Whole Foods Deal: Organic Whole Chickens for $1.69/lb

Friday, February 18, 2011 only, Whole Foods Market is having a sale on organic, whole chickens.  Get them for just $1.69 a pound each.  If you are on an exclusive organic chicken or organic meat diet, then this is definitely a deal worth stocking up on.  I rarely ever see the price this low.

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Whole Foods has some great chicken recipes on their site, if you are looking for a way to stretch out your meals!

  1. Yes, the original price is $2.99/lb., just picked up 2 today. Maybe someone can answer my question. What is the difference between buying one of these and buying an already cooked organic rotisserie chicken for $7.99? I’m not much of a cook (never cooked a whole chicken before!) and it just seems like why waste the time cooking it when you can get one already cooked for the same price- and a whole lot cheaper when these are not on sale. They seem to be about the same size? Maybe not, but seems like it- the 2 I bought today were 4 lbs and 5 lbs. Sorry if this is a “no-brainer” question, I’m just curious as I’m navigating my way through cooking more and buying more organic. Thanks!

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