to nominate my daughter’s father. Not only is he the sweetest and most dedicated dad I have ever known, he also helps around the house, loves new gadets and tools and is the primary care-giver for her. I know many dads are mr moms, but as a working mom, I can’t even begin to explain how valuable it is to me in my life and in our daughter’s.

  369. I subscribed via Google and am following on twitter (care918)

  370. My dad is an amazing man. We have an awesome relationship. Injured during a “friendly fire” training exercise during his Army days, he now lives with the disabilities that resulted from his accident. Legally blind and partially paralyzed and dealing with the results of a tramatic brain injury, he lives each day praising God that he is alive and enjoying his family. I love him so much and am so grateful for him.

  371. My father has always been my biggest supporter –for the past three years he has had Alzheimer’s and it brakes my heart to no longer have him to talk to when I need him.

  372. One great thing I always appreciated about my dad was how he made such an effort to take an interest in the hobbies and pastimes my sister and I pursued. When I started playing tennis, he learned all he could about it and watched it with me. When I started trumpet lessons, he would help me practice and listen to recordings with me. That level of engagement in our lives has been a mainstay, and it’s one reason why I love him so much!

  373. My dad is so hardworking. He is definitely the family handyman and alway helps everyone with their DIY projects. A Home Depot gift card is the perfect gift for Dad. Thanks!

  374. My Dad has always been so giving that I’d like to win this card for him so he can spend it on himself for a change. He has been a father, a best friend, a shoulder to cry on, a rock, a coach, etc…

    To sum up what kind of guy my Dad is, when my sister and I were little, he’d always take us to the playground. We’d see the other parents sitting on the benches watching their kids play as they read their newspapers… while MY dad was leading the playground game of Hide-N-Go Seek. It never failed. Every time, we’d have every kid there asking us if they could play because he was just so much fun.

    Please consider him for this giveaway, as he truly deserves it!

  375. I’m following you on twitter: guettel78

  376. My dad has always been there for me. He sacrificed so much, so my sister and I could have all that he didn’t.

  377. My husband goes to my daughter’s room everytime she wakes because he is so excited to see her. He’s a great man.

  378. I am now following you on Twitter (Merri617)

  379. My dh is a wonderful father. He works hard to provide for us. He goes without little things so that our girls can have a little more. He coaches my daughter’s softball team and works really hard to help the other girls learn the game. He just an all around great person. Thank you!

  380. My step dad has been more of a father to me than my own biological father. He is really special to me! and I love him so very much!

  381. My dad is a great. He deserves this gift card. He worked so hard to provide for us when we were kids. I would love to be able to repay him, but I know that I never can. It would be nice to win this for him. I wish I could do more. Thanks for a chance to give him something.

  382. Unconditional love is the greatest gift my father has given me. He’s a wonderful father, as well as a friend to me. And, he’s great with the Grandkids too! When I asked to borrow Dad’s pressure washer to clean our wooden fence, not only did Dad bring the pressure washer over to our home but he did most of the work. When my husband got home from work, my husband got to do just a bit. Dad’s always generous with his time and love. Dad is someone I’ll always admire and be proud to know.

  383. My husband is a fantastic father to our little girl, no one can make her laugh as hard as he can!

  384. My dad is great because he has an abundance of patience and love . He always makes me laugh. He tells the best Jokes and the best stories. No one can tell a story like my dad. He has been a wonderful father and an equally wonderful grandfather to my son and his 10 other grandkids. I couldn’t imagine life without him. I love my dad!

  385. My son is a dad. He has been away for much of his kids life. He served three times in Iraq. When he got out of the military he spent 6 months trying to find a good job. It happened but it’s all the way across country from his kids. He flies home monthly to see them. For his own Fathers Day he will fly across country and then fly them halfway back to see his dad-their grandfather. That is sacrifice and love

  386. I would like to nominate my dh for the gift card. He works so hard to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. And when he gets off work he comes home and WANTS to change diapers! He loves being a part of our daughters life. Watching them spent time together just melts my heart. I know this gift card would make his day.. gosh his month, lol. He loves Home depot and goes to walk the aisles when he needs some quiet time! Its his oasis.

  387. My husband would be the dad that I am highlighting. He is the most amazing man and a wonderful father to our 2 boys. He is a disabled purple heart veteran for the OEF/OIF war. After getting injured while he was serving, he had a whole new lease on life. He is not the person I married 10 yrs. ago, but he is still an amazing man for his bravery alone.

    I am a follower and have blogged about this at: http://texascouponersanonymous.blogspot.com/
    [rq=4665,0,blog][/rq]The Thrifty Mama Giveaway…

  388. My husband is a great father; he takes time to listen to the children and to teach them things. He has a wonderful amount of patience with them. He prays for them each night when he tucks them in bed.

  389. My dad was a great father. He was the dad that everyone who didn’t have a wonderful father wished they had. He took time out to be there at every football game I played, he took me fishing and camping, and was always supportive of who I am. I miss him but I’m grateful that I was lucky to have him as my father.

  390. My Dad still looks after me like I’m his little girl but gives me the respect of a grown woman. He and my Mom are my best friends next to my husband.

    I have so much love and respect for him. I wish I could repay all he’s done for me.

    I love my Daddy! 🙂

  391. My husband is a wonderful father, grandfather and husband. He took my daughter and I in when we were escaping from an abusive marriage. He never once acted like she was anything other than his and when she asked him to give her away (she’s engaged!) I thought he would cry. We all love him so much.

  392. My dad is a police officer, so in my eyes (as well as others) a hero. 🙂

  393. I follow you on Twitter under @meredycat.

  394. I can be myself around my dad and go garage saling with him

  395. My guy is a hard worker, with a dry sense of humor who forever amazes me with his talent,his kindness and his love for his family.

  396. My Dad moved in with us because he has lung cancer and only has about a year to live. The time im gwtting to spend with him right now is priceless. He is one of the best people I know. 🙂

  397. Since the day our daughter was born, my husband has been the most caring and attentive father ever! He works very hard to support our family, and he deserves a special gift that only he can choose for himself. Where better than at Home Depot? It’s his favorite store!
    [rq=5310,0,blog][/rq]Old Navy Weekly – When Will They Refresh?

  398. Dad would put his family ahead of himself. What would be best for them. He always made sure every child had a melping of food at mealtimes and then he would have a helping last. Even at picnics and get-to-gethers he would have us patiently wait to have a turn, even if it would mean that we would be last in line.
    [rq=5363,0,blog][/rq]Healthy Freebies from Panera Bread June 11

  399. My dad is great, caring, kind!

  400. Following you on Twitter (id- electricisland)

  401. One of the countless great things about my dad is that he is totally loyal to his family.

  402. My dad is great because he is always there when I need him

  403. Well not for my dad since he isn’t in the picture but for my husband who is becoming a dad in the fall:) he has been so supportive/protective and I know he will be a great father!

  404. My Dad is a great man. He was never able to work his dream job because he had to provide for a family. He is always there to help anyone who needs it. All I ever have to do is call and he will be there. He is a truly good hard working man. THank You

  405. I want to nominate my husband as the best dad! He’s always there with help, good advice and is so funny that he can cheer anyone up. He is just the best! Thank you!

  406. My dad has been gone for 15 years. His death left a void in many lifes. He was a great dad not only to his own children but any child who needed him. If he ever saw a kid with holes in his shoes he would buy him a pair. He always said , without a good pair of shoes you can’t get anywhere in life.

  407. My dad always takes care of my car. Even now that I’m 30 and married, he still feels the need to check my oil and tire pressure when I come to visit! It’s so funny to me, but I always feel safe in my car because of him.

  408. What can I say about my Dad? He was a source of safety and security when we were growing up. As we grew and our needs changed, he changed to being a source of friendship and support, but still with that unconditional love that is part of the rock of our lives.

  409. My Dad is the the kindest and most selfless man in my life. Last fall I was in car accident and herniated my back very severely, which left me stuck in bed for quite some time. My Dad immediately left Colorado to move in with me in my home in Texas, and spent the next two months helping get my life back in order.

    He is incredible!

  410. My husband practically lives at Home Depot this would be a great gift.

  411. My Dad finally retired from construction work at 73 years old! Okay, he didn’t really retire there just isn’t enough work right now so he told his boss to work the men with families to support instead. I think that’s pretty cool.

  412. My father died when I was nine. The Dad in my life is my husband. He provides love daily, compassion & reassurance when I need them, and is patient enough to tolerate my crap.

  413. My dad is one of those dads that makes anyone and everyone feel special and loved immediately, when being in his presence. Everwhere I go people talk about how they just adore my dad…and I do too!

  414. My dad was a very good dad when he was young until he got ack on drugs.He was bad for a very long time, and now he’s finally been back i shape for a longtime now. I am really proud of him for straightening up. Now he does alot of things to help me.

  415. I would love to nominate my grandfather to win this Gift Card.
    He is 90 years old and just celebrated his 70th wedding anniversary. He was a carpenter his whole life and I know would LOVE to get a gift card to Home Depot.

  416. My dad has been caring for my mom for 15 years and in that time, has been totally selfless.

  417. My son is the greateast Dad I know, even tho he is divorced. He has his children every week and also for vacations. When his daughter wanted a prom dress, He drove over 200 miles to Bloomindales to get her something special!

  418. My dad has past, but he was pretty terrific. I know my sons would say that their dad is pretty special as he never missed any of their football or rugby (or whatever sport they were playing)games. He is always there for them through their women troubles or work worries.

  419. My hubby is the greatest we are truly best friends.

  420. i never knew my dad so i will have to tell you how wonderful my hub is he works so hard to take care of our family and is soooooo very supportive 🙂

  421. My husband to me is the most gracious man I know. He is my Sweetheart and the best Dad to his kids. He always considers others before himself. We married a little over 5 years ago. I already had 3 children and from the beginning he always treated them as his own. Then when their biological father decided to give up his rights my husband adopted them. This has blessed their lives in so many ways. He then convinced me to take the kids out of public school and start homeschooling them. That has been a wonderful decision and has helped us with being more of an influence in their lives. We have had 3 more kids since then and are expecting another. He has helped support his mother for a number of years until recently when his business started doing poorly. He is a very hard worker and is trying to keep his business alive. He may not get to spend a lot of time with the family but he always makes it quality time with each one of us. Even if that means he gets less sleep. Now that some of the kids are old enough he takes them to work with him to be able to spend time with them. The little ones he will take when he is driving to delivering or picking up things. Sometimes I get concerned that he is going to over work himself. I have to remind myself that God is in control and pray that God’s will is to keep him in our family for a long time. He influences everyone greatly. We all love him and are grateful that God chose him to bless our lives.

  422. I am very lucky and blessed to have my father alive and also have my husband who is the father of my 3 young kids. Both men have similar qualities in them that I just adore. They are both very patient, compassionate men, who are loyal and dependable beyond the average, I do truly believe. I think when I first met my husband for the first time I saw a part of my father when I looked at him in his eyes, and I literally knew after speaking with him for the first hour that he was going to be the man I wanted to marry. It took us 2 1/2 years later to get there, but fate was on my side! My husband loves to paint, he’s no Mr. Fix It that’s for sure, but he can do wonders with a paint brush and we would use this Home Depot GC to purchase the paint we need to finish painting our upstairs hallway and start painting our kitchen. One project is started and the kitchen needs to be done. So, I thank you so much for the chance to enter.

  423. My husband is shaping our three sons into fine young men.

  424. I am now following you on twitter, joannaonthelake

  425. I am now subscribed to your blog through email

  426. My dad watches our son 2 times a week which enables me to keep working. He also asks that I call him when I get home – which lets me know he cares. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  427. My Dad is the greatest and a very strong man. He raised five kids on his own and we’re all so thankful for him.

  428. my dad gave away all his hopes and dreams when i came along. He had just got accepted to xavier college on a basketball scholarships and gave that all away so he can work and take care of his ittle girl he was a single father cause my mom was to busy chasing after drugs. So i really admire my dad for everything he has done and will do and the future

  429. My husband insisted on teaching our children everything he knew about computers when they were young. Now computers are just an extension of everything they do and computer related things come so easy to them. Our son earns a good living doing the stuff my husband taught him. I think that not many dads spend so much time and energy on their kids’ educations.

  430. My father was a great dad. He was always one of those dads that you see on a sitcom. He was interested in what we did, he was always present, and he really took the time out to be there and be there for us. I’m grateful for having him as my father.

  431. My dad was gone on business trips alot as a child, but he always remembered to bring me back a surprise!

  432. My dad is especially great. He helps me with any and all projects around the house. Without his handy help, I wouldn’t have been able to make most of my home improvements. Unfortunately the list keeps growing! Come on over dad!

  433. My dad used to get up early and make a pot of coffee for my mom every single day, summer or winter, rain or shine. The aroma of brewing went through the whole house and we all knew that when we could smell the coffee, it was time to get up. Even now, when I smell coffee brewing, it brings back memories of my dad, who honored mom that way every day.
    .-= Annulla´s last blog ..Greek Festival in Downtown Brooklyn =-.

  434. I love my dad’s little bits of wisdom. When I complain about little things he has reminded me “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”. Little reminders can be a good thing 🙂

  435. My husband is the greatest man I know! He is a wonderful father to our 7 children. He works hard and is the most caring and loving man I have ever known! I am proud to say he’s mine!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Bedtime… =-.

  436. My husband (the father of our two children) is currenlty in Iraq. He left shortly after our second son was born. We loves to watch our boys and always wants to know what new things our youngest is doing. He calls both our boys everyday and talks to them about anything they want to. We have a webcam so sometimes he will sit for an hour watching our 3 year old put on a show for him. Both of our kids miss him very much as well as myself. He is a wonderful Dad, he makes sure that our boys know how much they mean to him. Anytimes our 3 year old makes a comment to him about something he likes, my husband will try and find a “present” for him that has something to do with what my son told him and will send it to him in the mail. My son is so proud of his daddy and tells everyone that his daddy is keeping us safe in Iraq. I am proud of my husband and his commitment to our family and to our country. He hates being away and cant wait to come home, but it does not stop him from being the best dad he can be. I could not ask for a better husband or father for our children. We are sad that he will miss this fathers day but know that when he gets home we will make it up to him.

  437. My dad seems to always know how to fix something and that is where my interest in fixing things came from. i am always tinkering out in the garage with my father whenever he comes over or I go to his home and I really appreciate that time we spend together.

  438. My hubby is a great dad, he always cooks breakfast on the weekends to give me a break.

  439. I am a college student, and I am paying all my own bills now. I work a part time job, but I was still dead broke at the end of the year. I mentioned my money troubles to my dad–I didn’t even ask him for money–and he cut me a check. I appreciate the sense of independence that he’s given me, but also that he’s willing to help me out in times of dire need 🙂

  440. My dad is the best, he helps me with all of my home improvement projects. There’s no way I could have done half of what I have without his support and handy work. Unfortunately that list of projects keeps growing! Come on over dad 🙂

  441. My husband is the most wonderful father I’ve ever seen. He loves to be with his boys. He can sit and play w/ them for 20 mintues and in that time teach them something that I had no clue they were capable of! I love watching him w/ my boys. 🙂 🙂

  442. My husband is a great dad, he loves playing with our daughter and they have a grand time being goofy together!

  443. As a kid, my dad and I didn’t have a great relationship. My parents split up pretty young, and being the mommy-lover that I was I always blamed my dad. As I grew up, I realized how similar we were. Stubborn, but full of perseverance. Quiet, but a great judge of character. Creative, and unwilling to stray from the path they chose. Now that I’m older, my dad has become one of my best friends. Whenever I’m feeling down he is what helps me get through with words of encouragement.
    .-= Erica´s last blog ..Swag Bucks =-.

  444. The dad in my life is a hard worker. He is loving and caring, he teaches compassion and acceptance, and he served many years as a reverend. He believed in love, rather than focusing n different religions. He has taught me so much abut loving every living creature on earth! 🙂 Thanks!

  445. He has always worked very hard in order to provide for our family!

  446. I’m so proud of my husband as a father. He is the guy that everyone comes to for advice and counsel. Even now that our children are grown they still turn to him. Even our son in law will come to him for advice since he doesn’t have a relationship with his own father. I’m just so proud of my husband for being such a wonderful person and such a resource for our children.

  447. My dad’s humor can always put a smile on my face.

  448. My friend just sent me to your site. I love it. You put so much work into it! My dad is the best. He is 63 this month, and was suposed to retire last December. Because of the problems on Wall Street, he lost his 401K, and has to work an additional 11 years to be able to survive. He makes just about anything. He does all his own construction, plumbing, home repair, and fix it’s, and is an all around amazing man. He taught me about cars when I was a teen. I rebuilt my first engine under his instruction when I was 9 years old! I think he needed more sons. I have two brothers, and three sisters. We all know how to take care of ourselves thanks to our dad.

  449. My husband is a very caring and giving man. He goes without something for himself to give to others. We don’t have much money at all with a small one family income and a family of five here in Michigan but we feel very rich to have a healthy family. He has my nomination because he is a very generous good person!

  450. I have a lot of nice memories from childhood of time spent with my dad, he was always taking me to fun places and also had fun just playing games at home

  451. I love when my dad would sing to me when I was younger.

  452. My dad needs to remodel his bathroom so it would be great for him.

  453. My dad and I used to play cards on the patio together and listen to the game om the radio.

  454. My Dad is great with the kids, especially helping them learn how to fix things around the house

  455. My husband is such a wonderful dad. No matter how tired he is he always plays with our kids and helps put them to bed at night 🙂

  456. I have the greatest dad and I miss him soooooooo much- love you daddy!

  457. I think I’m the luckiest girl in the world. My husband is a terrific father, and he adores our two little girls. Even though he has to spend a lot of time away from us protecting our country, we never, ever doubt that we are loved. We are so proud of him!!

  458. My husband is not only a great dad to our daughter he is my husband and best friend who always gives his best to us.

  459. My dad is the most hardworking man I know. He would do anything for anyone in need. He spends his hours off of work fixing things for the elderly people in my grandma’s park. He demonstrates every day the servant heart of Jesus. A girl couldn’t ask for a better daddy.

  460. my husband he is a great father to our 2 boys!!He loves home depot,we always have “projects”going!


  461. My Dad is my best friend and is one of the nicest guys on earth. He’s 81 years old and we still do many things together. I’m the middle of 3 girls so I was always his tom boy and loved it since I got to spend so much time with just him.

  462. My husband is a great dad, he works hard to provide for me nad the kids. He is great with the grandkids too.

  463. My husband is an amazing father. Both our daughters are strong, independant woman due to his love and encouragement while they were growing up.

  464. My dad works very hard and is very supportive!

  465. The dad in my life tries really hard to construct stuff…but it usually isn’t too pretty. It’s a running joke in our family.

  466. He’s always there for me…and definitely knows his way around home depot!

  467. My husband cooks, cleans, totes kids to the dentist and can just as silly as the rest of us.

  468. My father is the hardest-working guy I know. I wish I had half the work ethic he does.

  469. My dad is 91 years old and I love him very much. He needs my help now and I love helping him

  470. Dad never met a project he couldn’t start. He finished a lot, but not all.

  471. My dad is always there for me. Even today if I call, he is willing to help me fix something or give advice.

  472. My father taught my 4-H club about woodworking!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  473. I love that my husband always includes our 4 year old son in his home improvement projects.

  474. My Dad is a great guy, he’s very reserved and humble but will do anything for anyone.

  475. my mom’s stepdad and grandmother raised me. He was a finish carpenter who was very proud of his work. Now I love it too….

  476. Thanks for the giveaway… My Dad is always ready to lend a hand, to any & everyone. He spent 30 years as an Army officer and he showed us by example what sacrificing for others is all about.

  477. My dad was great, he used to let me sit behind him on the couch and put pink barrettes in his hair.

  478. My Dad is the BEST!!!
    Although $$$ was always tight, he was ALWAYS there for me and my brother!
    We live in 2 different provinces now…and I miss him everyday!! 🙁

  479. My dad could identify every species of birds where we lived. He enjoyed feeding birds and watching them. He set a good example for his children of
    loving every form of life. Thank you for the contest.

  480. My Dad just had unexpected open heart surgery and he is up and doing rehab. Together we have a great time during his recovery working on his 51 acre farm taking care of the garden and animals,etc. He’s alive!! And wonderful! We are blessed.

  481. My dad is the best. He is always there for me when i need him, like a father should be!:)

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