Free Beach Umbrella at Rite Aid!


Rite Aid has this umbrella priced at $29.99.  Use the Rite Aid $5/25 printable HERE, along with this $25 umbrella coupon HERE and get it for FREE!


You could also get this green one for $7.50 after both coupons.   The deal is only good through today (6/23), so hurry!

Thanks Deal Seeking Mom!

I suggest adding a small filler item, since you would be using 2 Rite Aid coupons on one item. Mars chocolate is on sale Buy One Get One free.  If you have the free chocolate coupons from Fridays, you could get two for free and that would allow you to use 2 Rite Aid coupons.

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  1. Our coupon said that it is priced for $39.99. Is it on sale as well as the coupons?

  2. It is on sale in the stores for 25% off which makes it 29.99. I just got it at the Cartersville store. WOOHOO!

  3. Wow! What an awesome deal! I just know that if I tried to get it at my local RiteAid there would be some sort of problem, though. Ugh! Why do some stores have to be that way???

  4. Mine told me that “first of all” they do not take two of their coupons together and that “second of all” the $25 off coupon specifically states on purchase of umbrella that is 49.99 and because it is on sale that I couldn’t use that coupon either.

  5. Sue,
    I think it’s unacceptable to be spoken to that way by an employee. I would call or email their customer service and tell them about that. I’ve found this seems to be a trend among RiteAid stores.

  6. My store in South Carolina said the deal was not possible because the coupon states that it could not be used in conjunction with any other offer. Why can’t they have a uniform policy for all the stores?

  7. I was excited when I went to rite aid a little while ago, they had two market umbrellas left and both my mother and I wanted one. I wasn’t really taken with the “bamboo” one, it looks really cheap it’s made out of the same material as plastic grocery bags (it would have been really cute with my baby pool, I do have to admit) but the green one looks soooo good with my table outside!!! This was a fantastic find thank you!!!

  8. Yea the hawaian one looks sorta “cheap” but I got it because my youngests 1st birthday is in august and we are having a luau theme, it will be so cute to match the decor. I did not try to use the $5/%25 in addition with it though, I didn’t want any issues. It cost $4.

  9. Shari:
    yeah for my lawn table it would have looked awful, but for kids stuff I think it was fantastic! I wasn’t gonna try using two coupons but I asked my cashier about it, I said I would like to purchase this umbrella but am I allowed to use both coupons? His reply was if I buy something small a filler item (to balance out the coupons) so I picked up the buy one get one free m&m’s and used one of my free chocolate coupons. So I “bought” the umbrella, and 2 packs m&m’s used 3 coupons and it worked great!

  10. I got the luau one for free! I was able to use both coupons. I did spend 40 cents in order to cover the tax. The luau one is not something I would normally buy, but when you only have to pay the tax how can you pass it up.

  11. No luck for me, I went to 3 Rite Aid and there were out of them.

  12. kristi:
    very true, it was VERY hard for me to pass up the FREE one!!!
    I was so worried that they would be sold out, I am sorry you had to go to 3!

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