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whole foods Whole Foods Deals 9/16 9/22

My sale runs from Wednesday to Tuesday, so just double check your ad to make sure it does the same.   New to shopping at Whole Foods?   Check out my Whole Foods Shopping 101 post HERE.

Be sure to pick up the Whole Deal Newsletter while you are in the store, as it is packed with coupons.

Key Things to Remember:

-You CAN combine manufacturer coupons with Whole Foods coupons.
-You CAN use more than one Whole Foods coupon in a transaction.
-Most stores give a 10% discount if you get a case.
-Most stores give you .05-.10 cents off your order per reusable bag that you bring in.

**No word from corporate about an official coupon policy.  The only word I have been given so far is that each individual store decides what exactly the coupon policy is.  The coupon policy I have listed here is what most of the stores go by.    So check with the customer service desk before checking out.

New Deals Available

Alexa Snacks and Frozen Foods (price check?)
-$1/1 blinkies found at Publix and possibly other stores
-$1/1 from the Whole Deal Newsletter (AUGUST/SEPTEMBER)
=Hopefully a good deal!

Amy’s Organic Cheese Pizza $4.99
-.75/1 Printable HERE and in the Fall Publix Greenwise Magazine.  There is also a $1/2 in the October Kiwi Magazine
=$4.24 after coupons!

Blackberries 1/2 pint 2/$5
Case Discount Price: 2/$4.50!

Earth’s Best Baby Food 5/$3
-$1/10 printable HERE and blinkies found at various stores
=10 for $5 or .50 cents each!
Case Discount Price: 10 for $4.40 after coupons!

Good Health Apple Chips .99
Case Discount Price: .89 ea!

Ground Chuck $2.99/lb
Case Discount Price: $2.69/lb

Imagine Organic Free Range Chicken Broth or Organic No Chicken Broth 2/$6
Case Discount Price: 2/$5.40!

Muir Glen Organic Soup 2/$4
-$1/2 printable HERE
=2/$3 after coupons!

Oikos Greek Yogurt Single Serve $1.99 (regular price)
-$1/1 from the Whole Deal Newsletter (AUGUST/SEPTEMBER)
-$1/1 from the 9/27 SS insert
=FREE after coupons! (Thanks Kelly!)

Rachel’s Yogurt Cups 4/$3
-$1/3 Printable HERE
=3/$1.25 after coupon!

Robert’s American Gourmet Pirates or Veggie Booty 2/$4
-$1/2 from the 6/7 SS insert (expires 9/30!!)
=2/$3 after coupons!
Case Discount Price: 2/$2.60 after coupons!

Rome Apples .99/lb (Georgia Local Deal)
Case Discount Price: .89/lb!

Snofrisk Goat Cheese Spread $1.99
Case Discount Price: $1.79!

Steaz Energy Shots 2/$5
Case Discount Price: 2/$4.50!

Stonyfield Farm Fat Free Yogurts 4/$3
-.75/4 Printable HERE
=$2.25 for four after coupons!

Three Sister’s Cereal 2/$5
Case Discount Price: 2/$4.50!

Old Deals Still Available

Halo Pet Food Products (price?)
-$5/1 Printable HERE
-$2/1 from the Whole Deal Newsletter (August/September)
=Many items FREE with possible overage! (Thanks Organic Deals!)

Back to Nature Cookies 3.69 (regular price)
-$1/1 coupon from the Whole Deal newsletter ( AUGUST/SEPTEMBER)
=$2.69 each after coupons!
Case Discount Price: $2.32 after coupons!

Annie Chun’s Teriyaki Soup Bowls $1.99 (regular price)
-$1/1 coupon from the Whole Deal Newsletter (AUGUST/SEPTEMBER)
-$1/1 manufacturer printable HERE
=FREE after coupons!
**Rebate inside packages: Buy 10 get a FREE product coupon. (Thanks for this deal Mellynne!)

365 Organic Rice Milk or Soy Milk 32 oz. $1.69 (regular price)
-$1/2 from the Whole Deal Newsletter (AUGUST)
=$2.38 for two or $1.19 each after coupons!
Case Discount Price: $1.02 each after coupons!

Posted in the Grocery Gathering at BeCentsAble.

The sale ads do vary a little by region.   Just be sure to check your local ad HERE, before rushing out for some of these deals.  There are also a few coupons loaded in the online version of the Whole Deal Newsletter, and you can see it HERE.

If someone goes to Whole Foods and gets a copy of the new Whole Deal newsletter, I would greatly appreciate you letting me know what the new coupons are!  And be sure to let us know what other deals you find, too!

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  1. There was an Oikos greek yogurt coupon in my SS this weekend, I hope it wasn’t just a regional deal so that everyone got it…but with that $1/1 coupon and the WF $1/1 Oikos yogurt is FREE FREE FREE!! I ordered some on ebay and am going to be stocking up asap!
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Good News and Sad News =-.

  2. The Whole Deal Oct/Nov. issue….

    coupons are:
    $1/1 365 dark maple syrup
    $1/1 365 organic frozen waffles
    .75/1 Thai kitchen product
    $1/1 any Back to nature product
    $1/1 glutino chicken pizza w/bbq sauce
    .75/1 dagoba or scharffen product
    .50/1 think thin product
    $1/1 lundberg 2lb pkg rice
    $1/1 method product
    $1/2 lifeway products
    $1.25/1 naysoya wrap
    $1/2 stonyfield yokids8-pk/6 pk
    $1/2 tasty bite products
    $1/1 green & black’s
    $1/1 tazo tea
    $1/1 cascadian farm
    $1/1 oikos
    $1/1 earthbounds salad
    .75/1 imagine product
    .50/1 vitamin water
    $1/2 van’s
    $1/1 good earth tea
    $1/1 organic valley butter
    $1/2 organic valley cream cheese,sour cream,cottage cheese,ricotta,whipped butter
    .75/1 organic valley whipping cream or half n half
    $1/1 california pizza
    $1.50/2 health valley
    $2/1 spectrum olive oil
    .50/1 odwalla beverage
    $1/3 luna
    $5/1 vitamin code grow bone system
    $3/1 spectrum fish oil,flax,flaxseed

  3. A friend and I were just at Whole Foods last night and used the $1/1 Back to Nature coupon in the new Whole Foods coupon booklet to get Back to Nature Macaroni and Cheese for $.33!!!! The mac and cheese is on sale 3/$5.
    At our store they even had an extra rack of mac and cheese boxes and a huge stack of the coupon books sitting next to it!

  4. Great list — thanks!

    Alexa also has a printable coupon for .75 off the spicy sweet potato fries. Paired with the $1 whole deal coupon it brought the $4 fries down to $2.25

    Health Valley organic soups are on sale for 2/$4 – $1.50/2 Whole Deal Newsletter (Aug/Sept & Oct/Nov)- $1/2 printable coupon = .75 each

    Bear Naked Granola or Cereal $1/1 Whole Deal Newsletter (Aug/Sept)- $1/1 coupon that came with in mail with free sample

  5. The new October Taste for Life magazine in the front of the store has a $2 off one Bear naked manufacturer Q to make your deal sweeter!!

  6. My whole foods here in Mount Pleasant,SC would not do case discount (10%),nor let us use the manufacturer coupon we had for .75/2 + store coupon .50/1 on the vitamin water.

    I had to write to corporate to get clarification for next time (if there is a next time)~

    Sounds like some of you out there have better luck w/WF’s.:(

    I guess it’s off to Publix, where shopping has been a pleasure! :)

  7. I went to Whole Foods this past week and scored some awesome deals!!

    The cashier gave me a really hard time. I was buying about 10 items of two different products using WF + manu. q’s. Plus other combos. He told me that I could only use 1 like WF coupon at a time, and they had to have a manager key to override. I told him that other stores allow multiple uses of same WF q’s He responded that it says on the coupon “one per purchase”. I told him it says that on about every coupon and it means per item, not transaction. He then said I was arguing semantics… I am hoping to call the main office for clarification or something.

  8. Right on Stephanie your awesome in how you dealt with the coupon combining challenge!
    I wrote several days ago regarding this issue over on ‘a full cup’. We netters need to gather some support on this issue.

  9. WF in AnnArbor, MI would not let my hubby stack WF/Manu coupons yesterday. :( He said the explained that one was Manu and one was WF… but no go. Rats.

  10. Thought I would follow up with what happened next. I called WF (the store in StL) today and asked for the manager. I told her about my experience and said I wanted to know what the policy was and what I could do without causing red flags. In answer to my questions, she said I could use multiple q’s, but asked that I be respectful–not clearing the shelves, maybe no more than 10. They also guard the Whole Deal mags there, and she said as long as I didn’t take 20 at a time, (like maybe 3 or 4) it was no prob. to get multiple copies. She was super sweet and wished me happy couponing!! She also said to feel free to drop her name if the cashiers got huffy, or to call and ask for her if there were problems. I love WF again!!

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