Ferry-Morse Organic Garden Seeds: Buy 3, Get 1 Free!

Amazon is having a 4-for-3 promotion on all Ferry-Morse organic garden seeds.  If you’ve been planning to start a garden this year, here’s a great deal to start you out!  Just add four eligible items to your cart, and the lowest one will become free at the final check out page.

I’m unsure when this promotion expires, so if you find that this deal is over please leave me a comment and I will update the post.

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  1. I thought for something to be certified USDA organic that it could not be GMO?

  2. Anna, I don’t know :( I generally don’t pay much attention to “Organic” labels, I grow most of my own veggies. Anyway, I can’t find the definite answer. I am seeing that it has to be 95% organic, and non GMO, but I am also seeing that if the seed is created through mutagenesis or insertion of novel genes then it can still be certified “Organic”. It’s because of loopholes like these that I don’t particularly trust USDA’s “Organic” label. :( I will continue to look (because it’s interesting ;)) I’ll post again if I find differently!

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