Free 2-Piece Meal from KFC

Just print this coupon HERE and take it in to your local KFC to get a FREE 2-piece meal. Coupon is valid 5/5-5/19 (excluding Mother’s day).

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  1. Thank you so much this will make for a cheap lunch out with hubby tomorrow.

  2. Thanks! I printed two, and will give one to my hubby for lunch!

  3. Are they out of prints already? I tried two different computers and it tells me “you have already printed this coupon the number of times allowed” even though I haven’t printed any yet.

  4. Never mind, I just deleted my internet browser’s history and now I am able to print them. I don’t know why that worked, but I’m glad it did!

  5. I’m excited about being able to go out for just the price of drinks! Being 39 weeks pregnant, I have no desire to cook right now. :)

  6. They are not doing the grilled chicken in my area. No wonder we are on the “Fattest Cities” list!

  7. these are not printing for me I tried twice and it just left me hanging. since there using the bricks coupon printing service and there is a limit of 4 I will try later.
    I went to the kfc website though, and I couldn’t email them and the phone number they have is bogus.
    get it together kfc!

  8. It says right on the website you can print it 4 times! I did not notice that at first.

  9. so sad. i have been trying for these coupons since i got home from work and can’t seem to get through :(

  10. When I first tried on my laptop (w/ no printer hooked up) a pdf file pop’d up but it doesn’t even look like a legit bar code.. so I decided to go back and hook up my printer a few hours later .. and its giving me this program I have to install, and I’ve done that but nothing is printing. It just kicks me back to step 123 and run blah blah blah …. any ideas?

  11. It’s opening in a pdf file and I read last night on another blog that these are not legit coupons. Someone said KFC has a list to check the bar code number. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

    Thanks for all the hard work you do on this blog, I check it several times a day to see what’s new!

  12. I don’t even see the PDF file, as if they didn’t load it properly. However, if the PDF is opening from the unthink website, then it is legit. If it were a PDF coming from another site, then it would NOT be legit.

  13. I rec’d my .pdf of the coupon from Oprah’s Official website. She’s had it on for 24 hours as of yesterday. Maybe you can check there as it is being emailed MANY times over.

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