Free Bounce Dryer Bar

I’m really excited about this one!  Go HERE to get a free Bounce Dryer Bar.  I got one of these and had issues with it not working, but Bounce was nice enough to send me a free item coupon to replace it.  This freebie will be great for all of us to try these out.

Thanks Free Stuff 4 Free!

Have you tried these new Bounce Dryer Bars?  I’m interested to hear if you have had a better or similar experience to mine.  Mine kept detaching from the dryer and it broke.  But I am very happy with the customer service of this company and how quickly they replaced the product for me.

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  1. Mine fell apart also, but I called bounce and they sent a coupon for a new one right away and I sent in the old one in a prepaid envelope. I put the new one in and I haven’t had any problems now.

  2. I love these! I have not had any troubles with them falling apart, even when drying shoes! I love the fact that there are no dryer sheets to collect and throw away and that is one less step to worry about in the whole laundry regime!

  3. I just wanted to put out a PSA on all fabric softeners/dryer sheets. People don’t realize, but they are putting more chemical perfume smells in these things, and some of us are deathly allergic to them. If I’m within a foot of someone who uses these, I get severe migraines. I’m hoping people start realizing exactly how toxic these chemicals really are. :)

    • i am trying the dryer bar for the first time,love the results,but find the scent too strong for my allergies,does it come unscented?

  4. I got a few for super cheap with coupons and love it so far! It makes my clothes really soft and smelling fresh!

  5. Can these be taken out?? My daughter is not allowed to use dryer sheets due to her skin.

  6. I have had the problem with getting it covered in lint, but that was with towels and it came right off with the next load.And it did not seem to effect the way it works. May I suggest to Alissabeth have you tried the heat setting on your dryer to a warmer setting maybe that will help?

  7. Mine fell apart too, I should let bounce know, huh?! Oh and I cloth diaper as well, and just take it in and out [its a little annoying though, so I try to do most of my drying outside] I wish it would have been better, I liked the convenience of it!
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  8. mine fell apart as well.. I will have to call or write p&g and let them knoe. I was very sad cause I love the idea of not having to pout a dryer sheet in every time.. oh ans they smell so goooooddd

  9. I never use high heat, but my dryer is on the warm side I think. I have used low and medium heats with no difference. I guess I’ll just have to write them about it.

  10. Do they leave any residue if you remove the whole thing? I bought one for cheap (and now requested the sample), but haven’t tried it yet. I’m concerned that it might leave a residue, and then when my cheap/free ones are gone and I revert to sheets, there will be a sticky mark in my dryer.

    bean3 – What about the unscented, no dye, no perfume sheets? (I realize the bars don’t come in this option, though.) I’ve had previous breakouts that we couldn’t explain, so I switched to fragrance-free, dye-free detergents and sheets years ago . . . which makes it easy now that we have a baby. Have you tried those? Are they any better?
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